Monday, December 19, 2016

Harf the Elf - 2016

The morning after we traveled to the North Pole, we found a surprise in Fitz's bathroom...Harf was back and he brought Fitz his own Christmas tree!! ($6 on clearance the day after Christmas last year!)

 One morning, he was just checking out Fitz's Santa pics from years past...
And one morning, he brought Fitz his own Grinch door hanger!

 He played Connect Four with Batman one day...

and brought Fitz a huge coloring poster the next day.

We finally got some relief from our drought, and Harf was prepared with a rain jacket and boots!

 One day he brought tons of little Elf on the Shelf goodies for Fitz. (Target dollar spot for the win!)

One morning he decorated Fitz's bathroom mirror...

And the next day he left us a note with instructions to fill Santa's bag with toys for other children before he comes to see Fitz this year.

 Harf knows we love Nancy Tillman books, so he brought us the Christmas one.  It's awesome, by the way. When we read it, Fitz says, "That's a GOOD book!"

 One morning we caught Harf watching Home Alone on the computer, which Fitz loved:

Only 7 more days!

Today he brought two new Grinch ornaments for Fitz's tree...

He will only be with us a few more days...I can't wait to see what else he does!

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