Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Pumpkin Patch 2015

We had more Fall Fun this past weekend!  Friday night, we went to watch Fletcher's Homecoming football game, and did a little campaigning, too.

 Saturday morning, Fitz got up early and was whiny and I was fussing at him for whining, and getting really annoyed when my gaze was pulled outside at this amazing sunrise provided by the Creator of the universe and I just had to STOP my thoughts and give thanks!  I mean, how can anyone see this and NOT believe??
 We had big plans for the Pumpkin Patch with our neighbor friends, Sandra and Gracie, and we had SO much fun!

 This pretty much sums up their friendship.  Fitz makes goofy faces and teases Gracie and she just shrugs her shoulders, ha!
 The two of them did so well putting up with us making them pose for pictures!
 My favorite:
 Fitz found this corn on the ground and insisted on carrying it around all day.  He even fed some to the farm animals...although I'm not sure they enjoyed it.
 We tried for a pic of all four of us on the wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch, but Fitz was done with cooperating for pictures.

 He also refused to wear the shirt I bought him for the pumpkin patch this year, but thank goodness this orange and white polo looks like I bought it just for the patch!

 Who doesn't like to end the fun day with a little cotton candy?
 We had so much fun with our friends!!  Fitz fell asleep about halfway home, and I needed to stop at the grocery store on our way home, so I sat in the Winn Dixie parking lot for about 45 minutes like this:

 I was shocked when Sandra said they have never taken Gracie to the pumpkin patch before until John pointed out that not everyone is ON THE GO all the time like I am, ha!  You know I just had to do a comparison picture, and I was so glad this popped up on my Time Hop the day we went to the patch!
His first visit to the patch and this year's patch picture.

In case you're curious, yes, we've been every year since Fitz was born.  See our old patch photos here:

Saturday, October 24, 2015


It's hard to believe this is Fitz's last year of preschool!  His last year of being right across the street from my office, last year of me being able to watch him on the playground from my desk, and the last year of me watching him take walking field trips to the fire and police stations...which is what they did a couple of weeks ago.
This is what Fitz learned at the fire station - "If you get a fire on you, don't touch it!  You gotta roll around and get it off you."
How cute are these kiddos?  And yes, this is his class.
8 boys and 4 girls.
Bless Ms. Cathy's heart!

That little cutie next to him is Lilly.  He told me the other day that she is his girlfriend!
 Speaking of preschool, I couldn't pass this shirt up when I saw it at Old Navy:

He refused to pose for a picture on the front porch, so I had to turn the phone on vibrate and just snap while I was talking to him which is why he's not smiling, but is still the cutest thing ever.  Ever.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Fall Festival Fun!

Last weekend, Tootsie and I took Fitz to a nearby Fall Festival, and we had so much fun!  Fitz had a blast jumping in the bounce houses and slides, and was pretty good while we looked at the vendors and booths, too.

We all loved these scarecrows and funny characters.

I was glad I managed to sneak into one picture with him, even if he's not looking at the camera, ha!

Don't you just love Fall?  Leaves changing, pumpkin spice everything, cooler weather, different clothes to wear...it's like you can feel the anticipation in the air.  And we all know my favorite thing about Fall - it means Christmas is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER.  Yay!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Campaigning and Qualifying

That's about all we've been up to lately!
We've been to lots of football games...


 and passed out lots of campaign swag!

We had lots of fun at the Thorsby Swedish Fest, too.
October 5 was the first day qualifying was open for Alabama.  I just had to go early that morning and get it done to make it all official!
The celebrity fan in me loved that they had a backdrop set up so we could take photos when we qualified!  How cute is that backdrop??
This is me with the Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party, and my qualifying forms:

 They had this picture on their wall and I just loved it:
 Later that same day, our county had an event for everyone who was qualifying to run for local elected positions, so I stopped by there as well.  This is me with the local candidates:
It's all been pretty exciting for me.  I love getting out and meeting new people, so that part is fun!  I just keep praying and trusting in God, and all the rest will fall into place!  I wouldn't mind if you wanted to pray for me, too!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Grandparent's Day 2015

When I was child, if we had Grandparent's Day, mine never lived close enough to come to my school with me and celebrate, so I'm extra thankful that Fitz's grandparents live near us and are able to go every year!
Papa and Tootsie went to school with Fitz a couple of weeks ago.  He made each of them this sweet picture:
Tootsie took the pics so we don't have one of her, but she was there, too.

We love our grandparents!