Wednesday, March 30, 2016


I always gather things for holidays and birthdays leading up to the big day, so sometimes I don't realize just how much I've accumulated.  And of course there are times when I find a Christmas gift just in time for Easter, and the Easter basket grows, ha!  This was Fitz's Easter basket this year:

As you can tell, we are still all about TMNT and Super Heroes.  He got a TMNT tool box full of ring pops and super hero eggs, super hero crocs, the Avengers movie (Christmas gift), The Good Dinosaur movie, bubbles, a super hero water bottle, sidewalk chalk, and an Adventure Bible!

 When he first said, "This is just like Christmas!" my heart sank because I thought I bought too much, but he quickly followed up with, "all about Jesus!"  and I just loved it!

I had picked him out the cutest pink and navy plaid button-up to wear to church, and when I put it on him, he asked, "Can I wear a jacket so they won't see this shirt?  I don't like this shirt."  Then he said, "Is it cold outside?  I really want to wear a jacket!"  I saw this other Polo shirt in his closet that he hasn't worn, so I asked if he would rather wear it and that was a resounding YES!  We go to a very small casual church and I would rather him be comfortable, so we went with the polo.

He had a great time hunting eggs inside:

John had to work, and Fitz is anti-pictures most of the time these days so we don't have a pretty family pic to share, but that's ok!  Jesus is risen and we are so thankful!

I did trick him into this one before his Easter Party at school last week.  His shirt says "Chicks dig me," and when I explained it to him he said he doesn't like girls, haha!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Preschool Art Show

Last week we attended our very last Preschool Art Show!  I always love seeing all of the projects each year, and letting Fitz show us all of his hard work.

This week the Art Show fell on the week between Palm Sunday and Easter, so I loved this prominent display:

Fitz's teacher is so creative...look at this pumpkin patch:

Of course we love Dr. Seuss:

 Our child, so literal...just like his mama.

 I thought he followed directions really well on this one:

 I love how sweet he can be, too:
We had so much fun and loved seeing all of the projects and our friends!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Game Ball!

I wrote the Baseball post Friday at work, so it would post Saturday morning, but I should have waited because we had baseball games Friday night and Saturday.  Friday night, the coaches and players all gathered around the pitcher's mound to pray before the game, which I loved!
 Fitz did a great he is SAFE at home!  (see the umpire?)
 I was so excited to finally get to wear one of these shirts:
The coach gathered the boys up after the game to tell them how well they did, and that he had decided to start giving a game ball after every game.  Who got the first one?  FITZ!  He was so excited!  He kept saying, "I winned the whole game!"

 We had another fun game on Saturday, and when I say fun, I mean it.  This is how Fitz looks ANY time he is on the field:
Just got called out?  Running to a base?  Running to his 3rd base position?  No matter what, this is his face!  He loves it!

The coach and his son brought frozen pickle juice for the boys Saturday, and Fitz said that's disgusting!  They were discussing it here:

I love my little baseball player!  And I love that he loves the game!

Saturday, March 26, 2016


Fitz is playing baseball for the first time this year, and he could not be more excited!  They actually bat off of a tee, but don't you dare call it anything other than "baseball" to this boy.

How cute is this tiny (but still too big) uniform?
 This was his whole team on picture day, right before their first game:
 The first game...

 This is our coach's first time coaching baseball since his only child is also 4 years old and I think he is learning as much as the kids.  He is so good with them, and even after losing their first game pretty badly, all he asked the kids was how much fun they had, and told them they did some really good things out there.  He built them up and praised them, and they never even knew they didn't win.  And Fitz never asked, and didn't care, which is how it should be at 4 years old!

 All of the other baseball moms are a good bit younger than me, which is so funny to me because I always had the youngest parents of all my friends.  I was telling someone about me being the youngest, and Fitz overheard me and had to comment:
All I could say was, "Yes buddy, you're right!"  He cracks me up!! He totally meant it as a compliment, and I just acted like it was one.  Love him!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Valentine's Half Marathon

No, I did NOT run a half marathon on Valentine's Day, but John did and I could not let that go by without a blog post!  Every year around the same time, the Mercedes Marathon and Half Marathon are held in Birmingham.  Five years ago John signed up to run the half, and then ended up having knee surgery that very week instead of running in the marathon.  Fast forward to 2016, and he has completed his very first HALF MARATHON!  13.1 miles!
 Our friends from church, Malachi, Pam and Kellyanne all ran it at the same time, and they all mostly stayed together, for which I was so thankful!! (and so was John)
 I dropped Fitz off at church with mom, and then went to meet John at the finish line, so I got a few action shots of him coming in.

 This was on the street right where I was standing:

and here he is crossing the finish line:

Look how far he ran:
I am SO proud of him!!

Fitz and Tootsie met us for lunch at Pazzo Big Slice Pizza.  Look how big this pizza is:

 Fitz is standing next to the 32 inch pizza on the wall so you can see how big it was, ha!
 It was delicious!

I recorded the marathon on a local news station, and that night we watched it and saw Daddy a few times!!

I hope to run a Half Marathon myself one day, but for now I'm content being so proud of my husband!  He wanted to do it and he made it happen!  It was a great Valentine's Day!