Wednesday, November 26, 2014


What I'm Loving Wednesday
1.  Ann Voskamp.  If you haven't read her book, One Thousand Gifts, click that link and order it right now.  She writes very poetically, which is how my friend described it when she told me about the book, and I wasn't sure I would like that, but it's very easy to read.  She makes you think, and in a really good way!  She describes things in unique ways.  She posts inspirational posts on FB every day.  I'm going to see her speak in a couple of weeks and I'm excited!
She has a Christmas book, too, which I just bought.  I'm sure I will love it, too!  Check her out!
 2.  This funny boy shopping with me and Aunt Heddy.
3.  Christmas decorations going up!  John suggested a tall skinny tree for our  new house and I'm in LOVE.  (with him and the tree)  So, I started out just getting it out and putting it together:

Um, wow.  12 feet is pretty flipping tall.  I had to lay it back down to get all the plugs connected, and start getting it fluffed, then stood it back up.
Then I laid it down AGAIN to get the bow on the top, and stood it back up to add the ornaments.  Our ladder is NOT NEW and I was NERVOUS, but I did it!

I also did this above our table in the kitchen:
Just excuse all the other stuff on the table!  I have a crafting project going on as well!  I'm waiting until Friday to do the front of the house.  Don't worry, there will be pics.
That's what I'm loving ... what about you?


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Photos with Santa 2014

Y'all may remember years past when Fitz was happy to see Santa...and other years when he was not-so-happy to see the big guy.  Or maybe even that year he was not-so-sure about Santa.
And then we have 2014.
We watched 10 other families of children get their photos with Santa.  We heard one little boy SCREAMING the whole time, and discussed how we would not do that.  We talked about sitting on his lap, and telling him what Fitz wanted for Christmas.  We talked all about it.
Then it was our turn.
Fitz told Santa how old he is.
 And that he would like a truck please.
 Did he sit on his lap? NO.  But he did give him a sweet hug.
And he didn't cry.  Or scream.  And I think his pictures are some of the best ever!!
But you know I had to show you a comparison from years past, so here you go:

They gave him a little red bucket when his turn was over.  He told me to open it, so I did.  And do you know what he said when he looked inside and saw candy and snacks? 
"But, where's my truck?"
Bless it.  He thought he would get it right then!  He didn't fuss though, when I explained that Santa brings things on Christmas morning, but I kind of felt bad that I had not explained it better!
Favorite Santa photos yet.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Cleft Clinic Check-up!

Yep, it's that time again - 6 month cleft clinic time!
While we were in the waiting room yesterday, a couple of ladies came in with an animal therapy dog, and sat down to talk to Fitz.
 I had never seen an animal therapy dog at Children's, but this was the most relaxed pug I've ever seen.  His name was Kirby and he practically fell asleep sitting up in his owner's lap!  It was so cute!

 The first thing they always do is check Fitz's ears, and hearing.  When we went in May, they didn't do a hearing test because we had just had his 3rd set of tubes put in the day before, but they did one yesterday.  This was the first time he had a "big boy" hearing test and he did really well with it! 
We went in the vault thing where they do the tests, and he sat on my lap.  One audiologist stayed outside to play the sounds, and the other came in with us.  They put teeny tiny earphones in his ears, and then they would say different words and he had to point to them on a printed piece of paper.  Then, she had a toy school bus with lots of "students," which she emptied out.  She told Fitz that whenever he heard a bird sing, he had to put a student in the bus.  So cute, right?
His hearing was perfect!  No issues at all!  They also said he did very well performing the test, and that some kids his age don't understand the concept, but Fitz got it right away...genius.
 They took us to a room next, where all of the other doctors come to see us.  Can you believe the first people they sent in were from Genetics?  Remember when I told you about our last cleft appointment?  Well, they sent in two young girls to ask us AGAIN about doing genetic testing.  I very quickly told them NO, and to please note on our chart that we are NOT INTERESTED, and DO NOT ASK ME AGAIN.  I had them backing out the door quickly!
 The next knock on our door was very tentative.  I wanted to say, "It's ok, we won't yell at you!"  It was the speech pathologist.  Fitz opened up and talked to her once he saw the fire truck on one of the books she had.  She went through the book and asked him to say certain words, and he complied.  He surprised her when she asked what one construction tool was, because her book said "digger"...but Fitz told her that was an "excavator".  Haha!! There is one in his favorite book and he knew right what it was.
For the first time ever, we got a good report on his speech!  She even said he is now making some sounds that are advanced for his age!  We loved it!
Dr. Grant (plastic surgeon) came in next, talked to Fitz a bit, and played with him, and then told us everything looks great, he hears NO NASAL sounds with Fitz which means his palate is intact, and to keep doing what we're doing.  Great news!!
After our fabulous report, we stopped to admire the gorgeous Christmas trees in the lobby on our way out.  We took about 562147 pictures trying to get Fitz to pose by a tree before I finally took that cute one up there.
We are so thankful for a great report, and glad we don't go back for another six months!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

WILW is back!
1.  Surprise gifts from my sweet husband.
 I saw this posted on Kole Jax FB page a couple of weeks ago, and one morning when I got up to make coffee, it was hanging from the cabinet!
2.  My HOT husband in his military uniform from years ago.  One of my favorite pics of him.

3.  These two cuddled up watching a movie together.

Monday, November 17, 2014

School Pictures 2014

I already posted a collage on FB, but how cute are these school pictures??
 Excuse the glare, I took these with my phone!
 Glare or not, this photographer got those dimples in every pose!  He is awesome!

 In case you forgot, this is how much he has grown since his first school pictures last year.
I did so well with posting there for a minute...gonna try to do better!!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Christmas Preview!

Yesterday was one of my favorite days of the year...Christmas Village day!  In case you're not from around here, Christmas Village is a HUGE arts & crafts show that comes to Birmingham every year.  My mom, my friend Kristy and my cousin, Brianne, have all been going together for years, and we love it!  We buy VIP tickets to go on Wednesday every year, because it's not nearly as crowded since they limit the number of tickets sold, and there are no strollers or rolling carts allowed that day, which pretty much means no children!  It is awesome.
I really was on the hunt this year for cute Christmas stuff for the new house, especially the front porch, and I was not disappointed.  Excuse the bad pic (I just snapped it in the garage really quick to send to Heather when I got home), but I plan to use these two new pieces outside when I decorate for Christmas:
 The tree is wrought iron, and I plan to use some burlap (?) and maybe lights to decorate it.  The sign is wooden, and is a creamy color, with red trim, and distressed black letters...see?
 It nearly didn't fit in the car!  So exciting!
I had a chat with the big guy about what to bring Fitz while we were there, too.
It's always a fun girly day with some of my closest friends and family, and this year did not disappoint.  And so what if I did a little mascara advertising while I was there?  Maybe I left a postcard with my info on each dining table in the eating  A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!
I can't wait to decorate the house this year and I can't wait for CV again next year!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

I went to a friend's outdoor wedding on was cold but look how cute this little chapel is:
See the moon?
 and how pretty the bride was:
 The only other thing we did was light a fire in the fire pit and teach Fitz how to roast marshmallows:
 He wanted to blow it out, but so did Bozzley...

Laid back fall weekend, just like I like it!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

Hands down, bar none, my favorite Halloween yet with Mr. Fitz!
Originally, I put it in his head to be a baseball player for Halloween, since he's so into baseball, but a couple of weeks before the big day, he was watching the Halloween episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and declared that he wanted to be a COWBOY!  I asked, "Oh, like Woody from Toy Story?" 

 In a teenager sarcastic voice, he replied, "Nooooo.  Like Quack Quack on Mickey Mouse!"  Donald Duck dresses like a cowboy on that episode.  Got it.
A friend of ours let us borrow boots (which didn't fit his wide feet), and I ordered a set that had a vest, chaps and a bandanna.  Papa got Fitz a hat a long time ago, so we were set there.  Two days prior, he declared, "I need a rope!"  Our friend Marcia's son shows cows, and just happened to have a perfect rope for Fitz to borrow.  He would hold his hat up and say, "Yeehaw!"
The Wednesday before Halloween, we attended the Fall Festival of the church where Fitz goes to Pre-school and Awana.  He was ecstatic to see the bounce house and quickly asked me to hold his rope and his hat so he could jump!

 We did a little fishin', heard a neat story and decorated a cookie, too.
 Friday morning, we trick-or-treated the town with his little class at school...a tradition that I LOVE.  Here he is with his classmates...sitting right in the middle of all the girls:
 Of course, he had to sneak a sucker while we walked:
 Afterwards, we had a Halloween party in his classroom.

Best Halloween yet!  I can't wait to see what he wants to be next year!
Want to catch up on Halloweens past?  Here ya go: