Monday, July 13, 2015


You know people say marriage is hard, and I agree, sometimes it is hard.  Not because you don't love each other, not because you're not committed, but just because you're two different people who are living life together.  You have different ideas about things, different feelings, etc.  But sometimes, marriage is pretty darn easy, and thank God, in our marriage, the easy times far outweigh the hard times.  Last week was an easy time.  John sent me flowers for no reason at all, just because, at work one day.  Then the next day, he said we needed to go somewhere that weekend, just us.  Want to know what's good for your marriage?  When your husband WANTS to go on a little trip with just YOU.  When he says that, you do everything you can to make it happen!
Thank the good Lord we are blessed with friends and family who love to keep Fitz so we can get away, too.
We settled on Memphis.  John has been before, but I had never been to Memphis, only THROUGH Memphis.  We got ideas from FB friends about where to eat and what to do, and set off Friday afternoon.
We ate yummy BBQ.
 We saw diving goats.
 We watched crazies on Beale Street.  And sweated.
 We saw Graceland (Elvis's former home in case you're clueless)
I'm in love with the peacock stained glass pieces!!

 The TV room, with those "modern" TVs and mirrors on the ceilings.

 The pool room.  350 yards of fabric in there!  I told John I want a room like this.
 We even saw the king himself.
Of course, we had to see the ducks at The Peabody.  Look at this gorgeous fountain!
 We even saw (but did not eat) a 6 lb burger!
We had yummy food all weekend!
We laughed, we napped, we enjoyed our time together!  I sang all the way there and back while John drove, and he enjoyed it, even if he claims otherwise.  Until the next adventure - I love you, John!  I'm so glad you're MINE.


Monday, July 6, 2015

Independence Day!

If you've been stopping by here very long, you know that our family has a family reunion every year on the first Saturday in July...even if that is July 4, which is just fine with us!  Tootsie, Fitz and I headed over to Mississippi on Friday so we could go see my Grandmama before the reunion the next day.
She has Alzheimer's, and is honestly pretty pitiful right now.  I didn't even take a picture with her this time because it just didn't feel right.  She was just laying in her bed the whole time we were there.  She's on oxygen, and is physically very weak.  Fitz asked why she didn't feel good and it just about broke my heart to try to explain it to him.  I just know she would love having a tiny boy running around again, if she was able to understand who he is.  I hate that he is missing out on her, and vice versa.  I really don't think she will be with us much longer, so I'm glad we got to see her.
This is how Fitz hung out on her porch:
He just makes himself at home!
 We went out to dinner Friday night for my Aunt Bonnie's birthday and then stayed in a hotel, which Fitz loves!  He said, "Mama, um, I'm sleeping over here with Tootsie.  Where are you going to sleep?" Ha!
The next morning, he put a little makeup on Bunny and curled his eyelashes while I got ready.
 Since we were in Mississippi State country, we took a pic with a bulldog, too.
 Brianne and I had to take our annual selfie at the reunion...
 Fitz tried out homemade ice cream...
 and I posed with Miss Everly:
 Fitz and Everly could not fathom why they could not watch videos on our phones out in the middle of nowhere at our uncle's hunting cabin, but thank goodness cousin Casse had a game they could play:

 These two played so well together and finally stopped long enough for us to get a quick pic!

 And of course, our annual group shot:
Our family group was a little smaller this year and it kind of made me sad.  My mom had to make me go to the reunion when I was younger but now I love going and seeing everyone once a year.  We see our close family group more at Christmas and Thanksgiving, but I enjoy getting to see the rest of the family, too.  As I get older, I realize how valuable family is and I'm glad we have a family that loves to get together (and EAT).
I hope you had a happy 4th, too!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Busy Weekend!

People are always saying how Fitz loves to be on the go, just like me, and it's true.  Since he was born, we've been on the go.  We are not ones to sit around at home.  Every night he asks, "Mama, where we going in the marning?" (that's how he says it.)
Last Friday night was our city's annual Peach Jam.  There are vendor booths and bands, food and fun.  Everyone from all around comes out that night and it's always so much fun!  Tootsie and her friends even come to enjoy it with us:
Fitz was exhausted because he played hard at his babysitter's that day, and had no nap, but he still had fun with this balloon while he watched the bands:

 Saturday morning, we had our last swim lesson and Fitz did so good!  He swam by himself a few seconds and for the first time, let his teacher show him how to float on his back, while she only held his head up!  He loved it!
Then we went to Birmingham for a birthday party at a sports arena.  The boys had a blast throwing and kicking these balls all around:
 They tried to organize a flag football game, but with boys this small, it didn't really work out, ha!
 We hung out with Tootsie and Uncle Zac later because we had another party up near where they live and we didn't want to go all the way home and back.  Then we went to another birthday party later that afternoon.  It was a lot of fun, too, at a gymnastics place, but Fitz was worn out after that:

 After church on Sunday, we ALL took a good long nap, and woke up just in time for a late afternoon motorcycle ride for both of my guys:
I wouldn't trade these times for anything.  I love all of his activities and how much he enjoys them all!