Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Beach 2015

I'm sure most of you already know that we went to the beach this past weekend, ha!  I can't help myself.  I can not wait for a blog post, I must post pictures on social media as soon as they happen.  But not all of them.
I told my mom the day before we left that the weather forecast called for thunderstorms.  Not even like 50% or 70% chance, just thunderstorms.  Her answer?  "That's not what James Spann said."  Well, as usual, he was right!  It was a little cloudy on Friday when we got there, and overcast, but no rain at all!
 This little one was so happy to see the beach!
 He said he was going to go pet these birds...
 He played for hours Friday and Saturday, building roads, filling up these trucks and dumping them back out, using all of his tools.

My Aunt Shelley, our friend Michelle, and Tootsie came with us. Fitz was quick to tell them which one he wanted playing with him, and when, and where they should sit.  Thank goodness they all thought he was funny!
He plopped down in his chair by me and told me he needed two cans of chips, nachos and a mountain dew please.

 He tried out some new foods at the beach, too.  He didn't care much for watermelon, but he scarfed up a whole plate of salad at dinner!
The weather was PERFECT on Saturday:  sunny with a strong breeze and mild temps.  We all loved it.

 Look how pretty this is with the sun shining down on the waves...our God is amazing:
The waves were fairly rough, so we stayed only on the edge, but we were fascinated by some of the things that washed up on the beach this time.  This stick was probably 18 inches long, and on the end were lots of little shells with what I guess are hermit crabs in them!

 It was so strange!  I've never seen anything like that at all.
On the way to dinner Saturday, we stopped to try to get a pretty picture, but Fitz was having none of it.  This was the best we could do. 
Pre-IG edit:
 IG pic:
 Oh how I love to see the wonder and enjoyment through this boy's eyes!  It was a great quick beach trip for all of us!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cleft Clinic Update

Last week, we had Fitz's 6 month cleft clinic appointment.  There is a huge difference in these appointments from when we first started going when he was born.  He's just such a big boy now.  We don't have to use a stroller or a wagon (Children's has wagons everywhere for fun transportation) anymore, he just walks right in with us.  We don't have to bring tons of snacks and entertainment, because let's face it, he's pretty entertaining all on his own.  And lately, our appointments don't take very long because he is doing so well!
When we get there, the first thing they always do is check his ears.  Both tubes were clear and in place - YAY!  Then they take us back and weigh him, and measure his height and head circumference.  He weighed the same as he has for about a year now, but he has grown FOUR INCHES since our last appointment six months ago!!  If you saw my preschool post yesterday, you can see the difference in his height.  One thing that hasn't changed is that he still hates when they measure his head.  It used to take me and Tootsie to hold him and another nurse to measure.  Now he just fussed a little, but wanted me to do it instead of the nurse, ha!
Once we got in the room, the speech therapist came in first.  He tried to act a little shy, but it didn't take him long to warm up because he loves a pretty girl!  She showed him lots of photos and asked him to tell her what was happening in the picture, which he did.  Some of his descriptions were pretty funny though.  One was a horse raised up on his hind legs.  He told her that horse was doing a wheelie!  She cracked up, and so did me and Tootsie!  She was VERY impressed with his speech and has no concerns that it will continue to progress!  Yay!!
Dr. Grant (plastic surgeon) is always last to come see us.  He talked to Fitz and checked him out, and Fitz didn't fuss at all.  He told us everything looks really good, with the exception of a little blob (my word, not his) of gums that sticks out on the front of his mouth.  You can only see it a lot when he smiles really big, and he said it's nothing he would put him under anesthesia for, but that he will fix it when he has his nose revision sometime in the next year or so.  He told us to come back in 6 months and then hopefully we will move to yearly visits after that!
All around, it was a great visit!

Monday, May 18, 2015

3 Year Preschool

Well another year of preschool is in the books for our big boy!
Look how much he has grown from September to May:

 One of my favorite things from this year was the form he helped fill out about me.  He said my job is at the office, which is correct.  And he said my favorite thing to do is put up the Christmas tree!  Such a smart boy.
 He had a good year at school and can spell and (mostly) write his name, count to 20, pick out all shapes (his favorite is an octagon?) and colors, and much much more.  He surprises me daily with how smart he is!
His last week of school was full of fun with water day, and movie watching!
I am so excited to see what all he learns next year, as he will be going to school every day to prepare for kindergarten!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


We had a great day this past Saturday, full of fun!
We started with Fitz's first swim lesson early that morning...look how cute:
 He asked about 5 billion questions on the way to the gym:
Will you get under water with me?
Will Ms. Donna get under the water with me?
Will she have her clothes on?
Who else will be there?
Can I do a cannonball in the pool?
He was thrilled to see his friend Charli Claire in his class!

 He had no fear!  He tried every single thing the teacher asked him to try and laughed about all of it!
This is my favorite picture:

 We went grocery shopping after swimming lessons, had an early lunch and laid down for an early nap...I loved it!
We took an early nap because we had to go to Fitz's best buddy Brody's birthday (alliteration anyone?) party later that afternoon.  Brody's whole face LIT UP when we got there!  His mom said all he cared about was that Fitz would be at the party - so sweet!
 They were so sweet with each other the whole time and rarely left each other's sides!
 Fitz said, "Brody, we can share your cake!"
Cute cute boys and perfect fun Saturday!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

So far in May...

I just realized I haven't posted at all in MAY? It's like May 12, lol...sorry guys!  This will catch you up on what we've been doing!
Fitz finished up his first year of AWANA, and we had the end of the year party, and got his certificate.
 We are so proud that he learned 19 Bible verses!!
 This is his buddy, Joseph, that he plays "bad guys" with at church, ha!
 One morning Fitz wanted to try out some makeup while I was getting ready.  He said: "Look Mama, look I did! I made my foots arkly!"
 I got my Mother's Day gift a little early and I'm in love with it!  We sent them a picture of Fitz and they made this amazing silhouette.  I love his eyelashes!  We ordered it from Vonjet Silhoettes.
 We've been riding Jeeps...
 and just like Daddy, washing everything in the garage...
 We found this big guy in the garage one morning and praised Jesus that it wasn't a SNAKE.
 We've admired sunsets from family Jeep rides,
 and sunrises from our back porch.
What have you been doing in May?