Friday, January 31, 2014

Our Snowpocalypse Adventure

Unless you live under a rock, you know by now that we have had a major winter storm in the southeastern part of the United States.  Yes, we were warned.  For days, the meteorologists showed us forecasts for a few inches of snow.  The problem was, all of the radar showed the snow starting where we live, and in a line south of our small city, which is about 50 miles south of Birmingham.  However, the line should have been moved about 100 miles north of us!
It started sleeting about 8:30 Tuesday morning, in our city.  I felt it crunching under my feet as I walked Fitz across the street to school.  The school system was already planning to close at noon and quickly decided to close at 10.  I called the preschool and they said they were staying open until 11:30.  Ok, good to go.  I had a hair appointment at 10:30 and Uncle Zac was picking Fitz up from school, so that was fine.  John was at school in Birmingham.
My hair stylist texted me to see if I could come to her house (a few miles north of where I live) to get my hair done, and we decided I would do that.  Meanwhile, Uncle Zac decided to leave early to head down here to get Fitz.  I got to Amy's house and she trimmed my hair first.  By the time she was done trimming it, Uncle Zac was stuck about 20 miles north of us and could not drive anywhere without sliding and the preschool was calling parents to come get kids, and John texted to let me know he was coming home because his school was cancelled for the day!  I told Amy we would have to do my color another day and ran out to get my baby!  Kristy (my assistant) had picked him up from school and he was hanging out with Angie's girls downstairs, having a blast:
They seriously wanted to take him home with them!  Ha! I started sliding on the road, along with everyone else, and really wondered if I would be able to get to Fitz.  This was my view on a hill at one point:
 I finally got to the office, strapped him in and hit the road!  He was pretty fascinated with the snow, and kept pointing and saying, "outside!!"

 I tried to get him to take a nap before we went out to play in it, but that didn't happen (more on that tomorrow), so we bundled up and went out to see what the fuss was all about.
He was NOT impressed, and only ventured out this far, before going back inside:
 He wouldn't even smile for a selfie with his Mama!
 John texted me photos and updates of the crazy situation on the interstate all day long:
A drive that usually takes him 45-60 minutes, took him 5 hours on Tuesday!  He finally made it home around 3:30, and we were so glad to see him!
Wednesday, Fitz was a little more adventurous in the snow, but refused to wear a hat or gloves...

 We didn't stay outside long before we headed back in to eat some of Daddy's chili for lunch, and then settle in to snuggle the rest of the day.
He refused to take off his jackets or boots, but instead preferred to line his cars up to snuggle on the couch, all bundled up.
A couple of shots of how deep it was at our house, and the view from our driveway...

We pretty much stayed piled up together the rest of the day on Wednesday, and were so thankful to be all together all day long!
How was Snowpocalypse 2014 for your family??

Thursday, January 30, 2014


 You may remember last year when we ran the Krispy Kreme Doughnut Dash.  Our group has grown since last year, although we also had some new runners in our group this year, and some that didn't run with us this year.  Above is Ninny (Mrs. Paula), Cheryl, Lori, Denise, Mrs. Pam, Amy, Marissa, Me, Heather and Terri.
This was Amy's first race, and she did awesome!

 I tried to get a good pic of the starting line, but this was the best I could do:
It was SO freaking cold out there!  I think my feet were frozen for the whole first mile.  In fact, I ran the first mile in 11:37, and the second mile in 10:46!  I think it took that long for me to thaw out!!  I had on a long sleeved t-shirt, a running hoodie, a sweatshirt hoodie, head wrap, two pairs of tights and running shorts and I was still FREEZING. 

I'll be honest and tell you that I absolutely hate the next photo.  I hate the way I look.  I feel like a big blob with shorts on.  Denise took it as I was crossing the finish line.  I'm glad she took it because now I have a goal of what I DO NOT want to look like as I cross it next year.  That's the only reason I'm sharing it, as motivation for myself to do better.

 I was not as happy as I had hoped I would be with my time, but it's not terrible.  I did better last year, but I don't think it was a full 4 miles, and was over that this year.  Either way, it's not a horrible time, I just wish it was better :)
 I want to give a special shout out to Mrs. Pam for running the WHOLE 4 miles for the first time ever!  Way to go!!  I am so proud of her!
Funny side story - if you registered for the race as a "challenger," you were required to run 2 miles, eat 12 donuts, then run 2 miles back.  As a "casual runner," you had to run 2 miles, pick up your dozen and run back to the finish line.  This year, we parked near the halfway mark, where you picked up your donuts.  Every other person in my group, other than myself, dropped their donuts off on my car so they didn't have to carry them back.  That never even occurred to me?!? I ran 2 miles carrying the whole box.  Everyone had a pretty good laugh about that...I AM a blonde, you know, ha!!
It was tons of fun even though we were freezing, and I can't wait to improve before next year!

Monday, January 20, 2014

He Said, She Said

Fitz:  This weekend was so much fun!! I was confused at first, because Mama picked me up really early from Ms. Britney's house on Friday.  I didn't even get to take my nap!  We went home to see Daddy for a minute, then Tootsie came and we got right back in the car!  We drove so long that I finally took my nap in the car.  Then, we got out and ate supper with my Aunt Shelley and two other ladies that I don't know.  Mama let me sit in a chair all by myself, and didn't even make me sit in a high chair.  I ate some cheese dip, French fries and macaroni and cheese.  Then we got back in the car, and drove some more!  When we got out again, we went to a big gym looking place, and sat in the dark while people talked and moved around real funny in front of us.  It was kinda weird.  Then, we went to Aunt Shelley's house and I stayed up real late making everyone laugh!  Then, Mama read me my Llama Llama books and put my in the pack and play and I talked myself to sleep.  I didn't even cry because I was so tired!
 Me:  We took a quick road trip to Mississippi this weekend.  My cousin, Tessa (18), and her high school theater group were competing in the state theatre association competition on Friday night, and her younger sister, Olivia, was in a dance competition on Saturday.  When Mom first mentioned going, I really doubted Fitz would enjoy that, but I was totally wrong!  He was so good in the car on the way, ate dinner good once we got there (with Aunt Shelley and her two sisters-in-law), and barely made a peep during the 45 minute play Friday night.  I really wish I had taken photos during the play, because it was fascinating, but I didn't.  It was about a mad scientist type person who had created robotic dolls, who were now becoming human.  The actors and actresses were awesome and totally believable as dolls, with their movement and speech!  I'm not just saying that because my gorgeous cousin was doll #2, but because it's true.  They won 1st place in the competition, and will go on to Nationals next!  And, my cousin won 1st place in an individual competition, too!  After the play, we were waiting to see Tessa and another lady walked up and asked what Fitz's name was, so I told her.  She said, "Oh, and you have a blog, right?" My Aunt Nedo shares my blog posts with her friends on FB all the time, and this lady recognized us from it!  Ha!
We stayed at my Aunt Shelley's house, and Fitz did well there, too.  He went to bed on his own just like normal, slept good and woke up happy!
Fitz:  The next morning, we went to eat lunch at a fun place where you can shop and eat!  I played with the cars while we waited to eat lunch, and even found a red one!  Then I counted these little sticks on the table while we waited for our food!  I ate pancakes and chocolate milk and told Mama, "Mmmm!"  Mama sang our blessing that we sing at school before snack, and I even sang the first line with her and that made her and everyone else smile.

 Fitz:  After lunch, we went to another big gym and we stayed there ALL day long!  There were lots of pretty girls there dancing and kicking over and over again.  Sometimes they yelled out while they danced, and I yelled back at them!  Then, I saw my cousin, Olivia, and I clapped and yelled, "Yay!"

Front right, with the knee brace

Me:  Saturday morning, we all got ready and went to eat at Cracker Barrel before Olivia's dance competition.  I've never seen her dance in person, so I was looking forward to it.  I really thought I would have to take Fitz outside at some point and let him run around, but he sat there with us all day and enjoyed it!  He ate his snack, and played with his trucks in his bag, and watched the girls.  He would sit with me, then by Tootsie, then get down in front of us for a while, but never complained at all!

Fitz:  Those girls finally quit dancing, and I got to run back and forth across the big floor!  I ran all the way across, and up the bleachers to see Olivia!  I even gave her a kiss on the cheek.  Then I turned around and waved real big at Tootsie and the aunts!  I ran back and forth the whole time they gave out those big gold statues, and up and down the bleachers.  My mom stayed with me the whole time she was sweating when we left!
 Me:  By the time the competition was over, and it was time for awards, Fitz was ready to play!  Even with no nap, he could not contain himself any longer.  He busted out across the gym and straight up the other bleachers.  Thank goodness Olivia came out and caught him before I got to him!  He would go up the stairs at one place on the bleachers, then cross them and come down another row, over and over.  I stayed with him because I just knew he would fall down the whole set of stairs trying to do it on his own!  Olivia did so well during her routines, and made great facial expressions!  Again, I'm not just bragging on my pretty little cousin, the judges agreed!  Her school came in 1st place in every division, except for one and they got 2nd place in that one, as well as a special recognition award, too!  What talented family I have!
One of my favorite parts of the weekend was that my mom and all of her sisters were all hanging out together.  Here they are:
Aunt Nedo, Aunt Shelley, Mom (Tootsie) on the top, then Aunt Bonnie on the bottom

We had so much fun, and Fitz was so well behaved the whole time we were gone!  I couldn't be prouder of Tessa and Olivia and the young women they are becoming.  I'm so glad we decided to go, and we can't wait to see what they do next!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Manic Monday

It really hasn't been bad yet, but this post is a bit random manic, so there ya go.
A little bathtub fun with my favorite two year old...

 No, I didn't strategically place that washcloth there for privacy...he's been playing with his washcloth a lot lately and he just casually laid it there himself, ha!
Fitz and Uncle Zac built a fort the other day.  Fitz told Mom's dog to "get out!"  He wouldn't let Tootsie in there either.
 It was so pretty this weekend, and a bit warmer, so we got outside after our nap yesterday and did a little bike riding...
 and a little jeep sitting.  He won't push his foot all the way down on the gas pedal yet, but he's learning.  He does like sitting in his Jeep and listening to the radio, though.  See his cup in the cup holder?

 He loves drawing on this pad that Pappy got him for Christmas, and he likes for us to draw things for him, too.  This weekend, we worked on recognizing shapes, and then I got creative and drew our family.
Fitz got so excited when he saw it.  He kept pointing to us and saying, "Dat's Mama! Dat's Dada!"  Then he would erase it and tell me to draw us again.  And again.  And again.

Friday, January 10, 2014

5 on Friday!

How about a little 5 on Friday to kick off the weekend?
1.  I know most of my readers live in the Southeast, like I do, and we are totally unaccustomed to the freezing cold temperatures we've had this week!  Tuesday morning it was 9 degrees where we live.  Crazy!  Anyway, when John was in the Army, he lived in Kansas at Ft. Riley, where it gets cold and snows all the time.  He learned this trick there, and impressed us with it this week:
2.  John is ALWAYS telling me to watch for deer on the road.  Like, so much that when I drive at night in the winter time, I'm constantly looking to see if there are deer just waiting to jump out at me.  Earlier this week, I had to go to a city about an hour away from here for court.  The route is all back roads and of course, John warned me about deer on the road before I left that morning.  I've been to this area before, but this was a new building in an unfamiliar area, and I got lost when I left.  I didn't see any deer, but I did see some goats wandering around on the road?!?
3.  Heather and I had a little adventure this week, too.  I went with her to get Botox, which she got for Christmas.  Here she is making her before face:

I wish she could see herself through my eyes, so she would know how pretty she is without all that stuff, but if it makes her feel better, what's wrong with that?
4.  Fitz got his "progress report" from school yesterday, for his first "semester". It has tons of categories on it, where the teacher can mark "M" for "mastered" or "P" for "progressing."  I love that they tell us what all he is learning about in preschool!  In the comment section, the teacher said that although Fitz does not communicate verbally as much as some of the other children, his facial expressions make it VERY clear what his feelings are!  I was cracking up because that is Fitz exactly!!
We had to sign it and send it back to school, so they can do the same form in the Spring and we can see his progress.  I'm already looking forward to getting it!
5.  I'm making some changes for the new year, and trying so hard to eat well and exercise more, but I've not been very successful so far.  Prayers welcome in that area!
How's your week been?

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Last Christmas Celebration

We had our final Christmas celebration on Sunday night, with my Dad (Pappy) and Uncle Zac.
 I don't guess I've talked about it much, but my parents got divorced when I was 21 and Zac was 16.  My Dad got remarried, and now has a 4 year old son.  So, I have a brother who is 28, and one who is 4.  Anyway, Fitz had a blast playing with Bram and showing him all of his toys.  Bram seemed like he had a great time, too!  He particularly enjoyed the drums Fitz got for Christmas, so maybe someone will get him some, too!  Ha!
 Fitz was really excited about this drawing pad that Pappy gave him:
So excited that he wouldn't let anyone else draw on it, not even Uncle Zac! 
I'm kind of glad we couldn't do Christmas with them until after the start of the new year, because it drug it out a little bit longer and I love to drag out some Christmas!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

First post of the year?

So, it's January 8, and this is my first post of the year?? Sorry about that!  I'm always a little deflated after Christmas is over, a little sad that we have to wait a whole year to do it all again.  I love every bit of the Christmas season, and this one was really fun with Fitz...but I know next year will be even better, when he understands it all a little more.
Anyway, we didn't do much on New Year's Day, and then got back to work on January 2 and 3.  A lot of offices around here were closed until the 6th, but we don't make money unless we're open, so we were open...and surprisingly busy!
On Saturday, Fitz, Heddy and I went shopping at the outlet mall that is about an hour away from us.  We are trying to get ready for our NYC trip next month, so we were looking for deals!  I'm not sure why we think it's always necessary to document our shopping adventures with a picture, but we do, so here ya go:
 Fitz was SO good while we shopped.  When he got tired of riding in the stroller, he just got out and helped me push it.  I'm sure it looked funny to people walking towards us to see a stroller moving by itself, but as long as he was happy, it was ok with me!  We ate lunch in the food court, and Heddy sat with Fitz while I went to get our lunch.  When I came back to the table, this is what he was doing:
 watching Vine videos on Heather's phone...over and over.  He barely ate because he was so enthralled with the vines!  Anyway, we went to a few more stores after lunch, and then he was done with it.  He started fussing a little, but it's not his fault, it was nap time.  And we had been there about 4 hours at that point, so he really did well.  He slept nearly all the way home.
It was a fun way to start out the first weekend of the new year, and we can't wait to see what other adventures we find this year!