Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Super Heroes and Sunset Views

I know I have been seriously slacking on blogging, but half the time I feel like most people see what we do on social media anyway and won't really look at it again on the blog.  However, for my memory's sake, I'm going to try to do better.
You all know by now that Fitz is obsessed with super heroes.  He plays them all day long, makes them beat each other up, fly around, talk to each other, etc.  Someone at John's work gave us a bunch of costumes and you can pretty much always find Fitz in one of them.  His faves are Captain D'America and The Hook:
 Have you seen the Little Hoots app? You can make cute pics with funny quotes from your kids (or anyone really).  I'm loving it right now because pretty much everything Fitz says is hilarious.  I heard him grunting and making mad noises from the living room the other day while I was getting ready in our room.  I asked what was wrong and this is what he said:
I'm pretty much obsessed with sunset and sunrise views right now.  I'm not sure why but I just love them.  It makes me feel closer to God, and that's always a good thing, right?  The first two pics are views from our back deck, and the last is from the Peach Jam in town.

I'm trying to blog more! Stay tuned!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Saturday by Fitz

I love Saturdays!  I get to spend the whole day with my mom and dad and it is so much fun!  This past Saturday, my mom had to wake me up because I just kept on sleeping.  She said I had to eat breakfast before swimming lessons.  I took my time, but I finally got up and went out to eat breakfast.  I told Daddy I wanted to watch Scooby  Doo while I ate breakfast!  The Snow Monster one is my favorite!
After my mom put her makeup on, we went to swimming lessons.  My favorite part of swimming lessons is sitting on the stairs and being silly with my friend Graham.  I don't like it when Ms. Donna tries to make me lay on my back in the water.  I always tell her to just take me back to the stairs!
After swimming lessons, we went to meet Tootsie at some place with lots of flowers.  My mom said it was a black and blue festival or something, but all I know was, it was HOT and those things I pulled off the vines were YUCK.
We got to ride a tractor hay ride, and I did get to pick my Mama some flowers though.
 I saw some frogs in this water, too.  My Mama kept saying, watch out, be careful, but my Tootsie found this rock perfect for me to stand on!
 I told Mama and Tootsie I was ready to GO!  We went home and ate lunch, and then we took a loooooong nap.  I love to take a nap in my bed!
After my nap, we played and ate supper and then it rained.  After it stopped raining, my Mama texted my friend Gracie's mom to see if we could go outside and play.  I played with Gracie and Elizabeth for a while and our moms stood outside and talked forever.  Then the moms got all in a hurry and said we had to go home because the sky looked like this:
We went home, and I had to have another snack before my bath, of course.  We took a bath and read my super hero book from Aunt Heddy before bed.  Mama always says, you want to read that book AGAIN?  But she always reads it to me because I love it!
It was a good Saturday!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Super Hero Birthday Party!

 Since we are super hero obsessed these days, it only made sense to have a Super Hero Birthday Party!! 

 Of course, I found most of my stuff I did on Pinterest, but my cake got a little melted in the hot garage...that did not take away from how impressed Fitz was though!
 For the past two years, we have done Fitz's parties at the same bouncy house place in our town, so we wanted to do something different this year.  We went for simplicity and I can't tell you how many parents have said how nice it was to have a simple fun birthday party...isn't that how they all should be??
We set up a slip and slide and small inflatable pool on one side of the yard...


 We had a small bubble machine...

 and a crazy wiggling sprinkler on the other side of the yard...

 Of course, we all had to dress for the occasion!
 Besides super hero ring pops that I found in the check out aisle at Walmart at 10:00 the night before the party, all of the party favors came from the dollar store!  Crazy color spider man crayons, cups, taffy chews, silly string with a printed label marking it spider webs, and bubbles with a printed label:
 I printed out comic book words like "pop," "zap," and "bang" and glued them to white craft paper bags, and filled them up with dollar store goodies - simple and fun!

 Fitz loved it when we all sang to him!

 I thought about doing "themed" foods, then decided that was more for me and the other moms and who needed all that anyway? We settled for cookies, chips and dip, pizza and cake! (And everyone was happy about it.)

 We let Fitz open his present from us on his actual birthday...a big boy Spiderman bike ("motorcycle")!  John's best friend sent him matching helmet and pads!
But he had a great time opening gifts from his friends at the party!  Every card he read, he would say, "Hey! That says my name on it!"

 We played hard and had a great time at the party!  The weather was perfect, and so were the friends who came to celebrate with us.  We are blessed with lots of great family and friends who all love our sweet 4 year old boy!
In case you forgot our other parties, you can check them out, here:

Monday, June 8, 2015

Dear Fitz (FOUR):

Dear Fitz:
I am so happy to say that I am writing to my now 4 year old boy!  I wanted to write "little boy" but when I call you my little boy, you are always quick to say, "No Mama, I'm a big boy!"  You are SUCH a big boy!  It's hard for me to believe that we ever worried about whether you would talk or not, because let me tell you, it seems like you talk ALL THE TIME!  I love to hear your sweet voice from the back seat when I'm driving, in my ear while we watch TV or videos on my phone, and while you play with your toys.  You went from no words to all the words in such a short time.  You amaze me every day with things you say and I wonder how you know about so many things!
You are like a little sponge.  You soak up everything around you.  You notice every single detail.  We had your birthday party on Saturday, and on Sunday you listed people who weren't there and asked why.  I would have thought you were too busy having fun, but you noticed each person who was there.  When we watch TV, you ask where the people are, and want to know exactly what they are doing.  You can count to 20, say your ABC's, know all the colors, can write your name and read it, you know all the shapes (including octagon which is your favorite), you recognize written numbers, and you can spot a Mustang or Corvette or Jeep from anywhere, just like your daddy.

You are allergic to peanuts, and you talk about them all the time.  You will get this sly look on your face and say, "Daddy, you are peanut!"  When we ask what you want to eat, you will say, "A peanut pickle sandwich!!"  You are a funny boy.  Everyone around you tells me all the time how funny you are.  I love your BIG personality.  You rarely meet a stranger, and even people that I do not know, know you.  We went on a field trip to the zoo with your school, and tons of people I don't know said hey to you!  You get around!
You have a very good sense of what you do and do not want, and an opinion about nearly everything.  You are very honest, but even if you weren't, your facial expressions would give you away every time.  It's ok to be honest and share your opinion, and I'm glad you already know that.  People will comment on it as you get older, as I can tell you from experience, but that's ok.  They will appreciate your honesty and the fact that you are straightforward...trust your mama on this one.  You're independent.  You want to do every single thing all by yourself.  You're teaching me patience because I want to do it for you to hurry it up but I'm learning that it's a good thing for you to do things yourself!
You are a sweet boy, too.  You are always quick to say things like, "Mama you look pretty!"  or "I like you necklace!"  You tell Daddy how good he smells, too.
It doesn't seem possible that you went from this tiny boy to this big boy in 3 short years, but it's true:

Your favorite things right now are all things super heroes!  You love "Captain D'Ameica," Spiderman, Superman, The Hook (Hulk), and Iron Man.  You love anything and everything to do with cars and trucks.  You take their wheels off and on, work on them with your tools, and want to know what every car on the road is, when we pass them.  You love to look at different trucks on the computer with Daddy.  You love garbage trucks, too.  You have about 5 or 6 of them.  You love to fill up their garbage cans and empty them into the truck, and you love when we pass one on the road! 
You love to eat nachos, cheese dip and salsa, pop-tarts and pringles.  You are a tiny bit OCD (like me).  You like everything in its place when you eat, and other times, too.  You drink coffee every morning with your apple juice.  You love sweet tea, and your Tootsie lets you drink "coke like Uncle Zac drinks" at her house.  You love to go to breakfast at Main Street Cafe with Papa, and everyone there knows you, and what you want to eat and drink. 
I can't even remember what life was like before you got here, and I don't want to.  You are the best thing to ever happen to me and your Daddy and we love you more than you can even imagine.  I am so excited to see what all you learn this year, and how much you grow!  I love the boy you are turning into, more and more every day.
I love you!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Boy Stuff

That's pretty much all we've been doing lately!
We dress up like super heroes...
 no matter what we are doing:
 We go to the SEC tournament with Tootsie (well, Fitz did anyway!):
 We go to birthday parties and climb and play:

 and play outside with our neighbor buddies!
We work on our Jeep:
And play at the park:

That's all we've been doing!  What have you been up to??