Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Perfect Combination

 I mentioned yesterday that Fitz and I made a pound cake for John's (40th!) birthday.  John's birthday was yesterday, but we acted like it was on Saturday since he was off that day.  What goes great with pound cake?  Strawberries, of course!
Saturday morning, Fitz and I left early to meet Tootsie and Mrs. Pam at the Strawberry Festival in a nearby town.  Mrs. Pam's son, Seth, works for that city and helps organize the festival, and this year, for the first time, they had a 5k to go along with it.  Mrs. Pam and I were the only ones from our group who were able to participate in this one.  Here we are before the race:
 The guy in charge of the 5k told us all about how flat the course was before we got started, and how we should PR (get a personal record) in this 5k because this route is so awesome.  Well, he was right, it was a flat course...but it's pretty difficult to get a PR when a flippin' train stops you halfway through the race!  After the midway, turn around point, this is what I saw:
 I was so mad!  I had been having a great run until that point!  I was so disgusted that I didn't even think to turn off my Run Keeper, or at least pause it, I just let it keep going!  So, my time should be at least 3 minutes lower than this:
I know there are bound to be hiccups with a first time race, but I've never had to deal with crossing live train tracks before!  Anyway, here we are post-race, after we crossed the finish line together:
 How about Mrs. Pam got 1st place for her age division?!?  Yay!
Of course, we had to pose with some strawberries, too.
We looked for Tootsie and Fitz after the race, and heard them before we saw them!  They were in the petting zoo area, inside the fence with a pig, goat, ducks, chickens and a rabbit!  Both of them squealing and giggling!
 The goat was chasing the other animals, and Mom was trying to stay between the goat and Fitz, so they were in the middle with the other animals running around them, and Fitz thought it was hysterical.  Tootsie?  Not so much.  We didn't think we would ever get Fitz out of the animal pen, but he finally gave in and went to jump!

Then we took a break and listened to some music, which Fitz loved!  He loves any type of live music!
It sounds like we stayed all day, but since we got there so early, we were gone by about 10:30...home for lunch with the pretend birthday boy, and then had some pound cake with strawberries and cool whip for dessert!
John's mom made the best pound cake ever, and I'm so thankful that she shared the recipe with me (and bought me the proper pan!) before she died, so I can continue to make it for John and his dad, Greg.  I think this one turned out pretty perfectly, if I do say so myself.
We all 3 took a nap after lunch, then met Greg for John's birthday dinner, and had some more pound cake and strawberries when we got home!  It was a great family Saturday, full of perfect combinations!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Just Fitz

I can't even imagine how boring our lives were before this child arrived.  He is up to something, or doing something funny nearly all the time.  He gets his way most of the time, and is spoiled everywhere he goes:  at home, school, Mrs. Britney's house, and especially with Tootsie and Uncle Zac.
Tootsie sent me this picture the other day when she was babysitting...she said it looks like a little man sitting outside drinking his beer, ha!  (It's Diet Coke...provided by Tootsie)
 When I got home that day, he wanted to ride his Jeep.  He's much better at driving it now and I love that he looks just like his Daddy cruising around with the top down.
 He had to have his bike, too, of course, so we propped it up like the big boys do, right on his Jeep!
 He loves to be outside, as he always has, and he also loves to help with chores (which I hope continues).  He likes to sit on the dryer while I load the washing machine, and wants me to hand him items to throw in.  He likes to pour in the detergent himself.  He helps me unload the dishwasher, and loves to do the silverware himself.  He likes to use his own Swiffer when I'm using mine, and "help" me Swiffer the floors.  He loves to water the plants with me, and check on them to see if anything new is growing.  He'll do most anything if it's outside and he's helping.  Here he is helping Tootsie last week at her house:
 And back to being's what he and Uncle Zac did outside that day...
Just randomly spraying water all over the driveway.  Anything goes with Tootsie and Uncle Zac...even jumping in puddles.
 And then just as quick, he's Mama's boy, wanting to be "way up in the sky" (his phrase for anything higher than he is, and when he wants to sit on the counter) to help me mix a pound cake for Daddy's birthday!
I know most of my posts involve Fitz in some way, but this one shows just who he is...a funny, rugged, sweet, outdoor boy!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

One More Easter Post!

 Other than the Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, we had a pretty relaxing weekend.  Both Saturday and Sunday, we stayed outside until about 7:00-7:15, just hanging out together in the backyard...laying in the hammock, riding toys, and just chilling out together.
Saturday night, we "planted" jelly beans outside, to see if anything would happen to them overnight for Easter.  Fitz helped me plant them.
and ate a couple right out of the dirt, too.
Sunday morning, there were no more jelly beans, and suckers had popped up in their place!  Regular Dum-Dums and also some suckers inside eggs!

 Fitz had a basket full of goodies, too.

 He got two new books, a frog umbrella, candy, suckers, and dinosaur eggs filled with jelly beans!

 When we got to church, he was excited to see another basket from Tootsie and Uncle Zac, too!

We had brunch at church, then headed home for family naptime!  Fitz slept for three hours, and didn't get up until I woke him up!  We had dinner not long after that, and then stayed outside until bedtime.  Perfect family weekend!
We had a great time celebrating the fact that we worship a LIVING God, and giving thanks for His resurrection, and we hope you did, too!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Annual Egg Hunt

 Saturday, we went to our friend Kristy and Skylar's church's annual egg hunt, as we usually do.  Kristy and I tricked Fitz into sitting in this little photo setup for about two seconds before he was up and moving again!  He quickly ran outside with the big kids, and when we came out, this is what we saw:
 Yes, that's Fitz climbing the hill with the bigger kids...and sliding back down!
 Skylar went up with him, and we finally got a picture of our two boys together for once!
 He liked having Skylar go down with him, although he didn't need any help!
They do a devotion time and puppet show, and then hide eggs while the kids eat lunch.  Fitz's plate has all of his favorites on it:  chips, dip and M&M's.

 He pointed for Kristy to get him a hot dog, although he's never had one before.  We told him to take a bite and he picked up the weenie, dipped it in the ketchup and took a bite...
 then placed it back into the the bun was the holder.  He did it the whole time he was eating it...hilarious.
 And then, it was finally time to hunt some eggs!  He was on the move as soon as we got outside...

 Picked up a few eggs, swatted this flower...
 then found a few more eggs...
 before he discovered this palm tree with sand.  And then the hunt was over for Fitz.
I had to shoot a quick video to show how much fun he was having!
 That child is pure boy.  100%.  I wouldn't have it any other way.
We had a great time and are so glad our friends invited us!