Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Recap

This is always one of my favorite blog posts for the year, and I always start in January and recap what we did each month during the year.  When I just pulled up the blog to do this year's recap, I realized I didn't blog at all in January and February, ha!  January and February were spent campaigning.  Literally, that's all we did!  I ran for District Court Judge in my county, and every weekend was spent going door to door campaigning, and most nights during the week, I was speaking at or attending various events, meeting people and campaigning more.  It was the hardest thing I've ever done and I loved all of it.  Mark it down, it won't be my last campaign.  I WILL run for another position, and one day I WILL be a judge.  

So, here's a little campaigning recap for ya:

Want to know how the election turned out?  You can read about it here.

In March, I updated about John running his first half marathon:

and about Fitz playing baseball for the first time:

In April, I only posted once (?!?) and it was all about me and Heather's trip to Atlanta:

After that, I didn't post again until August.  Y'all, I'm telling you, if you want your whole life to turn upside down, run for office!  After the campaign, we were just as busy as before because we moved into a new office the next month.  But when I did blog in August, I talked about stuff we did before that, ha!

In May, we got a pool!

In June, we put it to good use by throwing Fitz's 5th birthday party at the pool:

In August, we finally got to go to the beach!

In September, we got a new family member, Ms. Annie:

October always means PUMPKINS!

and Halloween, of course:

November meant time for our yearly cleft appointment:

We took a little trip to the North Pole in December:

And had a very Merry Christmas!

Want to re-visit recaps from years past?

2016 was an awesome, learning, blessed year for our family.  We are so thankful for the lessons we learned, and for God's plan for our lives.  I know 2017 will be great, and I'm already thanking God for his plans for it!

I will try to do better about blogging, too, because I love to look back and remember all we've done!

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