Thursday, January 29, 2015

Phone Photo Purge

There's not a whole lot going on right now, so I just went through my phone and found some pics I have not shared with y'all.
John said the other day that he had caught up on the blog, and didn't see me mention his new toy on here.  Um, ok.  John got this pretty red motorcycle at the end of December.  He now parks his Jeep outside, so it can stay inside.  He loves to go to the garage and rub on it.  A lot.  I agree, it's pretty!  I like that it doesn't look like all the rest of the motorcycles you usually see.
Is that better dear? :)
 I got microdermabrasion last week for the first time.  This is how my face looked afterwards:
 The next morning, my skin was smoother than it's ever been.  It made me want to touch it all day long.  Look how good it looked after I applied all my Younique makeup:
 I'm pretty sure I'll be a regular customer for that!!
We had to run to Walmart the other day, and Fitz declared that he was wearing his spiderman rain boots.  It was sunny and cold, but not raining a bit.  "See mama?  See the RED spider on thay-ere??"
 Remember when I got honest back in October?  This is the precious baby I had been to the hospital to see.  Is she not a doll baby?? Her name is Phoebe and she loves me.  When I walked in the house and started talking to her, she started giggling and kept it up for nearly our entire visit.  She has fabulous taste already.  Obviously.
I'll try to come up with a better post next time, ha!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Circus Extreme!

Saturday, Tootsie and I took Fitz to his first circus!
 We got there early to watch the Pre-Show festivities, and Fitz was pretty impressed with all of the acts!

Overall, we liked the circus, but I kind of thought there would be more animals?  All I saw on FB last week were posts about why we should not go and cruelty to animals, etc. (Please don't comment on it here, we get it.)  However, there were only a couple of animal acts, and those were Fitz's faves!


 When we got home, he showed John how the tigers hopped on their back feet!  There were also dancing poodles which we all liked!

Of course, we bought the ridiculously overpriced light-up spinning toy, just like the one from Mickey Mouse's show last year, but with an elephant instead of a Mickey Mouse on top.  I plan to take my friend Kristin's advice next year and just bring it with us, instead of buying a new one!
See his "tattoo" on his hand?  He was pretty impressed with that, too.
A couple of random observations from the circus: 
1.  Why do they serve beer at the circus??
2.  If your child is still using a pacifier, they are either too young for the circus, or too old for the pacifier.
We had a great time though, and will probably go again next year!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekend Recap

We didn't have big plans this weekend, but we did manage to get some stuff done and have a little fun, too.  It started out with me getting these pics from Fitz's teacher at preschool...
 Fitz is ALWAYS talking about his friend Khloe who is in his class at school, and goes to AWANA with him on Wednesday nights.  Her mom and I were chatting on day and realized we live practically on the same street, too!
Fitz's teacher said they held hands ALL DAY on Friday at school.  How precious are they??
Saturday morning started out with this GORGEOUS sunrise view from our back porch.  I was in total awe and just had to thank God for letting me see this!
 After John went to work, I cleaned and Fitz helped me bake a pound cake for our neighbors who just had a new little baby boy.  We ran some errands, got some lunch and came home to nap!  As soon as he woke up from his nap, he wanted to go outside and play, so that's what we did:
 Sunday morning started with everyone piled on Mama on the couch:
and after church, Fitz went down for his nap while me and the dogs piled up on the couch again!

 It was such a pretty weekend, and of course, Fitz wanted to play outside after naptime again on Sunday:
He and John had to do a little work on his stuff,  you know.
When I saw that picture, I flashed forward several years and imagined that I would probably be able to recreate it when Fitz gets his first real Jeep.  He has his Daddy's love of cars and jeeps, for sure!
It was a pretty great weekend all around!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

4th Set

You always hear people say, "Oh tubes? Oh that surgery is easy! 10 minutes in and out!"  Well Fitz had his FOURTH set of tubes put in yesterday and it was NOT in and out.  We had to be there at 8:00 a.m., so I was thinking his surgery would probably be around 10:00 because that's how hospitals are, right?
Well, we got back to a room to wait at about 8:40, and a man came around at about 8:50 and said there were a few ahead of us, and it would be anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour before they took him back. 
So we waited, like this:
 At 10:40, I went looking for someone and found that man.  I asked how much longer it would be, and told him that at 8:50, he had said 30 minutes to an hour.  He looked at his watch and said, "Oops.  My best guess is 30 more minutes."  Now I know there could have been a problem with another child, and I know it was for a reason that we had to wait because I prayed for God's timing, but couldn't they have at least told us the issue?  Apologized? Gave us any tidbit of info?? Apparently not.
So, we waited more.  How grown does Fitz look laid out like this?
We had already discussed the gown, and he declared, "I don't want to wear that gown!  It's not cute!"  Haha!  Around 11:30, a nurse came by and said it was time to put the gown on.  He was not happy, and even less happy when we had to take his underwear off, too, but thank the Lord Paw Patrol was on and he calmed down pretty fast.

Tootsie got some pics for us, but she had to be stealthy.  If he catches us, he will say, "No! Don't give me picture!!"

 When the nurse came to get him to take him to the operating room, she was checking his bracelet to verify who he was, and asked him when his birthday is.  He didn't miss a beat, and replied, "It's coming up on June 3rd."  I mean, how grown can he be??  She finally took him back there at 11:55, a mere four hours after we arrived.  John and I walked with his bed a little ways down the hall, and when he turned around and saw us, he said, "You go that way!"  Mr. Independent had it handled.  We kissed him and let him go.  He acted like he does this every day.
Of course the doctor was back with us at about 12:07 saying he was in recovery and all went well!  Praise the Lord!  I don't care how many surgeries your child has (this is #5 for us), it's still scary.  About 30 minutes later they brought him back to us, and he was a little weepy and not in a very good mood.  Maybe no food or drink since 8 the night before had something to do with that?? 
Anyway, everything the discharge nurse said, he told her no.  Popsicle? NO. Drink this juice?  NO.  I put Pepsi in his cup instead.  It's all liquid, right?  Eat a soft diet at first.  He requested Scooby Snacks (graham cracker sticks).  Nothing she said was ok with him.  He fought the blood pressure cuff so bad that she just wrote down that she could not get a reading.  It would have been funny if we weren't all starving and ready to leave!
She had no idea what we did for a living or anything about us, but as she was leaving the room, she smiled and said, "He's going to be an attorney or something, the way he argues and just tells what he thinks!"  We hope so!  Just like his Mama!
On the way home, he said, "Mama, they put something on my mouth and I couldn't talk!  Spank their booties!"  I think he meant the gas mask they use to put him to sleep, but we thought it was hilarious.
I know everyone thinks their child is funny, but seriously, he keeps us laughing all the time!!  Let's just hope these tubes last longer than the 7 months the last set lasted.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


I just realized I haven't posted in over a week...maybe my last post was such a fabulous one that I can't find anything to talk about to outdo myself?  Nah, it's just January.  Blah.  Christmas is over.  The Christmas decorations are put away.  The house is back to normal.  Our schedules have resumed.  I had court every day last week, one night until nearly 7:00 p.m.  It's cold outside.  It's January.  Blah.
On a better's January!  People are hiring lawyers again! (No one has extra money to spend or wants a divorce in November and December, so this is our busy time!)  I'm exercising a lot more, and eating much better.  My goal is to one day be able to go to a class at the gym and not pick a spot way over on the side so that I don't have to see myself in the mirror.  One day the reflection will jiggle much less when I exercise, ha!  We have a fabulous anniversary trip planned for next month, and then my birthday is in March, so I have lots to look forward's January!
We played outside this weekend with our neighbor Gracie, and Fitz has asked every day since then if we can play with Gracie again.  It's January!  Look how cute they are:
Even mascara sales hit a low in December, and are picking back up now that we are in January!  I've got girls adding people to our team every day and hopefully we will all earn our trip to JAMAICA this year!  It's January!!
It's time to start things fresh.  It's a whole new year!  And as my friend Walter pointed out - doesn't 2015 just sound really cool?  It's January!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Immeasurably More!

One of my favorite verses lately is Ephesians 3:20:  "Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us..."  I saw it posted on another blog that I read and it has stuck with me ever since.  Think how awesome that is - God can do IMMEASURABLY more than what we can even IMAGINE him doing.  The grandest thing our tiny little minds can come up with?  He can do so much more than that, that we can not even measure it, let alone imagine it! 
Another favorite verse of mine is one we hear quoted all the time - Jeremiah 29:11:  "'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'"  His plans are for our GOOD.  And within those plans, He can do more than we can even imagine for ourselves.  Simply amazing.
Anyway, the Ephesians verse is often on my mind when it comes to my career and my future within my career.  I saw this picture on FB the other day, and it made me think of Ephesians 3:20, too:

It's not a big secret to anyone who knows me personally, but I want to be a judge one day.  I don't know why, and I don't even know that I would like it if I was a judge instead of practicing law, but I have that desire in my heart.  Although, I got to sit in as special judge when a local municipal court judge could not be at court one day and I seriously LOVED it, so I'm pretty sure I would love doing it full-time.  I also think God places desires in our hearts for a reason.
The judicial position I really have my eye on is in a court in which I practice law on practically a daily basis.  I really like the judge who is there now, and I have told that judge my desire to have the position one day.  I've told that judge that I would never run against them, but that when they are done with the job, I'd like it.  I will have to run for the office as it is an elected position, and I really have no idea how John and I would finance a campaign, or whether I have the stomach for such a thing.  It also seems like every six years when the elections roll around again, it would be nerve-wracking to be worried about my job.  There is also another attorney in town who has said that they would like to run for that office as well, not to mention, a rumor that someone else is interested in the job.  But those things aside, I want to be a judge one day.  The desire is in my heart, and has been for years.  I pray about it ALL. THE. TIME.
I pray that if it is in God's will, that it would happen for me.  I pray that it IS in God's will.  I pray that if it is not in God's plan for me, that he would make me ok with that, and I know for sure that He will.  After I saw that quote on FB, I started praying about it even more, because even though it seems impossible financially and in other ways, God can do it if He wants it done.  Nothing is impossible with Him, and He can do far more than I can even imagine.  After I prayed about it more, I felt like I should put it out there in a blog post.  I have lots of friends who are non-believers, and others who are believers, but their faith is immature, so I feel like God is telling me that I should live out my faith.  Post it on the blog and tell my readers (few as they may be) that I have a desire, a prayer in my heart, and that I fully, 100%, unequivocally believe that God can make it happen even though on Earth it's a long shot, to say the least.  
There it is.  I believe it.  Let's keep praying and see what happens!  Who knows?  God may have something even bigger and better planned for me!  I can't wait to see!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Adventures in Potty Training!

You may recall (if you read my blog), that Santa took all of Fitz's diapers, and left him big boy underwear instead...

but so far, I haven't said much about how we got to that point.  Several months ago, I started asking Fitz if he wanted to use the big potty.  He would look at me like I was the craziest person on the planet and say, "Noooooo!"  He said it a totally teenage voice, as if I had just asked him if he had horns growing out of his head.  Like clearly his mother was deranged.  My mom had told me to get him one of those training potties, but I think they are so nasty, and I resisted.
I just kept bringing it up every few days, or casually mentioned using the big boy potty since he was getting so big!  He always said no, every single time.  Finally, I broke down and bought a car training potty.  When you "flush" it, it revs the engine and sounds like a car.  He was very mildly interested in it.  After a few more days, I told him that when he woke up from his nap (on a weekend day when we were all home), that I was going to put on some big boy underwear instead of his diaper, and he could use his car potty like a big boy.  He declined.  He cried.  He acted like I was trying to stuff him INTO the car potty instead of teaching him how to use it.  I backed off.
About a week later, I decided he was ready.  It was a weekend.  I told him after his nap, he was wearing big boy underwear.  He cried again, but when he woke up, I just put them on him anyway.  After a few minutes, he decided he liked them.  I asked him about every 2.5 seconds if he needed to use the potty and he kept saying no.  Finally, he tee teed in his underwear and he was totally appalled at how it felt!  I took him to the bathroom and explained that he needed to tell me BEFORE he tee teed, changed his underwear and started over.  We sat on the potty about 3 times and he never would go, even though I knew he must need to by then.  He saw some skittles on the counter and asked if he could have some and I told him if he used his potty, he could have some.  He went straight to the bathroom and used that potty!  I was SO excited!  He did it several more times that night, but of course, we wore a diaper to bed.
Sunday morning, he wore a diaper to church, but after his nap, we put on underwear again.  This time, he pooped in the potty, too!  He cracked me up.  He told me to sit on the big potty, and "not look me."  So, I sat and turned around to face the shower curtain.  I tried to make small talk to distract him and he said, "Not talk!"  I shut up and he did his business!  Talk about excited!  He and I both were THRILLED!!  Now every time he tells me, "Not look and not talk!" I know he is pooping, ha!!
Anyway, he did it great at home for about a week, but refused to go potty anywhere else at all.  Finally he did go at Tootsie's house one day, and then at Mrs. Britney's house, too.  Then we got to where we wore underwear all the time, except at night and for naps.  He even used the potty on our trip to MS, in gas stations and other places.  I kept telling him I was not buying any more diapers and when they were gone, that was it.  Then a couple of days before Christmas, he said, "Santa gonna bring me presents and take my diapers!"  I must have mentioned it to him before then that Santa might take the rest of the diapers, but he loved the idea and brought it up again, so we went with that!
Santa brought super hero underwear and took those icky diapers away!  He did great for the next four nights, then on the fifth night, wet the bed.  He must have cried right away because when I went in there at 1:30 a.m., his pajamas were wet, but the sheet was only a little damp, and it had not soaked through to the mattress pad yet.  He was crying and very upset about it.  I told him it was ok, but that we needed to change his jammies and underwear.  I tried to get his Elf jammies and he said, "Noooo not those!!"  Um, ok.  I changed him then let him sit in the floor with Bunny while I changed his sheets.  He had on flannel sheets with dogs on them that probably needed to be washed anyway, so I stripped them off and put on plain beige sheets.  I only had on a t-shirt and underwear and he was appalled that I was getting on his bed, "without you pants on!!"  LOL!!  Anyway, then he was mad because it wasn't his doggie sheets, but he curled back up and went to bed.
I'm hoping we don't have many more of those accidents, but I am so proud of him!  Everyone said it would happen when he was ready and it DID!  Yay for no more diapers!!!