Monday, July 28, 2014

Mickey Mouse and Setting Up House

Our weekend could not have been more different from last weekend!  No moving this weekend means it was automatically better than the last weekend, ha!
Friday night, John grilled some yummy steaks for us and we just hung out at home.  Of course, we had to venture out into the heat to play a little baseball after dinner, because that's our new favorite thing to do!  I felt like it was a perfect night, with John grilling outside, me cooking potatoes inside and Fitz running around inside and out.  Then hanging out in our new backyard together after dinner, Fitz running and John throwing him the was a blessing for sure!
Saturday morning, we went to our friend Abby's birthday party.  When I told Fitz we were going to a birthday party, he started jumping up and down.  He thinks all parties come with bounce houses!  Thank goodness there was one at the party, and a Mickey one at that!  He kept pointing and saying, "That's quack quack!!"

 He jumped about 15 minutes and then got out and said, "I hot!"  Amen buddy, me too!
 We had hot dogs and chips, multiple Capri Sun drinks, and cake, of course!  We had a great time visiting and playing with friends...and then it was the perfect time for a nap after all that jumping and playing.
While Fitz was napping, I set up a few more areas of the house, like our entryway:
And of course, when he woke up, we had to go outside and play baseball!  His favorite movie right now is The Sandlot.  We watch it twice a day.  His favorite parts are when the little boy hits his mom in the head with a marble, and when the step-dad hits the kid in the eye with the ball.  He goes all around hitting his eye with a tennis ball, and slapping my forehead, and tells us all about it.  Friday night, he kept telling John to hit him in the eye with the ball.  John was like, please quit saying that, and don't go out in public and tell people I hit you in the eye!  Haha!!  He also loves the cannonball, and re-enacts it as well, and the scene where the one kid says, "You play ball like a GIRL!"  He may not get all the words exactly right, but he yells it just like they do.  Hilarious.
He likes to hit the ball with the bat (on the ground like a golf ball) and then "run the bases" and "slide".  When he slides, he says he got his pants dirty and gets really excited about it?!?  He landed like this in front of me one time and it was too cute not to get a few pics:

I did not tell him to put his hand on his cheek.  That was all him!  Ham!
 After I bathed him and put him to bed (John was at work), I to decided to try out our jetted tub for the first time...ahhhhh.
How was your weekend?

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Mascara Lover!

I know I've told y'all, probably more than once, how much I love mascara, and how I will try any new one I see, just to see if I get big pretty lashes from it.  Well, now I've tried the best one of all! 
After I posted one of my Mary Kay pics on Instagram, when I reviewed the product for Influenster, a girl I didn't know "liked" my picture and started following me.  I checked her page out, and found out she sells 3D fiber lash mascara by Younique.  Have you heard of it?  I had not heard about it, but of course, me being me, I ordered some to try, after seeing pics like this:
 This was my first day trying it out:
 and the next day:
 and the next.
 As you can see, I'm a little obsessed.  I decided to have an online party so everyone could buy this stuff and earn me freebies and half priced items...
 and then signed up to be a "presenter" so I could get the whole presenter's kit.  It was $99, and the girl said if I have like one party, I can earn that back, so I figured it was worth a shot.
They don't just have mascara, they have tons of other makeup, like their pigments...
 which I've been experimenting with as well:

Here's a little more about the mascara:
I promise I'm not going to become one of those cult-like direct sales people who constantly hounds you to buy this product, but if you like mascara like I do, and want to try it out, you can order some for yourself here.  I love it, and have used it everyday since I got mine in the mail.  I've finally found that perfect mascara!
And if you decide you love it and want to have a virtual party for yourself, where all you have to do is invite people, shoot me an email or leave a comment here.  It's much better than those parties where you have to clean the house, provide food and drinks for everyone and clean up after them.  All you have to do is invite people, I'll do the rest.
Or, if you want $400 worth of makeup for $99, which you can earn back in a week (I earned double that amount by having two parties online within a week), then you can click here!
For the month of JULY only, you can get the presenter's kit with no shipping!

I promise, I won't post about it again, unless someone wants me to!  I wouldn't post if I didn't love it myself. :)

Friday, July 25, 2014

New Adventures!

Starting about a month before we moved, Fitz's new thing was to throw the "ball outside" every evening.  We had to do it every single night.  Since the big move, he has wanted to drive his "shruck" (truck, aka, his jeep) every evening when we get home.  It's much easier to get out for him to ride now, so I usually oblige.
 He changed it up the other night and wanted to throw the ball outside at the new house, but when we got outside, we saw our pretty little neighbor driving her pink car up the street, so we quickly changed plans and got the shruck out!
Can't you just imagine that he pulled up next to her and in his best Joey voice, said, "How YOU doin'?"

 She wanted to drive the Jeep, and of course, he said yes!
 I foresee lots of fun for these two in the future.  She's 4 1/2, and cute as can be.  And I had a blast talking to her mom while they played!  New friends all around!
Here's a view of our new house:
We love the view from our back deck, too.  It makes us feel like we are out in the country in our own little world, even though we're really a second from town.  Look at this sunrise I caught one morning:


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Movin' and Groovin'

So, way back on about May 14, we found a new house we were interested in buying.  The last house I bought was NINE years ago, when I was employed by someone else and single, and before Obama was President.  Apparently, it's a lot different when you're self-employed, married and Obama is President.  Here's our timeline:
May 14 - found the house and looked at it with the listing real estate agent.
May 16 - spoke with a fabulous mortgage guy to get pre-approved for the loan, and met with our friend who is also a real estate agent, and signed a contract on the house, with an approximate closing date of June 27, which, at the time, seemed like such a long time to wait.  "What are we waiting for?" I thought.
Listed our house on FB sales and trading sites for sale or rent.
May 19 - found out the builder signed our contract and agreed to all terms.
May 20 - almost had to break up the first fight between my mortgage guy and my accountant re: taxes.
May 22 - sent TONS of paperwork to the mortgage guy, proving all sorts of stuff.
May 31 - had Fitz's birthday party...nothing to do with the house, just remembering :)
June 3 - sent tons more paperwork to the mortgage guy.
June 9-16 - finalized tons of details, and emailed multiple times with the mortgage guy.
June 18-22 - had a fabulous time in NYC, still planning to close on June 27.  Not a dern thing packed at the house.

June 23 - found out something had been miscommunicated between mortgage guy and accountant, and pitched a pretty good fit about it.  Found out we would not, in fact, be closing on June 27.  Thank God I hadn't started packing, right?  It could be 6 to 8 to 12 weeks before we can close.
June 24 - found out it will most likely be only about two more weeks before we close, and we aim for a new closing date of July 15.  Now I realize why they need so much time in between signing the contract and closing!
July 1 - mortgage guy needs ONE MORE paper before he can send it all to underwriting.
July 7 - we have the tax info needed!  Still need that ONE MORE paper.
July 9 - he gets the ONE MORE paper and sends it all to underwriting.
July 11 - we are CLEARED TO CLOSE, scheduled for Monday morning!
July 17 - found a renter for our house who paid a year's rent in advance!
Are you worn out already?  We sure were.  But, the whole time, I told John, I have been praying for a couple of years that when the right house came along, that it would be in God's timing, according to His plan, and there is a reason for all this particular timing.  It worked out great.  We found a great tenant for the other house.  We had all week to pack (although I waited until Thursday anyway).  We had the whole weekend to move.  Perfect!!
So, most of the day last Friday, I packed the house, and again that night, and more on Saturday morning.  Tootsie came to get Fitz and Fancie to keep them for us while we moved and the movers arrived Saturday morning.  Two scrawny little guys who looked like they couldn't pick up a stick, let alone furniture, but whatever.  I wasn't terribly impressed with them, and they put a hole in one door, but they did get the furniture moved, so whatever. (Two whatevers in as many sentences...that should tell you how I felt about them)
My best friend, Heather (Aunt Heddy) came and helped us and I'm so glad because even with her, by the time the afternoon rolled around, we were exhausted!  Mom brought Fitz down to see the house and visit that afternoon and took him back to spend the night with her so we could keep working.  We worked all day and that night until about 8 and then just crashed!  Sunday morning I got up bright and early and started putting the kitchen together.  It looked like this for a while:
but it finally came together and now it looks like this:

Fitz was really excited to see his new big boy bed:

and I was SUPER excited to see my closet all put together.  As you walk in the door, this is the left side of the closet:
 and then sweeping your eyes to the right...
and to the right of the closet door:

I love shoes, ok?  I know there are a lot.  There's a row on the bottom that you can't see, along with a basket of flip-flops and flat sandals (thank you Pinterest)...and I don't care what you think.  I NEED every pair.  I love how they look all pretty on the shelves, too.  Don't worry, John has his own closet, which is why I get this big pretty one all to myself.
I haven't really taken any more pics of the house because it's not all put together yet, but I'll share as it comes along.  We haven't hung anything on the walls yet, but it will happen soon, I'm sure. 
We love all of it.  Every room.  We love the huge yard and that everything is NEW.  Fitz has done great in his new room and big boy bed and we are so excited to start this new adventure!  And now you understand why I haven't posted much in the past week, too.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pool Boy!

This sweet boy and I spent Saturday afternoon at Aunt Heddy's pool! 
Aunt Heddy tried to get him to jump to her from the side of the pool.  He finally did it and loved it!  He went from this:

To this, in the space of about an hour:
Got to sign this boy up for swimming lessons!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

3 Year Checkup!

32 lbs and 37 inches tall puts him in the 50th percentile for height and weight, and for the first time, I didn't have to hold him on the scale or up against the wall to get measurements!  He's growing up and getting so big!  He didn't even fuss when they took his blood pressure, and he always hates that.
The doctor said everything else looks great!
We shopped around afterwards and spent a gift card he had from his birthday.  Of course, he picked a red car with plenty of lights and sounds!

It's hard to believe he is 3 already and no longer a baby! 
I love every new stage in his life, and everything he is learning every day!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Independence Day!

By now, y'all should know that we have a family reunion every year around the 4th of July...the first Saturday of July, to be exact.  This year, Tootsie, Fitz, Uncle Zac and I drove over to Mississippi on Friday so we could see our sweet Grandmama and have a surprise 60th birthday party for my Aunt Bonnie!
When we got to Grandmama's home, Bonnie and another aunt of mine, Nedo, were playing the piano and flute, and singing old hymns to entertain Grandmama.  She was tapping along with the songs sometimes, sewing with her empty hands sometimes, and just grinning.  She worked in a sewing factory 40+ years ago, and for some reason, she goes back to that in her mind and her hands get to working!  We asked if she was enjoying the music and she grinned and said, "NO"!  Ha!  Of course, in typical Ali-fashion, I had to get a selfie with her:
I said, "Look at the phone Grandmama," and she said alright, but she didn't know what I was talking about.  I did get her laughing though!
We took a group shot of my mom with all of her sisters and Grandmama, and me being the talented photographer that I am, I got them all laughing!
Aunt Shelley, Aunt Bonnie, Aunt Nedo, and my mom...Grandmama in the front of course.
 We cooked out burgers, hot dogs and all the fixings for Aunt Bonnie's birthday later that night, and she was surprised for sure!  Look how pretty that cake is!  It was delicious with homemade ice cream :)
Cousin Glenn taught Fitz how to hang out in the country after the party... 
 and we got to our hotel just in time to see a gorgeous sunset:
 I tried to get a pic of Fitz in his cute Independence Day pajamas, but this was the best I could get.
He loves his socks pulled up like that for bedtime, just like a little old man!
We had fun visiting with family and eating at the reunion on Saturday, like we do every year, and of course, had to take some selfies with my two best girls, Brianne and Everly!

 We take group family shots each year, and usually our family is the largest, but we were pretty small this year.
 The older folks had the idea to take generational photos this year, too.  So, first Aunt Mamie and Uncle Grady took a photo, as the oldest in the family.  Then their children took a photo, along with the rest of the "first cousins," which includes my mom and her siblings, and then a "second cousins" photo, which was me and my first cousins, and then a "third cousins" photo which is Fitz, and the other great-grands of the original family.  Look how small their group is:

Fitz had a great time exploring and playing with Uncle Zac, as usual!
And how cute is Miss Everly in her patriotic outfit??
I love it that our big extended family still gets together every year, and I hope it continues until the next generation so we can take a "fourth cousins" photo one day!
In case you were wondering how we've all changed through the years, you can check out the other family reunion posts here:
(tricked you on 2011...we didn't make it that year since Fitz had just been born!)
We hope your Independence Day was full of good food and family, too!