Friday, November 22, 2013

Santa Photo 2013

Look how much my baby has grown!!  I just love these pictures!
 We tried to get him to look at Santa, but he was NOT having it.  All we could get was a side-eye glance.

 And in this last one, you can tell he is DONE with the photos, ha!
He liked looking at Santa from a distance, and didn't pitch a fit sitting in his lap this year, so I really think that by next year, he will understand that this guy brings the toys!

Since we took these photos, he has pointed at any photos we see of Santa and grinned and talked about it, so I know he remembers him.  I can't wait to see his face light up on Christmas morning when he sees what Santa brought him!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Not-So-Relaxing Sunday

 Oh sure, it started out that way.  Relaxing with Daddy and Bunny before church on Sunday, great way to start the day out, no doubt.  Then we went to church, then lunch with Pappy for his birthday, then home to nap...right?
Usually, Fitz is a great napper, and a great sleeper in general.  Sometimes on the weekends he doesn't want to nap, and that's fine.  Usually he just lays in his bed and talks to Bunny or sings.  On very rare occasions, he gets mad about it.  These occur usually when he has dirtied his diaper, and that  means he is NOT going to sleep.  I really wanted a good nap Sunday because we had scheduled milk and cookies and photos with Santa for that afternoon, and I wanted him to be in a good mood.  So, we got home and he hung out for a few minutes before I put him to bed.  I heard him talking and banging on the bed for a while, then just happened to look at the monitor and saw this:
He had already thrown out his pillow, blanket, Bunny and his other puppy that stays in his bed with him, and was trying to climb out!  His bed is elevated on that end, also, just to add a little danger to his mission.  He got back in the bed and I kept watching to see what else he would do.  Well, he somehow managed to get one arm out of his shirt and it made him really mad when he could not figure out how to get it back in there.  See?
And when he got even madder...
I decided it was time to get him up:
He was happy as he could be as soon as I got him out of that bed!  We hung out with Daddy for a while, then got dressed to go meet Santa. 
We got there a little early and I was glad Fitz had time to nap in the car, and get settled in before time for his pictures.  He snuck up to see what the big guy was all about.
Then, while we waited our turn, he found a tricycle which he loved!  The only problem?  He got mad when we made him get off of it!
We got him calmed back down and watched some other kids start taking their photos.  Some cried, some smiled...either way, it was entertaining for all of us watching!  When it was time for us, Fitz was NOT having it.  I thought I would just let him get back on the tricycle and be next to Santa, but he said no pretty quickly to that.  Our saint of a photographer told me to just let him sit back down and we would try again later. 
It was then that he discovered the cute teenage girl elves that were helping out.  He LOVED them!  After a couple more families, he let them put him on Santa's lap!  He did not smile, but he didn't cry either.  We kept telling him to look at Santa and all he would do was look out of the corner of his eye at him.  It was SO funny!
After the pictures are over, Santa sings a couple of songs with the kids and tells a story or two.  Fitz was happy sitting with another family, who are friends of ours, which was fine with me! 
We got home just in time to eat dinner with Daddy and Papa, and then finally, go to bed!
Whew!  What a Sunday!  At least we had that relaxing Saturday, ha!

I don't want to spoil the photographer's photos of him with Santa, so I'm waiting until I get hers to post the official Santa photo for 2013!  These are just a preview, and the back story!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Relaxing Saturday

Fitz on the big boys' trampoline, making us nervous with no net!
We had such a great Saturday, just doing pretty much nothing!  We laid around that morning after we got up, and just watched about 10 episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse instead of rushing out the door to go somewhere.  It was so nice!
We went to lunch at our friends Brett and Amber's house, to hang out and for John to show me the floor plan of their house.  We plan to build a house in the near future, so we are trying to get ideas of what we want.  Brett and Amber have two boys who are in 5th and 7th grades, and they were so sweet playing with Fitz!  Sometimes it takes Fitz a few minutes to warm up when he's in a new place or around new people, but he bounced right into their house Saturday, like he goes there all the time, and made himself right at home with the big boys.
Brett and Amber have chickens, and Fitz was fascinated by them.  He pointed to them and said, "quack quack."  Pretty close!
Anyway, they also have a rooster and he is so pretty!  See?

I said he was zebra striped, but Amber called it houndstooth and I like that even better!  Clearly, he pulls for Alabama!
Here he is with "the girls," as Amber calls them.

 Although he's pretty, Amber said he is so MEAN!  She said they have to carry a broom out in the yard with them in case he tries to get them!!  Look at her with that broom:
It was cracking John up when she hit that rooster with the broom!  She said if you turn your back on him, he will attack you from behind!  But apparently, he is really sweet with the chickens and takes care of them, ha!
After lunch, we went home and all took a long nap.  It was nearly dinner time when we got up, so the rest of the day was relaxing, too.
It was a lot of fun and we hope it's not 2 more years before we hang out with Brett and Amber and their sweet boys!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cleft/Speech Update

This week, we had our 6 month check-up at the Cleft Clinic at Children's Hospital.  Fitz was in a good mood, and had fun playing in the waiting area until they got us started!
I think I've probably mentioned that they way they do it is that you see everyone you need to see when you go to this visit:  audiologist, speech pathologist, plastic surgeon, etc.  Usually, the first person we see is the audiologist, who will check Fitz's ears to make sure there is no fluid, and that his tubes are open.  Almost every time we go, she tells us that his tubes are blocked and we need to wait to see Dr. Real, the ENT who put the tubes in.  We wait HOURS for him to arrive, he comes in for 30 seconds, looks in his ears, tells us they are fine and collects his $30 co-pay.  When we went 6 months ago, she said his tubes looked blocked and he had fluid in his ears.  Instead of waiting on the ENT, we called his office and they called us in drops.  We never had any  more trouble with his ears, so I forgot about it.
So, when the audiologist got us back this week, she asked if we went to Dr. Real's office to follow up last time, and I said "No."  I wish you could have seen the look on her face!  Like I was the worst mother EVER.  I told her they called us in some drops and we used them.  She asked if he screamed when I put the drops in and I said "No, he never had any other issues with them, so I assumed he was fine."  She proceeded to check his ears, which looked good, other than some wax, and then did his hearing test, which he passed with flying colors.  She gave me another look and said, "Well, I guess you made the right decision last time because his ears look good."  Um, thanks.  That's why I'm the mom :)
Then they weighed him, and for the first time ever, he stood on the scale, instead of sitting on the baby scale!  I was so proud of him.  He also stood next to the wall for his height measurement, although he wasn't so happy about that.  Then, it took me and 2 nurses to hold him and get a measurement on his head circumference!  He hates that part!
After that, they put us in a room to wait for the Speech Pathologist and Dr. Grant, the plastic surgeon.  While we waited, Tootsie was telling Fitz what to do with his mouth so Dr. Grant could look when he came in:

 The Speech Pathologist came in, and I told her that we had done the evaluation in October, and found out that Fitz needed short term Expressive Speech Therapy.  Since that time, I've been trying to set that up.  We contacted a local college that does speech therapy, and they wanted to give him yet another evaluation and said they would not start therapy until the Spring.  I told them we've had three evaluations and that I could probably tell them every single thing they would ask, and how Fitz would respond on it, and that we wanted to just go ahead and start the therapy.  They referred me to Easter Seals for that.  I contacted Easter Seals and sent them our scores from the previous evaluation.  They got it set up so our insurance would cover it, but told me that I have to have a set day and time each week for his appointment.  It would be 15 sessions at 30 minutes per session, on the same day and time each week.  Well, my schedule will not allow me to do that.  I never know from week to week when I will be in court, or whether Mom or Britney will have Fitz, so that's just not possible for me.
I told the Speech Pathologist that (which was probably more than she wanted to know) and she said that we could just continue to work with him at home until the school board picks up speech therapy at 3 years old.  We've been praying about it, and Fitz has been talking so much more since he started school, so I'm thinking he may just need a little more time.  If it was in God's plan for us to do the therapy, it would have worked out...that's my opinion anyway.
 Dr. Grant came in, and of course, Fitz refused to open wide for him, even though he had been practicing with Tootsie, ha!  We had to hold him down to get a look, but he said everything looks great!  He told us it's still too early to do his nose revision, and that we need to keep working on "b" and "p" sounds with him.  He said he would be more worried about that if Fitz could NOT close his lips together, but he obviously can, so just to work on that at home.  He confirmed my thoughts that the large piece of gums in the front of his mouth is still moving into place, and said as it moves, that should allow him to move his mouth more and get to those particular sounds easier.
We were out of there by 9:30, which is a record in the cleft clinic, and checked out all the pretty Christmas decorations on our way out!

As always, Tootsie helped provide entertainment, and we are so thankful for that!  So, until our next appointment, we will keep working on those b's and p's, and we would appreciate your prayers about his speech, too!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Just Fitz

These photos are by our fabulous photographer, Kamin!

 I love how she captures his personality in these pictures!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Fall Family Photos 2013

A few of my favorites...

I'm sure one of these will appear on our Christmas card this year, but I love them all so much that I had to share now!

Want to remember our family photos from years past?  Here ya go:

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Shopping, Running, Posing, Snuggling

In case you were wondering, that's what we've been up to. 
Christmas Village last week...
 My longest non-race run so far, also last week...
 Posing for some family photos over the weekend...a few shots from the back:

 Snuggling with our Daddy:
 And a little more running this week:
By the time you read this, I will have attempted another early morning run, in what meteorologists say will be 25 degree weather.  I'm sure I will have an update about that!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

First School Pictures!

I was so excited when I opened Fitz's school folder one day and saw a flier for school pictures!  I had no idea they took them in preschool!
I was so worried about how they would turn out, and whether he would smile or not.  I mean, really, how would that photographer know just what to say to elicit his adorable smile?  Well, clearly, I needlessly worried about it!

I have NO idea how they got him to sit still and pose for the camera for perfect strangers, but they did it!  Although, in a couple of them, he looks like he is very close to giving his famous eyebrows at them...he is still smiling!

And doesn't he look like such a big boy in these pictures?!?

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Nashville Getaway

 Last weekend, John and I had a much needed weekend away together, in Nashville.  If you're married with children, and reading this blog, follow my advice:  take a weekend away with your husband every now and then.  We have so much fun together every time we do, and it brings us even closer together.  Love it!

We started out Friday morning and went to Lynchburg, Tennessee to the Jack Daniel Distillery, to take the tour.  We took the non-tasting tour because neither of us drinks whiskey, but it was still really neat and informative to see how they make it.  And, the tour was free!
Did you know, he learned to make whiskey at 7 years old?!?  And he was only 5'2?  But his statue is obviously taller, because I'm 5'5, ha!

 They still use the natural spring water today, that Jack originally used to make his whiskey, which I thought was really cool!  Here is the cave with natural spring water:
 And outside, looking into the cave:
 Once we left there, we headed on to Nashville.  We got there just in time to check in at our hotel (after having to call for the address because GOOGLE was wrong?!?), and settle in.  We walked downtown and found somewhere for dinner, then hung out at another place and listened to some good music, while we people-watched.

We slept in Saturday morning, really late for us, which was like 7:30! John wanted pancakes for breakfast, so we planned to go to the famous Pancake Pantry.  We got there and the line was crazy long.  I pulled up some more restaurants on my phone, and found one called "Fido" right down the street, so we walked there and we are SO glad we did.  It was phenomenal!  I branched out and had Sweet Potato French Toast and it was heavenly!
 And look how pretty my coffee was:
 After breakfast, we went to the Antique Archaeology store from the show, American Pickers.  It was fun, but not much to buy...and we waited in line to get in there, too!
 Then we shopped at the Opry Mills Mall for a large part of the day...that place is HUGE.  It was also decorated for Christmas, which I loved!
 We took a nap, then headed out for dinner.  We decided to try a Brazilian steakhouse and we loved it!  For a set price, you get appetizers, a huge salad bar, and about 25 different types of meat!  We had a cue on our table to tell the meat servers when we were ready, and as long as it was on green, they kept serving us all different types of meat...steak, pork, chicken, rattlesnake sausage, wild boar, etc.
 Our server and one of the meat servers almost came to blows about where we should keep our cue on our table...and John and I thought it was hilarious!

This is what it looked like when they came to serve the meat:
 John was really happy to take one more pic that night on the street:
 We ended our weekend by waiting almost 2 hours to eat brunch at the Loveless Cafe before we headed home Sunday.  It was totally worth it.
In the routine of day-to-day life, it can be easy to forget just how much you enjoy your spouse, but all it took was a short time together, just the two of us, to remind me how much I truly enjoy John.  We laughed together, and just hung out together and it was wonderful.

Special thanks to Tootsie for keeping Fitz for us!