Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

This is my FAVORITE time of year!  I get excited around September when I can start putting out Fall decorations (we may have put them up at my office on September 1), and then the week of Thanksgiving, it's really exciting because I can finally talk about CHRISTMAS without everyone rolling their eyes.

We had a very laid back Thanksgiving this year because John had to work until mom (Tootsie), John's dad (Papa), and Uncle Zac came and hung out with me and Fitz for the afternoon and then when John got home we ate a yummy dinner and piled up on the couch!  Perfection.
This is the only pic we took!
 Black Friday used to mean shopping for me, like all night sometimes, but now that we have Fitz, it's just not all that important and exciting, ha!  So instead, I woke up thankful to see this view Friday morning:
 We always celebrate Thanksgiving the Saturday afterwards with my family in Mississippi, so we headed over there Friday afternoon.  Friday night we stayed at my cousin and his wife's house, and had the best time playing card games and cooking and laughing!

Saturday morning we went to see my sweet Grandmama in her personal care home.  I hate that she has Alzheimer's and isn't able to understand who we are anymore, but I'm glad I can still go see her and have the memories of how she used to be.  I was telling her things I remembered from when I was little, and I swear she tried to say my name one time.  My mom says I can choose to hear whatever I want from her, so I believe I will.
 You should all know Brianne by now, ha!  She married my cousin Glenn, and I'm so thankful she's in our family!  Love her.
A rare selfie with Uncle can tell he's not so up on the selfie-taking, lol!

 My cousin, Matthew...we got into all sorts of trouble together when we were little!  We were best buddies!
We had so much fun all cutting up together on Saturday, laughing and eating and telling stories.  I'm so thankful for my family!

 Glenn and Brianne just bought a new house, and the old owners left a swing set and trampoline, which was perfect for the kids!
We all had so much fun and I can't wait to see everyone again at Christmas in just a few weeks!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Cleft Clinic Check-up

Last week we had our annual (so glad to be able to go only once a year now!) visit to the Cleft Clinic for Fitz's checkup.  I like to make the appointment early now that he's older because we don't have to see so many people and we can get in and out quicker.  Well, we live about 45 minutes from Children's Hospital and apparently 8:00 am was not so smart for an appointment time.  We left our house at 6:40 a.m. and got to the Cleft Clinic at 8:30!

I called on the way to tell them we would be late, and they were very gracious about it, thank goodness!  They checked his ears first, and his right tube is out of his ear.  The audiologist said as long as we aren't having an issue with it, she wouldn't worry about it right now.  We can always make an appointment with the ENT if he starts having a problem and then get our FIFTH set of tubes.  We are keeping our fingers crossed.

Next up is always speech.  She had him say several words to check his lip placement and resonance, and then told us his speech is PERFECT.  Did you hear that?  My bilateral cleft lip and palate baby's speech is PERFECT at 5 years old.  This can only be the work of our ultimate physician and healer, Jesus Christ.  We give him ALL the glory!
Fitz passed the time waiting on Dr. Grant by writing sentences on the paper on the exam table:

 I mean how big is he?  Writing sentences??

Anyway, when Dr. Grant came in, Fitz showed him his sentences and Dr. Grant said, "You can write and read at 5 years old? When I was 5 years old I didn't know anything, I was an idiot."  Fitz quickly said, "You said a bad word, Dr. Grant!!"  Ha!

Dr. Grant got him to say a few words, open up and say "ahhhh" and then told us he looks great and he doesn't see any need for even the nasal repair surgery any time soon!!  He said if it was bothering Fitz we could do it next summer, but there is no rush and he looks so good without it that there is no reason to schedule it yet unless it was bothering him.  Another huge praise!

He asked if Fitz has said anything about being teased at school and then said, "Well he's so social, I'm sure he has no problem at all."  I loved hearing that.  I told him he hasn't mentioned anything to us about being teased.  I know eventually some little jerk is going to make fun of his scars or his nose or something and I'm going to want to punch them, but for now, we will keep right on explaining that it was how God made him, and praying all is well.  Fitz is very matter of fact about it if anyone ever asks, and I pray he always will be.

Before he left the room, Dr. Grant said, "Thank you so much for bringing him in!  He is a delight!!"  We agree :)

All in all it was a GREAT visit and we hope not to see any of them until this time next year!!

I had scheduled a pediatrician appointment for 9:45 on that same day since we were already in Birmingham and Fitz had started coughing and wheezing a little the day before...well we got there at 10:30, so I was stressed about that, but they were sweet about it, too.  And thank goodness Tootsie was with us to help!
Fitz was really sweet the whole time and just kept writing and drawing, ha!   We got a steroid and inhaler and then got out of there in time to eat a good lunch with Tootsie!

My only regret is that we didn't have time to enjoy all the pretty Christmas decorations at Children's since we were rushed!  Otherwise, it was a great appointment!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween is so much fun now that Fitz actually gets input on his costume choices!  I wanted him to be an oompa loompa this  year because he loves Willy Wonka, and I thought it would be so cute, but he wanted to be the HULK.  He's been saying it for months and he would not change his mind!  So, I told him instead of just wearing a boring Hulk costume, let's make him really look like the hulk instead.  He thought that was a great idea!

So, with an old white t-shirt we already had, $5 sweat pants from Walmart and about $5 worth of green makeup and face paint, I present to you...
Fitz as THE HULK:

He was SO proud of this costume!!  He posed for pictures without complaint and loved seeing everyone's reactions to him!

We even met up with Batman while trick-or-treating:

First "homemade" costume we've ever done and the cheapest one by far, and this is how he felt about it:

He loved bathtime that night just as much, ha!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Random Fall Fun

I don't know why I can't keep up with blogging anymore, but I'm trying ok?

This was our Fall leaf project, called "zentangle" art...thank God for our sweet Daddy's drawing skills!

The week before Halloween we went to the YMCA Fall Festival and you know my sweet boy always wants a big ugly zombie face, so he had to have his face painted:

How cute is he with his little friend Lanie?

All week the week before Halloween was Red Ribbon Week at school, and Fitz was loving all the fun dress up days!

Day 1: Don't Let Drugs Be a Career:

Day 2: Lei Off Drugs:

He was so proud that he matched his teacher that day!

Day 3: Give Drugs the Boot!

Day 4: Peace Out Drugs:

Day 5: Team Up Against Drugs:

His teacher sent me this during the day that day...hilarious!

And our Thanksgiving turkey project:

I'm sending a theme of doing an art project every know I can't wait for the Christmas Tree!!