Monday, August 22, 2016

Beach Trip 2016

For the past 10 years or so, we had some family friends who had a condo at the beach and graciously let their friends stay there for FREE.  We have rarely had to pay to go to the beach in all those years, however, this year they sold their condo!  Oh the sadness! Ha!

Anyway, we have been so busy this summer that we didn't even have time to go to the beach at all until just a couple of weeks ago.  John couldn't get off work, and my brother had to work, too, so mom and I took Fitz.

 We went down on a Friday, ate lunch once we got to Gulf Shores, and then stayed on the beach as long as possible and it was wonderful!

On our way down, my brother found out he was hired for a new job, and he couldn't resist quitting his other job right away so he could join us at the beach!  Then, Saturday morning John called, and really wanted to come down, too.  He found someone to work for him Sunday so he could surprise us Saturday night!  We had only a 1 bedroom condo, so we were tight in there, but we were so glad John and Zac could meet us at the beach!!

You know I couldn't resist a sunrise shot Saturday morning...
 We didn't tell Fitz that John and Zac were coming because we would have had to answer when they would be there about 298439 times that day.  We had another fun relaxing day on the beach!
Pretty clouds surrounded us but it never rained a drop!

On our way to dinner, I bribed Fitz to pose for a quick beach cute is this smile??

 Uncle Zac made it in time for dinner Saturday night, and then daddy got there not long after.  Uncle Zac and Fitz just had to ride the go-carts one time...
 We spent ALL DAY Sunday on the beach, which is just how we like to do it!

I knew Fitz wouldn't like it, but we had to get one family beach shot since we were all there together:

 We went to our new favorite, Shipp's Harbour Grill for dinner...
 and Souvenir City for a little shopping afterwards:
It was a quick little trip but we are already planning for a longer one in a bigger condo for next summer!

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