Tuesday, December 31, 2013


The annual yearly review!
In January, we played outside and ...
 Mommy discovered that she can run!
February brought learning about animal sounds and a quick road trip to Mississippi.
March started out with a fun play date...
more running, and some cute Easter photos!
In April, John and I went to VEGAS and had the best trip we've ever taken together!!
May included a quick beach trip, as well as more fun at the pool!
May was also the month we lost our sweet Grandama.  We know she's having the time of her life in Heaven, but we sure do miss her here on Earth.
June included a birthday for Fitz, a fun girly trip for Mama, and peach festivities for the whole family!
July always means the family reunion and other family fun, too!
In August, Fitz did a couple of posts, and we had his preschool orientation!
In September, we talked about changes and passed the two year mark since Fitz's first surgery! 
October was tons of fun with the County Fair, the Pumpkin Patch, and Boo at the Zoo! 
November meant a quick getaway for Daddy and Mama, as well as family photos, and relaxation.
December brought lots of Christmas fun!  Starting with a ride on the North Pole Express:
 Playtime with Da-da...
 and fun Christmas traditions.
Our year included family, fun, laughter, love and tragedy, but through it all, we've stuck together and leaned on each other, and become a closer family because of it.
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