Monday, April 4, 2016


For my birthday this year, I told John I just wanted to go to Atlanta with Heather one weekend to go shopping at IKEA, and get another Bliss Spa massage like we had in NYC.  Of course he said that was fine with him, but between mine and Heather's schedules and Fitz's baseball schedule, we just now got to go.  We left early Saturday morning and went straight to IKEA!

We found some really cute things, and got funky ideas for my office, like these chairs and this light fixture:

 After THREE hours, we ate lunch at IKEA, then headed off to find Nordstrom.  We weren't terribly impressed with the Buckhead Nordstrom, so we found a Nordstrom Rack instead which was awesome!  After that it was time to check in to the hotel, and go grab dinner at Two Urban Licks:
Do you notice that we are always on the same side in every pic?  That's our good side, ha!

After dinner we rushed back to the hotel to change clothes and head downstairs for our massage at the Bliss Spa, which was in our hotel.  It was divine!

It was about 9:30 when we got done with the massages and we were so tired from shopping all day, so we planned to go right to bed.  A young(er) girl was in the elevator with us and totally laughed at us two old women going to bed so early!  Whatever, she will learn.

Sunday morning we found a breakfast spot called Thumbs Up Diner.  It was so good, but look at how this valet guy has his pants. 

We were appalled!

I bought new bedding at IKEA, and I couldn't wait to throw it in the washer and get it on our bed when we got home!  I just LOVE how it turned out!!  And I got both new duvets with matching shams, and the comforter filler for only $45!!

 Close up so you can see the details:

We had the best time together, as we always do!  We decided Atlanta is so close, we really need to do that way more than once a year :)