Monday, March 31, 2014

Thomas the "SHRAIN"!

Saturday afternoon, we met up with some friends at the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum, to take a ride on Thomas the Train (or Shrain, as Fitz says).
While we waited for our turn to ride, the kids got to jump:

and play with train tables:

 Fitz had been saying "ride the shrain" ever since I told him where we were going, so he was excited when it was finally time to get on the train!  Look at him checking it all out:

 Y'all know I tried to get a selfie...John is wondering what I'm doing, I'm looking at John and Fitz is still looking out the window, ha!
 He watched out the window pretty much the whole time and kept saying, "Mama!" and pointing to everything he saw...which was mostly trees, and a golf course.  Still exciting on the train!
 I tried one more time to get a pic of the three of us before we left...can you tell it was a little windy that day??
We had a great time with our friends, and we are so glad Daddy was off work to ride the train with us!  Fitz has talked about it since that day.  He told everyone at church yesterday, and that was the first thing he told Ms. Britney when we got to her house today!  Here's what he says:
"Ride the shrain!  Gunlock ride shrain, too!  Da-da, too.  Mama ride shrain, too!"  Love it!

Friday, March 28, 2014

5 on Friday!

I just realized I haven't posted on the blog all week long!  How about a little 5 on Friday to kick off the weekend?
1.  I know I haven't done another fitness update lately, and I do plan to.  I'm still doing pretty well with my T-25 workouts, and eating well.  My birthday and being sick through me off a bit, but I'm still working on it.  I saw a new meal idea earlier this week on FB, and tried it for myself with a little variation, one night for dinner.  When John works nights, I don't usually eat a huge dinner because I don't want to cook just for me, so this was perfect, with Greek yogurt for dessert:
Apples, banana, kiwi, walnuts and almonds drizzled with honey.  I should have sliced the almonds because I almost broke a tooth trying to chew them whole, but other than that, this was delicious!  It doesn't take very much honey since the fruit is already sweet, but that gives it an extra kick that makes it really good.  Believe it or not, that was just one apple, one banana and one kiwi, and it filled the bowl up so I felt like I ate a lot even though it was just 3 pieces of fruit. Score!
2.  Spring Break - is it spring break where you are?  If you're like me, as an adult, you don't really think about spring break since, um, we don't get one, ha!  But, now that Fitz is in preschool, and they follow the school schedule, he is on spring break this week!  There hasn't been much different in his week though, other than not going to school.  He still went to Ms. Britney's house the first part of the week, and stayed with Tootsie yesterday and today.  We did get his bicycle out and play with our sweet neighbor when we got home one day this week though.  Anytime he sees Chloe on her bike, he tells me to get "Gunlock's" down, too.

3.  Yes, he still calls himself Gunlock.  And he does it in the third person, A LOT.  Is this normal?  If I say, "It's time to take a nap, Fitz!  Mama is going to take one, too."  (Just an example, hahaha).  He says back to me, "Gunlock night night.   Mama night night, too!"  Or he might say "That's not Gunlock's," instead of saying, "That's not mine."  Do all toddlers go through that stage?
Also, he's learning new words every single day and talking more and more!  The other day when I picked him up from Ms. Britney's house, the kids were jumping on the trampoline.  He started jumping at me, and letting the net catch him.  The static electricity got me one time and I said, "You shocked me!"  He replied immediately, "I shock mama!"  Never said that before, and also used the correct pronoun instead of the third person.  Maybe he's learning.
4.  Another new word for Fitz?  Train.  He says it like, "Shrain!" With lots of emphasis on the n at the end.  See?

He's been saying it a lot this week.  On Sunday, I ordered tickets for us to ride Thomas the "SHRAIN" this weekend with some friends of ours, and I made the mistake of telling Fitz we were going to ride a train.  He thought I meant right then.  He said, "Bye bye Daddy! Ride the shrain!"  Like we were leaving right then?  I was planning to leave shortly to go get us some dinner anyway, so I took him with me and prayed we would find a train.  God answered.  A train was stuck on the tracks that run through the middle of our town.  Do you hear me?  Stuck.  We could see it at every intersection.  Praise Jesus!  We stopped and watched it for a while, which is when I recorded him saying for it to move, above.  Thankfully, that satisfied him and we haven't mentioned it since.  I'm hoping he will be so excited tomorrow!!

5.  My mom kept Fitz yesterday, and after she left, I was eating dinner (chicken, with my fruit bowl for dessert!), and I heard Fitz singing.  I looked behind the couch and he was playing his Mickey Mouse piano book and singing along.  SO sweet.  Then he saw me watching, and came and sat where I could see him.  Love this baby!
See his shirt? TRAIN.
  So, that's it.  My 5 on Friday!  What are you doing this weekend?? Anything fun?

Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend Review

We had such a nice, relaxing weekend at home!  John was off work all weekend, and we had the best time just hanging out together.
I went for a run Saturday morning while John and Fitz played and watched car shows together.

Then, Fitz and I ran a few errands around town and met up with a new friend at the playground for a little while.  My friend Amanda and her husband have been struggling with fertility issues for several years, and have recently begun checking out adoption.  They are temporarily fostering a little girl right now and praying about adopting her.  I won't post any pics of them right now, to preserve the little girl's privacy, but please join me in praying for wisdom for them about this situation!
Here's Fitz having fun at the playground, though:

He was saying, "Mama!  I'm way up in the sky!!"
We had fun playing a while, and then he just wanted to sit on the picnic table bench and watch the other kids.  A people watcher, just like his Mama and Daddy!  After we left, we picked up some lunch for us, and headed home for lunch and naptime with daddy.  When I asked Fitz if he was ready for his nap, he climbed up in the recliner with all of his friends and pretended to sleep: 

He sleeps with all of them every night.  Three puppy dogs, bunny and a "roar"...dinosaur.
After nap, I tried my hand at a new meal for friend Heather's amazing stuffed shells.  Oh wow, they were so good!!  Fitz took a bite and said, "Mmmmm!"  He ate a whole plate!

 Then we just hung out the rest of the night and played.  When Fitz saw John on the computer, he grabbed his laptop, and had to be just like Daddy!
After church on Sunday, we took more naps and spent the day as it was intended - for rest and relaxation.
How was your weekend?

Friday, March 21, 2014

5 on Friday

1.  I'm thinking of a new look for my hair...ombre.  When I first saw this look on my friend, Guiliana Rancic (I tell John all the time that she is my friend.  Don't you love her?), I thought it just looked like, "Girl, when are you getting those roots done?!?"  But the more I see it, the more I like it.  I want a gradual color change with just slightly darker at the top and really blonde at the bottom.  Opinions?  Excuse the quality of these photos, but I took a picture of my iPad screen to get them, ha!

 2.  Remember those two pairs of cute shoes I got for my birthday?  Well, Heather got me a new pair of shoes, too!  Check out these cute boots:

Pink freaking boots.  Need I say more?

3.  I took Fitz to the dentist on Wednesday.  He did much better this time than last time...I only had to hold him down while the hygienist cleaned his teeth, but he did not scream the whole time, only cried a bit.  When the dentist came in, I had to lay him down, but he stayed without me laying on top of him.  Progress people.  Progress.  He was plenty happy in the waiting room before we went in, though.

The dentist said he has all of his teeth (yay for no more teething!), and that everything looks great!  Woohoo!!

4.  While we're on the subject of Fitz...let's talk about his transformation.  I took THE most adorable picture of him playing outside Sunday afternoon:
and it made me think how far he has come since he was born.  Look!
A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.  Love, love, love this baby!

5.  I took myself to the dentist yesterday, and got a good report for me, too!  Yes, I was worried.  I have thousands of dollars worth of dental work in my mouth and I'm always so scared of what she will find in there, which will cause the next round of work to be done!  She said this makes two visits in a row with no issues, and I told her we are going for three!  Ha!  You have to love a funny dentist, who has worked on your mouth for 20 years.
After the dentist, I met Heather for lunch!  We never get to do that since we work about 45 minutes apart from each other, and it was FUN.  Love her!
Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Art Show Winner!

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Fitz's preschool?  I have?  Oh well, here it is again:  I LOVE Fitz's preschool! 
Last night, they had an "Art Show".  I wasn't sure exactly how it would be, but they set up displays in the church's gym, for each classroom, so you could walk through and see all of the amazing art work the children have done this year.  It was really fun!
We found Fitz's class area, and this was the first project I saw:
 I got closer and realized the medal hanging from the picture said "WINNER!"  I was so excited!  I looked at the teacher and said, "He won?"  She said, "Yes! We loved his marble painting!"  I'm telling y'all right now, I almost burst with pride!  It will be framed, for sure!
 Uncle Zac and Tootsie ate dinner with us at our house before the Art Show, and Fitz was not happy when we left to go to the show, so he didn't really care to participate in posing next to his winning project...but I did manage to get him in one picture:
 I had no idea there would be so many projects, but those kids are busy in that 3 hour school period!

 Last week, the calendar said "Tye Dyed T-shirts," and I wondered if we needed to provide one.  Nope!

Those teachers put SO much time into this event, and into each project they do with these children, and I am just so thankful for them! 
I love the themes of each project.  The Hungry Caterpillar:
 I've always liked penguins, so this next one was one of my favorites:
Look how cute this is:

 John's mom was very artistic with needlepoint projects, and his Aunt Donna is an artist, who does beautiful work, and John is a talented artist as well, so clearly, Fitz gets all of his artistic genius from his Daddy's side of the family, and I just love it!  Proud Mama right here.

Monday, March 17, 2014

"Mickey's" Music Festival

 Fitz has never been to the circus, or a movie in the theater, or anything really, where I have to buy him a ticket, other than the zoo...that is, until Saturday.  Months ago, our friend Margie bought tickets for me, Fitz, Tootsie, Margie and her grandson, Garner, to go to Mickey's Music Festival.  By the date of the concert, Margie had made other plans to go out of town, and Tootsie had made plans to go to the beach!  That left me and Fitz with an extra ticket to the show!  I asked on FB if anyone wanted to go, and my friend Lacey from high school said she and her son, Collin would go with us.  I told her to just buy an extra cheap ticket anywhere, and one of the kids could sit in our lap, so we could all sit together.  Collin is the same age as Fitz, and they had a blast together!
The show was at 11:00, which to me, is an odd time for a children's show: right before lunch and naptime?!?  Anyway, we got there a few minutes early, and Fitz was very excited to see that they had nachos at the concession counter!  We got a snack and he was good to go!
 Our seats were on the front row of the second tier, which was perfect for the little guys to stand up and see the show!

You know I had to attempt a Mommy/Fitz selfie...and his face can tell you what he thought about it:

 This was my first experience with the outrageous prices at these events...and I must admit, folks are NOT exaggerating about the prices!  Almost as soon as we sat down, Fitz and Collin saw other kids with these dang spinning toys and swords, and wanted one themselves.  Lacey and Collin went to buy them for us, and I gave her a $20 bill, thinking that would cover it for sure.  Um, wrong.  $22 for that toy!  I almost had a heart attack with Fitz dangled it over the edge of the balcony in front of us!  Do not drop that toy!  Thankfully, he loved it too much to let it go!
Of course, vendors were carting around cotton candy and some type of drink in a plastic cup with a straw, but Fitz and Collin were happy with their sprite, popcorn and nachos, so we escaped that cost.  A lady behind me asked how much the drink was, and what it was:  lemonade. $12.  Yes, $12!  Crazy!!
Anyway, back to the toys...Collin chose a sword at first, and he and Fitz did a great job of switching so they could each play with both toys...but then Collin decided the spinning thing was better, so he swapped his out at intermission.  We did our best to get a pic of the kids together, but with two 2 year old boys, that's not an easy task.

 Both of the boys were super excited when Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy came out on the stage!  They opened the show, with some dancing teenagers and got the crowd going!  I thought the whole show would be Mickey, since it IS called "Mickey's Music Festival," but they did one song and then introduced the Genie from Aladdin, and they did a scene from Aladdin next.  I was excited because I LOVE Aladdin, but the boys were a little disappointed and both wanted to know where Mickey was, ha!

The second scene was from the Little Mermaid, which we recently watched and Fitz was mildly interested in Ursula (why does my child always like the villain??), but still wanted to know where Mickey was.  Thank goodness, Mickey and friends came out again for another song before intermission, which held the boys over for a while.
The last scene of the play was from Toy Story, and again, I thought it was really cute, especially the army men!
I think if Fitz watched more Disney movies he would have liked the whole show more, but he did have so much fun, and was SO excited to see Mickey, when he was on stage!  I definitely see Disney World in our future!  Thanks for going with us, Lacey and Collin!!