Thursday, March 24, 2016

Valentine's Half Marathon

No, I did NOT run a half marathon on Valentine's Day, but John did and I could not let that go by without a blog post!  Every year around the same time, the Mercedes Marathon and Half Marathon are held in Birmingham.  Five years ago John signed up to run the half, and then ended up having knee surgery that very week instead of running in the marathon.  Fast forward to 2016, and he has completed his very first HALF MARATHON!  13.1 miles!
 Our friends from church, Malachi, Pam and Kellyanne all ran it at the same time, and they all mostly stayed together, for which I was so thankful!! (and so was John)
 I dropped Fitz off at church with mom, and then went to meet John at the finish line, so I got a few action shots of him coming in.

 This was on the street right where I was standing:

and here he is crossing the finish line:

Look how far he ran:
I am SO proud of him!!

Fitz and Tootsie met us for lunch at Pazzo Big Slice Pizza.  Look how big this pizza is:

 Fitz is standing next to the 32 inch pizza on the wall so you can see how big it was, ha!
 It was delicious!

I recorded the marathon on a local news station, and that night we watched it and saw Daddy a few times!!

I hope to run a Half Marathon myself one day, but for now I'm content being so proud of my husband!  He wanted to do it and he made it happen!  It was a great Valentine's Day!

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