Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Recap!

This is my favorite post to do every year! A recap of all the adventures we had this year!
January started with a nudge from above about my future:
and a trip to the circus.

In February, John and I took an adventurous trip to New York City!
March found us at a County Fair birthday party, and we shared some funny Fitz-isms.
April was full of celebrating:  Easter, the beach and Daddy!

In May, we had a great appointment at Cleft Clinic, and went to the beach again!
In June, we had a super hero birthday party for our own little super hero!

July was time for Mama and Daddy to get away for a couple of days, to Memphis!

We took another beach trip in August, and I made the decision to go for a dream!

September must have been busy because I only made two posts, and one of them was by Fitz!
October was full of Fall festival fun, and pumpkins!

In November, we shared about Halloween, another good cleft clinic, and our family photos!

December brought new projects and a new elf along with all of our Christmas fun, of course!

2015 was full of faith, family, fun and love for us and we can not wait to see what God has in store for 2016!  We know he has plans to give us hope and a future, plans to prosper us, and not for harm and that He can do immeasurably more than all we can imagine!


Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas 2015

We closed our office on Christmas Adam (Dec 23) this year, because we are only open until 12 on Wednesdays anyway (small town thing), so Fitz and I got started on Wednesday by making some cookies for Santa:
 Then Fitz helped me make chocolate pound cake on Christmas Eve, for our Christmas dessert.  He also helped me prepare the stuffed shells we had for Christmas lunch.  He was a big help!
 He wrote Santa a letter Christmas Eve night, and set out his (chocolate) milk and cookies before bedtime.

 He reluctantly agreed to pose for ONE photo next to the cookies and milk.
After his bath, I read him "Twas the Night Before Christmas" just like my parents used to read me every Christmas Eve.  In fact, it's my same Little Golden Book which even has my name written in it by me, which Fitz thinks is funny.  Anyway, I had to answer lots of questions about why we can't see Santa, and how he won't come unless we are ALL asleep, and that even Mama and Daddy don't see Santa, before he would go to sleep.  After I left him in bed, I snuck up to the bonus room which we rarely use, to prepare all the Santa goodies.  John came up to help me, and we had the monitor with us in case Fitz called for us.  After about 15 minutes, we heard Fitz come out of his room and pad around the living room.  I FLEW down the stairs to catch him before he came looking for us.  We heard him say on the monitor, "Mom? Dad? Where are you guys?"  He calls us Mama and Daddy...and I quickly realized he was acting like Kevin on Home Alone!  It cracked us UP!  When I got downstairs, he said, "Did Santa come?"  Omg, I hurried him back to bed and told him he had not even been to sleep YET, and that Santa WILL NOT come until we are all asleep.
After that, I was so nervous that he was going to catch us in the act!  We went to bed like we were just going to sleep like normal and I waited forever until I was sure he was asleep, then got back up and put out all his Santa gifts.  Then we had HUGE thunderstorms ALL NIGHT, and every time the thunder boomed, I checked the monitor, sure he was getting up to come to our room.  John finally said, "You know if he wakes up he will call you!  Go to sleep!"
He was right, of course.  Fitz didn't wake up until almost 6:30!  We checked John's phone which he had left set up in the living room, and caught a pic of the big guy himself!

The BEST part was the excitement on Fitz's face when he got up and realized that Santa had actually come to see him and brought gifts!

 He squealed with delight and asked if he could open some presents!

After he opened his gifts, we ate breakfast and then John and I opened our gifts while he played and sampled candy.

It's a sucker on the other end!
 I loved these tiny Mr. Potato Heads dressed like Spider-Man and the Hulk!
 We played with all the new toys while we waited on Papa, Tootsie and Uncle Zac to come over. Thank goodness we didn't have long to wait!  Then it was time to open more presents!

 Fitz wasn't the only one to get some cool gifts...the rest of us had fun opening our gifts, too!
 Papa and Tootsie got the biggest surprises with a tricycle for Tootsie (she asked for it) and a kayak for Papa!
They each opened a gift that directed them to the garage!

 I took most of the pics, so I had to snap a selfie or two to prove I was there!

 Fitz got pretty much the whole city of Gotham, including the bat cave, hotel and jail.  But he also loved this HUGE ninja turtle playset, and easel:
 And a portable DVD player with headphones:
 He has played and drawn and colored for hours and hours, so all of his gifts were a hit!
We had such a fun day full of laughs, good food and visiting with family and we hope your Christmas was just as merry!