Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Fitz Update

Y'all, when did this boy get such a BIG personality?  I know, I know, he's always had it, but it's like Kindergarten has just brought him out even more! 

We had a dentist appointment the first week of January, and he was a little nervous because he threw up last time (gag)...but this time we had a really good person who let him sit straight up, and he did much better!  She let him hold that thing that sucks your spit out and he was fascinated by it, ha!

She was young and cute and he's a flirt, so it all worked out great.  He flashed those dimples and she just about melted and let him do whatever he wanted.  He even sat up on this contraption and let her take x-rays:

He had no cavities, and the dentist said everything looks great, so we are good to go for six more months!

Speaking of Kindergarten, have I mentioned that Fitz has the best teachers EVER?  I love getting texts during the day with him and his cute buddies.  These are two of his besties, Easton and LJ.  They were so excited to match one day!  I told their moms we have to save this pic for the senior year slide show!

So, my cousin got him a "shaving kit" for Christmas, and that's all he wants to do now...like five times a day.

Usually each morning when I'm almost done getting ready, I'll call out and tell him to go ahead and brush his teeth and potty, so I can dress him when I get finished getting ready.  Now, he has informed me that I need to tell him to shave at that point as well.  One morning last week, I forgot to tell him and then we didn't have time for him to shave.  He was so mad.  He said he was telling his teachers on me when he got to school.  Later that morning I got a text that my name was on the board at school.  Hilarious!

So now here I am, "Fitz, go ahead and use the potty, brush your teeth and shave!"
Fitz:  "Yes ma'am!!"
He used to get mad that his playing time was over, now total excitement to go and shave.  Who knew such an easy gift would be such a hit??

He's also very concerned about his hair lately.  He saw Little Rascals 2 recently and now wants his hair like Waldo on the movie.  Hair gel every morning.

I swear he's like a mini-teenager.  He told his teacher that he will wear his hair like that next time her daughter comes to babysit.  Like it's a hot date for him, ha!

I put most of his funny stuff on FB, but one day last week he cracked me up talking about his homework.  He is so much like me that it's almost scary sometimes.  So, they have a computer program to help teach reading, right?  Well they are doing a different part of the program now, and the instructions were to say the word out loud, then click it with the mouse.  Fitz was going through just clicking the word with the mouse and not saying it, so I told him to say the word, too.  His response? (with lots of eye rolling at his dumb old mama)
"Mama, the man don't know if I said it or not, he can't hear me, so I can just click it. Ugh, Mama, you don't know!!"

I mean, how can I argue with that logic?? I think I'm getting a glimpse of what my mom dealt with when I was little.  Always an answer for everything and an argument for all occasions.  Bless Tootsie!

I pray he is always so self-assured and outspoken.  It's served me well.  But John and I definitely have our hands full when the actual teenage years hit us!

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