Wednesday, October 29, 2014


This post is mostly for my memory, so years from now, I will be able to look back and remember funny things Fitz has said, and the way he says them.
Y'all know how he used to say his name was "Gunlock"?  Now he always says "Fitz" and I kind of miss "Gunlock".  He says, "I'm Fitz Garrett." But it kind of sounds like, "I'm Itz Arrett." Love.
For a while, before he knew the correct word, he called his baseball bat his "hit ball."  What else would he call it?  That's what you do with it.  He says bat now, ha!
Every night when we go to bed, he sleeps with his Bunny and Puppy Dog.  He will tuck the dog down and tell me, "Mama, cover he up!"  Love.
He's been obsessed with "Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site," for weeks.  I have to sneak another book when I get tired of reading it over and over.  So, a couple of nights ago, we read "Llama Llama and the Bully Goat."  He still loves those Llama Llama books, too.  Anyway, last night, he requested "Llama and Bull Goat."  In the book, Gilroy Goat is being a bully to the other kids and the teacher makes him sit in time out.  When I got done reading, Fitz said, "Ms. Britney makes me sit in time out sometimes.  Mama too."  So then we talked about minding and how if he minds he won't have to sit in time out.  I loved it that he actually thought about what the book was saying!  I really hope he continues to love reading!
Along those same lines, when he sees a "cement truck" or a "dump truck," he loves to talk about how it's like the ones in his book.  He also loves the Crane truck, which he calls the "crame truck."
Every morning when we are getting ready to leave, he wants to go through the list of what he's doing that day.  He loves to know the plan ahead of time.  He totally gets that from BOTH of his parents.  It goes like this:  "Papa gonna take me to Ms. Britney's house?"  or "Gonna go to Tootsie's house?"  "Mama gonna pick me up from school?  Eat lunch and go to our house and take a nap?"
He likes to be on the go, like me, but he also loves to come home, like his Daddy.  If we have been out and about running errands or doing something, he will say, "I wanna go to my house now."  Cracks me up.
He's still not the least bit interested in the potty.  We talk about it.  He knows how it works.  He goes into another room, goes in his diaper and then comes to tell me to change it, but he will not use the potty.  I'm trying to remain patient and calm and remember that he does everything in HIS OWN TIME.  Crawling, walking, talking, etc.  I'm also trying to remind myself that I won't have any  more babies.  What's it going to hurt to change diapers a few more months with this one?  Sunday when he woke up from his non-nap, I asked if he wanted to put on big boy underwear for the afternoon and he cried and pitched a fit and said NO!!!  "They" say not to force it, so I'll try again another day.  There are very few teenagers walking around in diapers, so I know it will happen.  Just not today.
Which brings me to another thing he likes to say.  Sometimes, when I tell him what he's going to do the next day, he will say, "Not today though."  Right, but sometimes it is that day, but he still says it.  And then he follows up with:  "On Wednesday."  Always Wednesday. 
Me:  "Fitz you're going to school early to talk to Ms. Sarah today!"  (speech therapy)
Fitz:  "Not today though.  I'll talk to Ms. Sarah on Wednesday." 
Um, ok.
He loves to tell me what he doesn't like to do. 
Me:  "Fitz, make sure you listen to your teacher at school today."
Fitz:  "I don't like to."
I told him I have to listen to people all day long that I don't like to listen to, ha!
I wore a skirt a few weeks ago, and apparently, had not worn a dress or skirt in a while.  We got ready to leave the house and Fitz looked concerned and said, "Mama, you not have you pants on!"
He likes to eat lunchable nachos nearly every night for dinner, and drink tea with it.  He eats "roars" at Ms. Britney's for lunch nearly every day.  In case you're out of the loop, those are dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets.  He also loves my spaghetti, Chinese food, cheese dip, salsa and chips, pop tarts, pancakes, bacon, coffee, and muffins, which he calls "moo muffins," from Mickey Mouse.
When I asked what he wanted to be for Halloween and he said "cowboy," I asked: "Oh, like Woody on Toy Story?"  His answer:  "No Mama.  Like quack quack on Mickey Mouse!"  In the Halloween episode, Donald Duck dresses like a cowboy.  Stay tuned for photos.  And more Fitz-isms, I'm sure.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Honest October

I've seen a couple of posts on FB, and a couple of other bloggers post about "Honest October".  Basically, what it means is that we normally only post happy things on FB, or blog about things that make it seem like we have it all together, but let's be totally honest, things aren't always happy.  We don't always have it all least I don't.  Being a Christian doesn't mean everything goes the way we want it all the time.  In fact, Christ tells us we WILL have trouble in this world.  (John 16:33).  But what we have to do, is have faith that all of this trouble will pass, and that He has plans to give us hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11), and we have to thank Him, even (especially?) when we don't understand.  (1 Thessalonians 5:18).  So, here we go:
Honestly...I had look up those scripture references on Google before I typed them, just to be sure.
Honestly...this is the cutest boy I've ever seen:
Honestly...sometimes he throws such a dramatic fit that it drives me crazy, just for a minute.
Honestly...remember when I posted about our Pumpkin Patch adventure a couple of weeks ago?  Right before we left, he pitched a fit and ran away from me, heading towards the un-penned horses, and when I screamed his name (out of terror that he would be stomped by a horse), he got embarrassed and when I snatched him up and put him on my hip, he cried and exclaimed, "Mama hurt me!" over and over until we got to the car.  I was mortified.
Honestly...his speech is so much improved that he talks ALL THE TIME now, and I love it.  I really do.  He is much happier when he can communicate with us and I love it when I'm driving down the road and I hear, "Mama, where are we going?" in his sweet voice from the back seat.
Honestly...John and I were driving down the interstate last Wednesday and saw what we thought was a horse stick his head out of this trailer:

Honestly...when we got closer and saw it, it was a CAMEL.  On HUMP day.

Honestly...we were on our way back from seeing some friends of ours at the hospital who had just had a precious baby girl, when we saw that camel.
Honestly...we were so happy for our friends, but it also made me a little bit sad because that's an experience I didn't get to have...friends coming to see my new baby and myself in the hospital.  Fitz was rushed to Children's right after he was born, so when people came to the hospital, it was only me that they saw.  When they went to see Fitz, he couldn't be held the first few days and had so many tubes coming from his body, that it was difficult to really hold him even when we could.  They could only go in one at a time, with me or John, and were surrounded by other tiny babies in tiny incubators and cribs.
Honestly...I'm thankful that Fitz was where he needed to be to get the care he needed, but it was still difficult and makes me want to cry when I think about it, even in the midst of being thankful.
Honestly...Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite times of the year, but also the slowest times of the year for lawyers.  I always get a little worried about money, even while I'm joyful about the season.
Honestly...God always provides for us, even in November and December.  So, I have to remember to be thankful for the slower times.  It gives me a reason to lean on Him, and trust in Him.
Honestly...this is one of my favorite posts.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Boo at the Zoo 2014

We went back to Boo at the Zoo this past weekend with our friends, Denise and Mary Eloise.  Tootsie came, too!  Look how cute these two are:

This may be my favorite picture ever of Fitz and Mary Eloise:

They were so funny checking out all of the spooky decorations!
 We rode the train, which is always Fitz's favorite, and the "scarousel" (it goes backwards so the moms want to puke, and plays scary music and sounds):

 We also rode on a big slide in inner tubes, which Fitz said he did not like, but Mary Eloise wanted to ride again!
In case you forgot how cute they were last year, you can click here to see last year's Boo at the Zoo pics!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Family Field Trip!

 Last week, Fitz's class had a field trip planned to a local Apple Orchard.  They grow apples, peaches and strawberries.  I didn't have anything major that day, so I planned to go with him, and Daddy surprised us by meeting us there!

The different classes took turns at each feature of the orchard - hay bales to play on, a corn maze and the favorite - the wagon ride through the orchard.  This is how interested Fitz was in the hay:

 We also skipped the corn maze and had a snack instead, ha!
 It was a gorgeous day, and the wagon ride was pretty interesting, seeing how they train the trees to grow, and learning about the different apples.
 We got our own bag to fill with apples, fresh off the trees!

 Even Fitz agreed, they were delicious!
 Y'all didn't think I would let an event slip by without a Mama/Fitz selfie, did you?
We had a great time together!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My First Event!

I'm a shopper.  I love all shopping events...especially those arts and crafts shows where you go all around to the different booths and see what all the vendors have to offer.  One of my favorites is Christmas Village, which is in Birmingham in  just a couple of weeks.  This past weekend, we had our own miniature version where I live, and for the first time ever, I was a vendor at the event!
A few of the girls on my Younique team and I had a booth with our mascara!  Look how pretty it was:
 Fitz hung out with me for a little while before I took him home for a nap...he wasn't too impressed:
Most of us wore one eye with our 3d fiber lash mascara, and one eye with regular mascara so people could get the full effect.  It worked!  Nearly everyone who tried it on, ended up buying from us!

 The event was Saturday and Sunday, so Uncle Zac babysat on Sunday afternoon.  When we got home, John surprised us with a fire pit that he built while we were gone!
 So pretty, right??
 I'm thinking we will be spending lots of chilly nights in the backyard this fall and winter!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014

Our local Pumpkin Patch did not open this year, so we took an adventure to another one on Saturday, at Old Baker Farm.  We checked out the animals in the barn first, and Fitz had to try out a stall for himself:
 His report?  "It's yucky."
When I told him we were going to a pumpkin patch, he said he wanted to jump.  He meant in an inflatable, like he did last year, which surprised me that he remembered that!  They didn't have those at this pumpkin patch, but they had a trailer full of cotton to jump in...?!?  We told him he could jump in there, and he scrambled right up into in, jumped one time and yelled at me and Tootsie:  "Get me out of here! I not like it!"
 He also said he wanted to ride a train...thank goodness they had one of those!

 It was the perfect bumpy ride for Fitz, he loved it!
 While we were driving to the Pumpkin Patch, and he said he wanted to ride a train, I told him I didn't know if they had one, but I knew they had a hay ride we could ride on to go pick pumpkins.  He said, "No hay ride!  Train!"  So, when we got to the hay ride after the train, we told him it was a wagon.  He was happy with that, and said over and over, even while we were sitting on the hay, "Not a hay ride, a WAGON."  He was particularly impressed when the tractors tires got "yucky" in the mud holes on our ride.
We saw a gorgeous field of sunflowers when we got off the non-hayride, and wanted to get some pics of Fitz in the flowers.  This is what he was impressed with:

Whew, goodness it was hot out there!  When will I ever learn to buy him a short sleeved pumpkin patch shirt?  We had to roll our sleeves up to get into the pumpkin picking!

 After picking for quite a while, he settled on a small white pumpkin, and he is so proud of it!  We made our way back to the wagon pick-up, and ran into an old friend of mine from high school!  We were so happy to see each other and had to get a picture, of course.  The kids?  Not so happy, ha!

 It was Western day at Old Baker Farm, so there were plenty of cowboys milling around.  Fitz was really checking them out.
They have staged "shoot-outs" every hour or so, so we sat down to watch on the street.

He didn't like how loud the guns were, but he apparently liked the idea of a shootout because he's talked about it ever since.  Uncle Zac brought him his own cap gun on Sunday, so now he wants to have shootouts with all of us, all the time!
Y'all know I can't resist a good comparison pic, so here he is through the years:
In case you want to check out our adventures from years past, here ya go:
Pumpkin Patch 2013
Pumpkin Patch 2012
Pumpkin Patch 2011
Our friends couldn't join us this year because of Strep Throat, so you may see another visit for 2014 when Mary Eloise feels better!
I could not believe the difference from baby to little boy in just one year.  This is last year on the left and this year on the right!! 
While we were hunting down pumpkins, Daddy was on a little trip with his Army buddies from years ago.  One of his friends took this pic and it is my new favorite.  How handsome is MY husband??