Friday, September 25, 2015

Kick Off Party

We had my campaign kick off party last week and it was so much fun!  My office is right in the middle of downtown, and there is a pretty little corner park right next to the office, so that's where we had the party.  It was a little warm, but not awful, and because the park is so cute already, we didn't even have to do much decorating.
My friend Pam is super creative, so I enlisted her help with the few decorations we needed.  Look how cute this table is for donations:
We went with a simple patriotic theme, and I loved how everything turned out!

Pageants are big around our area, so I invited the Peach Queens to stop by.  Two of the four queens were already booked, but I'm so glad these two got to stop by!  They were so sweet and look how pretty they are!

Fitz refused to pose for a family photo, but he had a great time, too.
We enjoyed music by Matt Bennett while we ate and fellowshipped! 

Don't you just love how this looks written out?? It makes me excited!
John and I appreciate everyone who came to the party!  We are thankful to have so many supportive friends and family!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Guest Post by Fitz

My mama said it's been a whole month since she did a blog post, so I told her I would help her out and do one myself.
My Mama and Daddy are always talking about funny things I say, but I'm not sure why it's so funny.  Like this:
My mama is always going outside in the morning to look at the sky.  I always ask her if it looks pretty and she always says yes.  I told her God made the sky like that and she agreed.

I can not believe my mama didn't tell you about us going shopping for my first day of school!  Me, Mama and Tootsie all went shopping at this big place with lots of stores!  Mama had to buy something for her big party, and I needed some new shoes for school. 
They had lots of buildings INSIDE the big place, made all out of legos!  Mama and Tootsie could not believe how big the buildings were!

 I couldn't believe they let us play with some!
 Before school even started, I got to do a fun project, all about me!  Daddy helped Mama pick out some pictures for my poster.
 Did y'all see my first day of school picture on Facebook?  Mama said it got lots of likes and comments!
I love wearing my new "pack pack" to school!
 And check out how much I've grown since last year!
This year I stay at school ALL DAY long!  After school is over, we eat lunch, take a nap, and then play until Mama walks across the street and picks me up.  Then, we go to the office and do a little more work before we go home.  I mostly sit in my own office in the back and watch Mama's iPad while she sees clients.  Almost every day when we leave school, I pick Mama a flower.  She always loves them and I love that they match her lipstick!

Did you know my Mama wants to be the JUDGE??  She says her campaign is why she has been too busy to do a blog.  But Aunt Heddy made me this cute shirt to wear so everyone knows to vote for my mama.
  I wore it to a football game where we went to watch Fletcher play.  Mama wore one just like mine!

My mama had a big party last week for her campaign.  She said she will come back and show you some pictures later. 
Every night when we go to bed, we read my Jesus book, and then we read another book that I get to pick.  We say my prayers before I go to sleep, and we always thank Jesus for all of our blessings.  I'm learning a lot about Jesus and God at school and at kid's church on Wednesday nights.  I told Mama that anything is possible with God.  She said yes it sure is, Fitz!  Mama said she will be back soon and not to give up on her!