Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 - Reviewed!

In January, we took a road trip to MS...
and had some snow adventures, too!
February brought us a big boy bed,
 a fun girls' only day...
 and our 6th wedding anniversary!
March was full of fun, first at Mickey's Music Festival,
 and then riding Thomas the train!
In April, we had family fun with company...
and farm animal fun, too!

May means time for the beach!
and the end of Fitz's first year of preschool!

Fitz turned 3 in June...
 and Mama went to New York City!
July was HOT, so we cooled off at Aunt Heddy's pool!
 We also moved into our new house...
and I started selling Younique 3d fiber lash mascara!

In August, we got a new family member, Bozzley!
 And we had a housewarming party!
Fitz went back to school in September:
In October, we took a little trip to Blue Ridge, Georgia...
the pumpkin patch...
 and the apple orchard!
November was all about photos!  First, school pictures:
 And then photos with Santa!
December brought a new friend to our house!
 As well as the merriest of Christmases!
Want to see our other yearly reviews?  Here ya go:
I'm excited to see what God has in store for 2015!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Day

Fitz must have been a very good boy this year because Santa was VERY good to him!  This was what we woke up to on Christmas morning:
 All Fitz really asked for was a truck and a rope from Santa.  Then, just a few days before Christmas, we ran into CVS one night and he saw a train and started saying Santa was bringing him a train, too.  When I went back to get it, it was only $14.99, so I snapped it up, too.
To be completely honest, Fitz actually got the tool/work bench and the grill for his birthday in June.  We were about to move into our new house, and didn't want to open them before we moved, so we just moved the boxes to the new house and left them in the garage.  By the time I realized they were still in boxes, it was September, and he didn't even know he had them, so we decided Santa would bring those this year!
 He also got a gas pump for his car and jeep!
 He got a truck and rope, as well as a stick horse, and a bag full of other goodies:
 He got one more surprise, too:  Santa took the rest of his diapers and left superhero big boy underwear on his dresser in place of the diaper basket!!
John and I woke up early on Christmas morning, and didn't think Fitz would ever wake up!  I finally went in there and got him up a little before 7 because I couldn't stand it any longer!  As soon as I went in his room, he said, "Is Santa here??"  I assured him that Santa had come and left presents, so we rushed out to see!
He was so excited to see his rope he asked for!  When we were in MS, our cousin, Addi, had a stuffed Mr. Grinch, so when we got back on the Monday before Christmas (Dec 22 in case you forgot), I was on the hunt!  I found one on Amazon, paid $3.99 shipping and got it on Tuesday!  He has barely put it down since then.
He has done tons of wood working with all of his tools, and cooked us about 125754 steaks on his grill!  "Don't touch, Mama, it's hot!"
"I got to put my glove on cause it's hot!"
"You want steak sauce on you steak?"

Tootsie, Uncle Zac and Papa all came to our house Christmas morning, with more gifts!
Spider man rain boots and tons of candy!
 This was the first year Fitz actually opened his presents without help and it was so much fun watching him!

 Uncle Zac got him a piano, like from the movie, Big, and we all took turns trying it out!

 Before she passed away, John's mom made Fitz a needlepoint stocking, which I had never seen until Papa brought it over Christmas morning.  Look how beautiful it is:
Such a special Christmas treat!!
We hung out and played all morning, then ate yummy stuffed shells with garlic bread for lunch, played a little more and then everyone left and we took a big family nap!  When we woke up, we ate more steak prepared by Chef Fitz, watched Home Alone, and just spent time together.
To me, it was the perfect family Christmas!  I hope yours was as peaceful and as full of love as mine was!  I can't wait until next year!!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Pre-Christmas Day

So, I left off telling you about our MS Christmas the weekend before Christmas.  We went to MS Friday and came back Saturday evening, and then on Sunday night, we hosted our church Christmas party at our house.  It was the first time we have ever hosted, and I really enjoyed having everyone over!  (I didn't take a single photo)
Then, on Tuesday...
 we had Christmas with my Dad and his youngest child, Bram.  (I'm not sure if I've blogged about it before, but my dad and his wife adopted Bram when he was a baby, so Fitz actually has an uncle who is just 2 years older than he is.)  They came to our house so Bram and Fitz could play...much more fun to them than eating in a restaurant and making them be still!
 Sorry for the blurry pics...these two never stay still for long!
 The weather was awful that night so we're glad Pappy and Bram braved it to come see us!
We woke up Christmas Eve morning to find Elf with a sweet letter to Fitz, and new elf pajamas to sleep in that night!
 I found this letter on Pinterest and I loved it!
 We pretty much hung out at home that day, making cookies and getting ready for Santa!  But, Kristy and Skylar did stop by to see us so we could exchange gifts with them.  Look how sweet these two boys are:
 We watched Christmas movies and relaxed with Daddy all day long, then took a bath, put on our new elf jammies and left Santa a treat:
 Fitz:  "I gonna drink him milk!!"
Fitz went to bed and Santa got busy!