Monday, October 28, 2013

Boo at the Zoo!

Saturday morning, I started thinking about taking Fitz to Boo at the Zoo at the Birmingham Zoo.  I've heard about it before, but we have never been, and I wasn't sure if it would actually be scary, or what the deal was.  After soliciting opinions on FB, I decided to try it out.  Daddy was not feeling it, but said he would go if we wanted to go.  I could tell he really didn't want to go, so I texted Denise to see if she and Mary Eloise might be up for an adventure, and what do you know?  They were!

 Aunt Heddy gave us great advice of bringing a wagon to pull the kids in, and I'm so glad she did!  Look how cute they are:
 Boo at the Zoo is from 5-10, so we planned to meet there at about 5:30.  I got there a little early (as I'm prone to do), and went ahead and got in line, so when Denise and ME got there, they could just join us in line.  There were more people there than I have EVER seen at a zoo!  I was immediately glad I didn't try to talk John into coming with us because he is NOT all about crowds.
There was a nice zoo worker outside with a microphone, trying unsuccessfully to direct everyone to which line they should be in.  The lady in front of me became irate at something the girl said, and started cussing the worker out?!?  At the zoo.  In front of all the children.  Seriously?  I gave the worker a sympathetic look because she was trying SO hard to accommodate the angry lady, and she asked me, "I'm not going to be able to make her happy, am I?"  I said, "No, just quit trying," and kind of laughed with her.  She told me to just go on in without a ticket and tell them I was with her (the worker), so I did, and we got in free!  It really does pay to be nice!
Anyway, one of the first things we saw, was a photo cutout of Alabama and Auburn.  Fitz has never understood the point of these things, but when he saw ME do it, he wanted to climb those little stairs back there, too.  Once he was up there, I called his name and he thought it was funny to peek out that hole at me...success!
 We rode the "scarousel" twice, which both of the kids loved.  I, on the other hand, almost threw up, because what makes it a scarousel is that it goes backwards and has black lights.  I get motion sick riding in the car, so it was not my favorite thing, but the kids had fun, so it was ok, ha!
Most of the animals are not out for Boo at the Zoo (which was a little disappointing to me), but the petting zoo in the barn was open, and Fitz had fun looking at the goats.  I told him to come pet a sheep which was right near the fence, and he promptly reached in and touched its butt.  Ew.  Then ME followed suit and had her a feel, too.  Gross!

We put them up in this big chair, stupidly thinking they might sit and pose for a picture, but they both got so excited and started dancing, instead?!?  I'm not sure what they thought it was, but they liked it!

 We wanted to ride the train, but the line was crazy long, so we settled for trick-or-treating through the hay maze instead, and then rode the scarousel one more time before we left.

Mr. Independent would not allow me to hold on to him while he was riding, and politely declined my advice to hold on to the pole instead, and chose to just sit and ride.  Look at his little hand steadying himself since he was too stubborn to listen to his mama.  (I know, Mom, he gets it honest!)
I love these two crazy kids so much, and I'm so glad we can go and do fun stuff with someone Fitz's age!  Our goal is to one day have them look at the camera at the same time and maybe even smile for us, but until then, plan on pics like these, ha!
P.S. Yes, most children wear costumes to Boo at the Zoo, but our two little cuties CHOSE not to wear costumes.  More on that later this week!

Friday, October 25, 2013

5 on Friday

Special edition of 5 on Friday - 5 videos for your viewing pleasure!
1.  I've been getting my nails done in a French manicure, but decided last time to get them painted red.  Fitz noticed immediately and likes to tell me about them.  Then, he says another phrase, which he says all the time, but we have no idea what it means.  He says it when he wants another sucker, to watch Mickey, to Bunny, and various other times.  No idea what it means!
2.  I love that Fitz is very clear about what he wants and does not want.  He is all about his schedule, but he only wants to do things when he is ready...NOT a second before then.
3.  We had his photos made Saturday with our favorite photographer, Kamin.  I was a little worried that he wouldn't feel good, and it took him a few minutes to warm up to Kamin, but she was smart and showed him the pond with fish and he was all about it.  I kind of feel bad for the fish, but as long as he was playing and letting us get good photos, it was ok with me.  And how adorable is his outfit?!?  I can't wait to get the proofs back from Kamin!
4.  Britney (our babysitter) tells me that Fitz loves to dance with her son, Caleb, when the Garfield movie is coming on.  The other night, he started dancing to the music his trucks play and I had to catch it on video.  He clearly has got the moves.
5.  Now that Daddy is working at night, we get pretty bored and have to find alternative means of entertainment.  Sorry the camera angle is not good on these, but look how smart our boy is:
Happy Friday!  We hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, October 17, 2013


So, the past few days have been LONG and NOT FUN at all.  Tuesday morning when Fitz woke up, he was coughing pretty bad.  After I got him out of bed, he quit coughing, but it sounded like he could not clear his throat.  He kept pointing in his mouth, like he was telling me something was going on in there, but he was acting fine, totally normal. 
However, by the time he went to preschool for the morning, and then got to the babysitter's house, he was wheezing.  I had already left a message for the nurse at his pediatrician's office, so I called them back and told them we needed an appointment.  By the time I got him there, and they checked his oxygen level, it was much lower than it should be, so they brought an oxygen tank into the room with us and made me hold the mask on his face.  Bless his heart, he leaned in to it and breathed in so deep!
The doctor said it sounded like croup, and that he needed a breathing treatment, but instead of giving it at the office, she wanted us to go to Children's Hospital, so they could give it and closely monitor him for a few hours afterwards to make sure he was ok.  She said she was trying to decide whether to send us by car or ambulance...?!?  I assured her that if she said we needed to go there, we would be there as soon as we left the doctor's office, but she was concerned about us getting stuck in traffic or having a wreck, so she called the paramedics to take him by ambulance!!  It scared me to death when she said they were taking him by ambulance.  I snapped right back to when he was born and they took him from me by ambulance, to Children's Hospital, and I didn't see him again for 3 days.  I teared up immediately, and asked if I could ride with him.  She said yes, which made me feel better!  They gave him a shot of steroids to open up his airways some while we waited on the paramedics.  Then all of a sudden our little room was filled with firemen, paramedics and nurses...none of whom Fitz would allow to touch him.  The more upset he got, the more difficult it was for him to breathe.
They got his car seat from my car and strapped him on top of the gurney to head to the hospital.

Two suckers were definitely in order.  He didn't mind the ride too much since he could look out the back windows, and we were going FAST.  I, on the other hand, get car sick and thought I would vomit with all the fast turns in the back of the ambulance.  I didn't, thank goodness.

Daddy, Uncle Zac and Tootsie all met us at the hospital.  By then, Fitz was much calmer, and breathing better.

The (12 year old) doctor at Children's came in and spoke with us, got his medical history, and asked a few questions, then left.  He came back about 30-45 minutes later and said they didn't need to do a breathing treatment, but just wanted to "observe" him to make sure he was ok.  Um, we came here under doctor's orders by freaking ambulance with lights and sirens, paid our co-pay, and we get to be "observed"?!?  I was not happy, but as long as Fitz was ok, I could deal with it.
They observed us for about 2 hours, then sent us home.  They said the steroid shot would kick in gradually over the next 36 hours, and he should be fine.  No breathing treatment.  No x-ray.  No nothing.
He slept great Tuesday night, and woke up relatively normal on Wednesday, just a little subdued.  His breathing was good.  Tootsie picked him up and he went to her house to play with Uncle Zac while I went to work.  I made him a follow-up appointment with his pediatrician's office for that afternoon.  By lunch that day, he was wheezing again, and by the time they told me to come early, he was having trouble breathing AGAIN.
It was bad enough that Mom took him to the ER at the local hospital and told me to get there as fast as I could.  I FLEW up the interstate as fast as I could and got there not long after they did.  The doctor there seemed surprised that we had no breathing treatment at Children's the day before, but immediately ordered one for us there.  The mask was really cute, and made to look like a dragon, but Fitz was not impressed.  It took me and mom to hold him down and make him take it.

After the treatment, and a chest x-ray, two suckers were definitely needed.

About 15 minutes later, he was back to grinning and ready to GO.

We could tell he felt so much better!  They sent us home with a prescription steroid to take for a few days to really open him up, too.  He slept great all last night, and has been feeling good and breathing well at the babysitter's house today, so hopefully he is on the mend.
They told us the virus lasts 3 days, so today is hopefully the end.  Whew, I hope this croup NEVER comes back.  There's not much scarier than seeing your baby fighting to get a breath.  We are thankful for all the prayers of our friends and family and to God for answering them!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2013

 Y'all know I just love a comparison shot, so I could not resist making a collage of all of Fitz's pumpkin patch photos!  Top left is 2011, bottom left is 2012, and then on the right is 2013.  Look how much he has grown!  And if it is possible, I think he gets cuter and cuter every single year!
After our run Saturday morning, Denise's husband brought our friend Mary Eloise down to meet us at the Pumpkin Patch!  First, we tried to get the kids to pose for pictures, but at 2 years old, they are not really into that, so we gave up fairly quickly and took a hayride out to the pumpkin patch instead.

I knew Fitz would love picking out his pumpkin, and just look at that dimple showing when he found one he liked:

ME was a little more adventurous on her hunt for the perfect pumpkin...

while Fitz was content just to run and point...

They played a carnival game and got an inflated puppy:

After the game and hayride, the kiddos were ready for a snack and a drink, so we hung out for a little while in the shop.

During our break, I managed to get one shot of the kids together, and made it into a comparison of them last year (on top) and this year (on bottom).  Look how they've grown!!

After a short break, Fitz and ME were ready to jump!  Since Fitz's birthday party in June, ME has been asking Denise when she could jump with Fitz again, and she was happy to finally get her chance!

We were all pretty hot and tired by the time they jumped a while, but we had to make one more stop before we left and take a ride on the tractor train.

Mr. Independent would not let me hold on to his arm while we rode, but he did manage to keep a grip on that ghost sucker!
We had so much fun with our friends, and picked out a pretty pumpkin, too!
In case you're new, or just want to see, here are our Pumpkin Patch posts for years past:

Monday, October 14, 2013

Camo 5k Run

I started off the weekend with a 5k Saturday morning.  There were 5k races all over our area on Saturday, but I picked the Camo 5k because it benefits the Wounded Warrior Project, a friend of mine and her daughter were organizing the race, and because it was in my town.  I rarely get to run a race in Clanton, so I was all about that!
Our running group was very small that day because of all the other races, and other commitments, so here I am with my friend, Denise and Pam, the only two who ran with me!  (Besides another friend who shall remain nameless because of her job, but who ran this one for her first every 5k!)

See that first pic up there at the top?  That's the whole group who ran!  It was by far the smallest 5k I have ever done, and I'm glad it was a local race with a few friends in it, or otherwise, I would have been very intimidated!
Here we are starting can tell it was a small race because I started off at the front of the line!
Here I am about halfway through...thumbs up, since I run that way, apparently.

The route was a good one, on streets that I run a good bit anyway, with only one major uphill part, and a really good downhill part at the end.  I was a bit disappointed that (according to my RunKeeper app) it was not a full 3.1 miles, but I still had a great pace and did better than ever before for a 3 mile run...31:59!
I'm hoping they do it again next year on a slower race day and we have even more participants for such a great cause!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

First Field Trip

Another reason I'm so thankful to live in a small town?  Fitz gets to go on "field trips" where they just walk from his preschool to the Fire and Police stations in town...right past my office.  Love it!
He had to wear his matching preschool shirt for the first time, and I was so excited about it!  It's huge on him, but I got the smallest size they had.
He had a meltdown on Monday when I put a jacket on him, so I put a long-sleeved shirt on under his preschool shirt to avoid a fight Tuesday morning.
I had a client in my office when I noticed them heading out on their field trip, and I had to interrupt my client and get a shot of them out the window!

From all reports, he had a great time, and loved getting into the fire truck, and seeing the police drug dog.  He got a hat at the fire station and our babysitter sent me this pic of him wearing it at lunch:

When I picked him up, he proudly showed it to me and said, "It's red!"  He just started saying "red" and I love to hear him say it.  He hardly took the hat off all night, and got it right back out Wednesday morning before breakfast.

Britney (our fabulous babysitter) also sent me this adorable pic yesterday afternoon of Fitz and her son, Caleb, posing with pumpkin and mums.  How cute are these two buddies??  They are like brothers and I love that!

First field trip?  A huge success!