Thursday, April 30, 2015

Zoo Field Trip 2015

I already shared a few pics on FB from our Zoo field trip earlier this week, but we had the best time!
We stopped at the Parakeet House first and Fitz just LOVED it.  He tried so hard to get one of them to eat from his feeding stick...

 and got so excited when one landed right on it!
 Of course, you may remember from last year's zoo trip, that Fitz loves a train ride, so we had to do that next.  It turned out to be a good idea because the line wasn't crowded so early and only had to wait a few minutes before the train arrived.
 He loved all of it!

 In the reptile house, I pointed out this lizard and he said, "Isn't he cute?" Um, no.
 After we walked around a bit and had a light sack lunch, Fitz needed to see the birds again, and wanted to ride the train again...
 but I talked him into trying the sky lift instead and I'm so glad!  It was so neat to have a bird's eye view of the zoo!

 We even saw some friends passing us!  Hey Ms. Melinda!

 We both loved the baby giraffe with his mama!  The left pic is the view from the ground and the right side is from our ride on the sky lift.
 Before we left, Fitz had to see those little birds just one more time!

 It must have been a good trip, because this is how he looked about 10 minutes after we left.
We went back to our town, stopped at the doctor for me to get a shot for sinus mess, and then went to the office for the afternoon.  He was so good!  He plays in his "office," at work, and has the best time making me and Kristy "tickets" (aka business cards that he colors for us).
It was a great day together that I needed after being away all weekend!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy Birthday to the best husband ever!
He has proudly served our country - love that picture!
He always goes along with me even when he isn't sure of my plans...New York:

 He always makes time for Fitz...

 and teaches him new things:

 He is always kind, and loving and treats me like a queen.  I'm so thankful God brought us together because I love him more every single day, and he is perfect for me!
We hope you have a great birthday, Daddy!  We love you!
Mama and Fitz

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Girl's Beach Trip #1 of 2015

 I say #1 because I hope there will be more to come this summer!
This past weekend, me, Heather, and my cousins, Rachel and Brianne, packed up and took a quick trip to Sandestin.  The condo we usually stay in, which is in Gulf Shores, fell through at the last minute, and we ended up going to Sandestin, but we LOVED it.
We stayed in Pilot House in Baytowne Wharf and I loved that we could walk to everything from our room!  Brianne, Heather and I arrived before Rachel, so we immediately changed and headed to pick up a pina colada on our way to the pool!
 This poor man fell asleep and people (including Heather), were taking selfies with him.  Hilarious.

 We walked down to the Wharf for dinner that night and hung out listening to dueling pianos for a while, then just hung out on our balcony and talked and laughed.  Perfection.
The weather reports all week called for storms on Saturday, but we didn't see a single one.  It was only about 75-80 degrees, with a nice breeze out on the beach.

 We sing this one song at church that I absolutely love, and I always think about it at the beach.  It says:
 "When I gaze across the mountains,
or walk along the ocean shore,
I will rest upon the promise
that He knows my sin no more.
I will rest, my God in you alone
no matter what the day may bring
through the joy and tribulation
my praise to you, I'll sing."
I never feel so peaceful as when I'm on the beach!
We got all dressed and made up for dinner Saturday night, and again, walked down to eat.  We went to Acme Oyster House and we all LOVED it.  I even tried a chargrilled oyster and it was really good.  I was shocked! I had Boom Boom shrimp and they were spicy and perfect.  Heather and Rachel had something called Boo Fries, but I didn't try those because brown gravy.  Ick.

 We walked all around the wharf just looking around and stopped in the kiddie section for a fun picture, before heading back to the balcony again!
We ate so much good food on this little trip!
Sunday morning, we got ready and walked down to Another Broke Egg Café for breakfast and it was SO GOOD.
I had a Chorizo and cream cheese omelet, which sounds weird, but it was delicious!  I wanted to try the Sweet Potato pancake, too, so Heather I ordered one and split it.  All yummy!!
It was a quick little trip full of good food, laughter and relaxation and I can't wait to do it again!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Family Feud and Chuck E. Cheese

That title sounds like the makings of a Jerry Springer episode!
Last weekend, me, my mom, my brother, my aunt and my cousin all tried out for the Family Feud!  A couple of weeks ago, a local news station reported that FF would be having try outs in Birmingham.  When I watched the show as a little girl, I always thought it would be so neat to have my mom, her three sisters and her late brother on the show.  I guess I thought because there was five of them, that was perfect.  Anyway, I sent in an email and a few photos of us, and they emailed me back to come audition!  I invited anyone in the family who wanted to come, but we ended up with just us 5.
 I was hoping to meet Steve Harvey, but I had to settle for a cardboard selfie:
 There were tons of families there to audition, but of course, we are sure they will pick us!  They passed around information about how to get picked - be loud (check), be fun (check), shout out "GOOD ANSWER!" (check), and clap a lot (check).  If we get picked for the show, they will send us a post card in the next three weeks...I'm checking every day!!
 On Sunday, we went to our friend Graham's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.  It was Fitz's first time at CEC and he loved it.
See his face in the police car?
He stayed in there so long I thought I would have to go get him!
He had a great time playing all the games and riding on the "rides". 
 He rode the monster truck three times.

 He even gave the mouse a big hug without any prompting!
I know the color is weird on this pic (I think a camera flash caught it), but look at Fitz and the birthday boy with Chuck, ha!
We had a great weekend!  Graham's party made me start thinking about Fitz's birthday party...we want to do it somewhere different this year.  Any ideas??

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ladies' Man!

We started our Saturday just being lazy...playing with Bozzley in our jammies while we waited on Lowe's to deliver some outdoor furniture I bought the other day.
(I'll have to share a pic soon!)
After Fitz's nap on the weekends, he pretty much always wants to ride his "motorcycle," and now I have a nice place to watch him ride.  This view made me think of that song that says, "from my front porch looking in..."

 Saturday night, my friend Angie's daughter had her birthday party - Bella's Ball.  Kristy let us borrow a tiny tuxedo and I swooned when I saw Fitz dressed up in it!
 All of the girls fawned all over him and he was not having any of it at first...but it didn't take him long to jump right in the middle of the action!

 He danced a lot with Libby Cate:
 and Ahnna Grace:
 When we got in the car to leave, he said, "Mama, I had fun with those dancing girls!" He loved all of their pretty dresses, too!
This is me, Angie and Jill at the party:
We had a great time!