Saturday, November 28, 2015

Zombies, Preschool and New Styles

We went to a Christmas market event the other day and a lady was there painting faces.  Last time Fitz attempted to have his face painted, it did NOT go well, so I was surprised when he wanted to try again.  I told the woman that he may not let her do it, and that last time he like how the paint felt on his face, but she said she uses real makeup/face paint so it should be fine.  And she was correct...he loved it!
But, look what he picked...a ZOMBIE face!

 He loved it!! He looked in the mirror over and over again!
We also took a hayride driven by Santa.  Fitz: "I didn't know Santa could drive a tractor?!?"
 I love all of Fitz's preschool and AWANA projects.  He did this one at church last week:
He said his teacher didn't know how to do Tootsie so she wrote Grandma, lol
 He did this one at school:
 I was glad to be out of court so I could go to the Thanksgiving Feast at school:
And later that afternoon, we got a new hair cut and style, which I love but Fitz does not like one bit.  "MAMA, put my hair DOWN!"

 We had pictures with Santa last weekend...
 and did a little shopping at the downtown Christmas market:
I'll try to do better with blogging in December but I'm not making any promises, ha!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Family Photos 2015

I promised John we would only do family photos every OTHER year, if he didn't complain when that year came around...well we missed last year, so here we are!
I loved this outtake from our photographer, with John and Fitz making the same face:

 Love this one:

 The WHOLE family:
 Fitz always says Bozzley is his and Daddy's dog and Fancie is Mama's dog, so I love this one, too:
I love how all of them turned out!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Cleft Clinic Update!

While I watched Fitz take a hearing test at the cleft clinic last week, all I could think about was how wrong people are when they assume (and say) that a cleft lip is just a cosmetic issue.  It's so much more than that, and I am so thankful that we live close to Children's Hospital so that we can easily see all of the people we need to see for all of the issues that go along with cleft lip and palate.
They have other types of hearing tests for younger children, but Fitz is a big boy, so he got a big boy test.  Every time he heard a noise in his earphones, he had to put a person on the bus.

 Then, a man said words in his ears and Fitz had to repeat the words.  He did great and his hearing is PERFECT!
Next, we saw the speech therapist, who said his speech is PERFECT!
Did you catch that?  His SPEECH IS PERFECT.  His speech that we worried about so much, and prayed because we never knew if he would talk or when he would start talking and now he never stops talking, and the speech specialist said his speech is PERFECT.  She said he sounds exactly like a 4 year old should sound, and even better than some children his age who were not born with cleft lip and palate.  Mom and I were so excited to hear her say that!
While we were waiting, Mom showed Fitz this picture on her Timehop from a couple of years ago at cleft clinic.  She was showing him how he needed to open up for Dr. Grant...we had to re-create it just for fun:

Dr. Grant said Fitz looks great (we agree!)!  He said since he is doing so well, we do not have to come back for a whole year!  We have been going every six months since Fitz was born, so that was exciting news for us!  He will not need another surgery until his nose repair when he's about 6 years old.  It was a GREAT visit!
We always love how they are decorated for Christmas when we go in November:
 We even saw Santa!
We won't have another cleft clinic update for a whole YEAR!  Praise the Lord!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

November Catch-Up

I have been a terrible blogger lately and I'm so sorry!  This is a little re-cap of November so far...
My mom, Kristy and I went to Christmas Village the first week of November (we missed you, Brianne!):
 My favorite purchase was this cute snowman for the front porch.  I got it from the same vendor I bought the "Believe" sign from last year. 
 We were about halfway to mom's car before we thought to wonder if it would fit...thank goodness it did!
 We got Fitz's school pictures back and love ALL of them!
 "That man was funny.  He said you gotta hold your arm like this."

 We played with bubbles...
 and did more campaigning:

Come back tomorrow for our cleft clinic update!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015

I'm not sure when Halloween started lasting more than one day, but it sure does seem to nowadays...but it just means more fun for Fitz, so I'm not fussing about it!  Our Halloween festivities started on Wednesday of last week with the Fall Festival at the church where Fitz attends AWANA.  I was glad we got to dress up in his costume when we had plenty of time to get it just right and take a few pictures on the porch.  He is totally willing to pose for photos when he knows he is looking cute, and how CUTE is this:

 Every time he saw someone we knew at the Fall Festival, he would say, "Mama, I need my hat!" He would put it on just so they could see the full effect of the Cat in the Hat.  He went in our room and looked in our full length mirror about five times before we left the house.  He LOVED it.  I was so glad he chose this costume and not a super hero like he first wanted to wear.  There is nothing wrong with super heroes at all, but I loved that he was wearing something different!
Every year, the preschool trick or treats the downtown businesses, and I have taken Fitz every year.  This year, I had court that morning in another county, but John was off work, so he took over the trick or treating duties.  They don't require a parent to be there, but that would be a lot of kids to keep up with walking along the city streets, so I prefer someone to go with Fitz.  My secretary got a few pics for me:

 Thankfully, they have classes that trick or treated on Thursday and Friday, so I was able to hand out candy and campaign swag on Friday!
 Our local Chamber of Commerce started an event last year called Trick or Treat Streets.  They charge a small fee for businesses to have booths set up along the downtown streets, close the streets to traffic, and provide a safe and easy place for kids to trick or treat on Halloween.  This was only the second year for this event, but it was our first year to participate.
 My mom, husband, Fitz, my secretary Kristy, her mom and her son all came and helped us pass out candy and campaign swag and we had a great time!  This is my mom:
 Several people joked about how they didn't realize John was so much taller than me when I posted this pic on FB, and it cracked us up!  I had on flat shoes, but he was standing on the curb and I was on the street, so it's a little deceiving, ha!  How cute is my husband in his campaign shirt?
 The event was from 5:00-6:30 and it started raining about halfway through but that did not slow down our trick or treaters!  We were shocked at how many people came out!  We gave out TONS of candy, and had the best time looking at all the costumes.  There are some very creative people out there!
I thought mom or John would take Fitz around and let him trick or treat again, but he preferred sitting on the curb with Tootsie and people watching.  We asked him a few times if he wanted to trick or treat, but he always said no.  He had a blast checking out all the costumes!
We will definitely participate in this event again because it was so much fun!  Want to see our Halloween fun from years past?