Saturday, March 26, 2016


Fitz is playing baseball for the first time this year, and he could not be more excited!  They actually bat off of a tee, but don't you dare call it anything other than "baseball" to this boy.

How cute is this tiny (but still too big) uniform?
 This was his whole team on picture day, right before their first game:
 The first game...

 This is our coach's first time coaching baseball since his only child is also 4 years old and I think he is learning as much as the kids.  He is so good with them, and even after losing their first game pretty badly, all he asked the kids was how much fun they had, and told them they did some really good things out there.  He built them up and praised them, and they never even knew they didn't win.  And Fitz never asked, and didn't care, which is how it should be at 4 years old!

 All of the other baseball moms are a good bit younger than me, which is so funny to me because I always had the youngest parents of all my friends.  I was telling someone about me being the youngest, and Fitz overheard me and had to comment:
All I could say was, "Yes buddy, you're right!"  He cracks me up!! He totally meant it as a compliment, and I just acted like it was one.  Love him!

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