Wednesday, August 28, 2013

About that August running goal...

Remember when I said I had reached my running goals for June and July, so I was increasing my goal for August?  Well, I'm not going to reach it. 
To catch you up, last week, I ran 3 miles on Tuesday, at about my new normal pace, which is pretty slow.
There was a full moon on Thursday and I had a new running tank, which apparently both helped me have a better pace on my next 3 miles!  My pace improved by almost a whole minute?!?

I was very excited to run at the beach and get a new route saved in my app, and didn't even care that it was sprinkling a little when I started running.  I was going along at a good clip when the bottom fell out of the sky!  It was pouring and I was drenched in seconds.  I headed back to the condo, and only wound up doing a little over a mile, but I did take a cute beach post-run pic, in the rain.

I've told y'all about my foot hurting, and I have had a doctor's appointment scheduled for a while, but it took forever to get in to see this doctor.  I went Monday, and apparently, I have a bone spur on my heel...see?

I also have planter fasciitis, which is what I figured the foot pain was.  They gave me some anti-inflammatory medication, and some home remedies such as ice, stretching and heat to relieve the pain.  The doctor also told me it would help if I didn't run for a few days, to give the other remedies a chance to take effect.  He said for 9 out of 10 patients, these things help the pain go away, but if conditions don't improve in about a month, to come back and see him for steroid injections in my foot.  He said they aren't fun, but they work.  I'm praying the other remedies help so I don't have to do that!
So, in August, I ran 23 miles.  My goal was 40, so I didn't even come close to it, but I think I have a good reason this month.  I plan to not run until at least next week, so I can give my foot time to feel better.  That's still 88 miles that I ran in June, July and August...the hottest months of the year.  I'm proud of that accomplishment!
Once I see how my foot feels, I will make a goal for September, but I'm really thinking of making it 40 miles.  The weather should be cooler, and less humid, which will help make running more pleasant.  We'll see how it goes, but for August, I'm done.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Pre-School Orientation

Friday morning, before I left for my fun girls' trip, we went to Fitz's new pre-school to meet his teacher.  I have been so excited for him to start school and I can not wait for it to actually begin!  His pre-school is right across the street from my office, and behind the courthouse.  I can see his playground from my office window, and I can't wait to watch him playing while I work.
Tootsie went with us since Daddy had to work, and she would be keeping him while I was gone.  The first thing he found was some fun dinosaurs in his room.  Sorry the pic is blurry, but look how excited he was:
When he woke up that morning, he was a sweet baby in his Mickey Mouse pajamas watching Mickey...

then all of a sudden, he was a big boy picking out his chair at school:

Everyone I know has just raved about how much they love his teacher, Ms. Sondra, and now that I've met her, I can see why.  She got right down in the floor to play with Fitz and the other kids, and he was telling her all about that bus and its tires.

I pray that Fitz has a great first year of pre-school.  I pray that he makes lifelong friends, learns about Jesus, and starts his education in a big way.  I pray that it helps with his speech, and maybe even with potty training...ha!  I pray that he loves it as much as I hope he does, or even more.  I'm so proud of the little boy that he is, and so excited to start this next part of his life!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Girls Only!

No husbands or little boys around on this beach trip!
My friends Haley, Heather and I set out on a much needed girls' beach trip on Friday morning.  We got to Gulf Shores around 2:30 or 3 Friday afternoon, went to Walmart to load up on supplies and unloaded into our condo.  After we got settled in, we went to Lulu's for dinner.  I just love the atmosphere there!  We ate some yummy food, listened to some good music, and enjoyed each other's company immensely.  After dinner, we went back to the condo to get in comfy clothes and have girl talk, so we could be ready to hit the beach bright and early Saturday morning.
Little did we know, Mother Nature had other plans.  It rained ALL morning on Saturday.  We stayed in our jammies, ate and talked all morning long.  Finally, about 1:00, we were sick of waiting on it to clear up, so we got in our bathing suits and went out to sit in the hot tub in the rain.

We stayed in the hot tub until it quit raining, finally, at about 2:30 or so, and then got to finally go sit on the beach!
It was still cloudy at first, but we didn't care, we were on the beach!  And then, we finally saw the sun and had to get a picture!

Our feet were happy to be in the sand!

We stayed out until we were starving for real food, then went to get ready for dinner.  Here's a shot of me at the beach, then ready for dinner.  Makeup works wonders, ha!

After dinner, we bought lottery tickets (of course!) and then went to watch the crazies at the FloraBama.  I'm a big fan of people watching, and boy, there are some people to watch there for sure!
We joked that these were the only men we wanted to talk to on this trip, since we're all happily married:

We got up Sunday morning, cleaned up the condo, ate a yummy breakfast and got on the road.  We were ready to see our men and boys!
I'm so blessed to have lots of different aged girlfriends of all different kinds, and I count myself especially blessed to have these two girls in my life.  We had so much fun doing absolutely nothing.  We never once got testy with each other, and we never stopped talking.  We ate good food, had good talks, and just enjoyed being with each other.  That's my kind of trip, and my kind of friends.  I love y'all so much, and can't wait 'til next year to do it again!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Celebrating Uncle Zac! (some more)

I know I already told y'all a little about Uncle Zac's birthday, but we went to dinner with my mom (Tootsie) and John's dad (Papa), last night to celebrate more!  Of course, Fitz had to sit in the booth between Tootsie and Uncle Zac during dinner.
He also checked out all the fans to be sure they were all on while we ate...

Uncle Zac got a watch from Tootsie, and some yummy smelling bath stuff for men from Bath and Body Works.  Fitz thought it was lotion, and kept rubbing it on Uncle Zac...just helping him out, you know.


Fitz was really good during dinner, and even tried a fried pickle for the first time, and loved it.  He played between Tootsie and Uncle Zac the whole time, and really enjoyed it when the wait staff did a little line dance routine near our table one time.  He was fascinated by them dancing in the restaurant, but decline the waitress's invitation to join them, ha!
Zac was off yesterday, so he even came down to our house while Tootsie was babysitting, and played with Fitz during the day, too.  Fitz was happy as he could be, spending the day with Tootsie and Uncle Zac, then having dinner with them, as well as his other favorite people:  Daddy, Mommy and Papa.  It made for a happy boy!
Zac and I have always been pretty close, probably because of our 5.5 year age difference.  We never competed against each other for anything, and have always gotten along great.  I absolutely love it that he and Fitz are such big buddies, and hope they always are!
We have pre-school orientation tomorrow night, and one of the things the teacher requested was a family photo for the bulletin board.  We don't have any up-to-date family snapshots, so after dinner, I had Uncle Zac take a few of us.  We wound up with this really cute pic:
We hope you had a great birthday, Uncle Zac!  Thanks for being such a great uncle to our sweet boy!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Lazy Weekend

Daddy went out of town to see a friend of his from the Army this weekend, the weather was kinda chilly (in August!) and rainy, and Fitz and I had no it was a pretty lazy weekend around these parts.
John left Saturday morning, and we stayed in our PJ's and played for a while...
I posted this pic a few days ago, about how OCD Fitz is, lining up all of his toys:

but Saturday morning, he was content to sit in the middle of them and play.

We had made plans to go swimming at Aunt Heddy's house, but it was only in the upper 60's Saturday, which is CRAZY for our part of the country, so we didn't swim.  We went to Walmart and ran a few errands, got some lunch and headed back home.  Fitz took a three hour  nap, and I took a short one while he did.  I caught up on DVR shows and played Candy Crush the rest of the time while he slept.  We played outside with some of the neighborhood kids after he woke up, then ate dinner and watched Mickey. 
Sunday morning, before Fitz got up, I wrote on our chalkboard for Uncle Zac's birthday.  His birthday is today, but you never know how a toddler will react to photos, so I started trying to get a cute one Sunday morning.  This is what we got:

We went to church as usual Sunday morning, but left a little early to meet my Dad for brunch for Zac's birthday.  We ate at The Egg and I.  I loved my omelet, and thought it was better than the one at the Cheesecake Factory, but Fitz was not impressed with the cinnamon syrup on his French toast.
He decided he was too big for the highchair, and chose to sit with Uncle Zac instead.

 After his nap on Sunday, we finally got lucky with two cute birthday pics for Uncle Zac:

We played outside a little more, then had to go to the grocery store because my little piggy ate 12 containers of yogurt over the weekend and we had to buy more!  I thought for sure 12 containers would be enough for the whole WEEK, but apparently, I was mistaken.
After dinner, we snuggled up on the couch with Mickey and a few motorcycles.  Fitz was "vroom vrooming" them and looking for his Daddy:

I'm glad John has kept in touch with his friend from the Army, but we'll also be glad when he gets home today!  We missed him :)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Weekly Runs

So, I only ran 7.5 miles this week.  I wish I had done more, but I'm happy that I ran 7.5!

I started out Saturday with a downtown run...

Then ran from my neighborhood to a close neighborhood Monday morning...

Wednesday, I did 2.5 miles downtown again, and took a backwards reflection picture to go with my route.

It's getting harder to come up with new ideas for my photos everyday, but I love having a photo to go with my runs.  I'm also looking for new routes, as I get bored pretty easily on my running routes!

After I see a doctor for my crazy foot, I plan to kick it up a notch with my running!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wacky Wednesday (by Fitz)

I had the weirdest Wednesday ever yesterday.  My mom picked me up from Ms. Britney's house early.  She usually comes to get me after my nap and snack in the afternoon, but yesterday, she came right after lunch, before I even took my nap!  We drove for a long time, then went into a building we have never been to before.  There were lots of other kids there in a big room with lots of chairs and a couple of televisions.  We didn't stay in there long, and then they called my name.  Mommy took me back there with the nice lady.  The lady had blue pajamas on.  She told me I could pick one of these little things out, so I picked red because it is my favorite!  Here I am picking out my color:

The lady told me she was going to brush my teeth, and tried to show me her toothbrush, but it didn't look like any toothbrush I had ever seen!  It made a noise like a fan, and I didn't like it.  Instead, I went to the fan in the room and asked her to turn it on.  Mommy turned it on for me and I watched it for a minute while Mommy talked to the lady.  Then, Mommy sat me on her lap, laid me back and let that lady stick that loud thing in my mouth!  I tried to get it out of my mouth, but Mommy held my hands down so I couldn't get it out!  I screamed and cried and Mommy just let her put that thing on my teeth, and didn't even try to stop her!  This is what I looked like when she finally stopped:

I had to snuggle with my mom for a minute until I felt better.  Then the lady gave me a ball and I jumped right down and played with it while Mommy talked to the lady.

After that, another man came in.  Mommy said he is called the dentist.  He talked to Mommy for a few minutes, then Mommy laid me down on that chair again and held me down AGAIN while they brushed something on my teeth!  I got all mad again and that man told Mommy that I was really strong!  Mommy said there was a TV for me to watch in the ceiling but I didn't care.  All I cared about was getting up from that chair!

I did NOT have fun at that weird place.  I did NOT want them to stick that thing in my mouth, and I did NOT want to lay down on that chair.  When we left, Mommy gave me a sucker in the car, and we went shopping at Target.  THAT was the fun part of this weird Wednesday.  Then, when we got home, I played in the floor with Daddy and Mommy with all of my trucks.  That was the best part of the day!  After dinner, I played on the couch with bunny and snuggled under the covers before bed.  

I hope I don't have to go back to that weird place for a long, long time.  What a weird Wednesday!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Saturday (by Fitz)

Saturday was so much fun!  After I woke up and ate my breakfast, I got to snuggle on the couch with my Mommy for a long time.  We didn't get ready to leave right away like we usually do, and I was glad!  We watched Mickey Mouse over and over, until I told Mommy I was ready to go somewhere!  I waved my hand at her and said "bye bye" and she said, "Ok buddy, let's go get ready!"

First, we went to the park.  I played on the swings and went in and out of the climbing tree.  There weren't any other kids at the park, so I told Mommy bye bye again and we left.  Then we went to the store that has grocery carts, but it's all outside, with lots of fruits and vegetables.  They always have their fans on and I love to watch them while Mommy shops.  We got peaches and some green things called okra.  Then, we went to Walmart!  Mommy let me take a sucker in, and I got mad when I was done with it.  I wanted another sucker and I could not believe Mommy didn't have another one in her purse!  Thank goodness we found some at Walmart and I got a BIG red sucker to eat while Mommy finished shopping!

It got red sticky stuff everywhere but it sure was good!  After Walmart, we went to pick up lunch on our way home.  Mommy went to that Mexican place that has a window where they give you your food, and got me some of those yummy cinnamon things!  I ate them all the way home, and then finished them when we got home, and ate my whole taco, all by myself!  We watched Mickey one more time, and then I took a really long nap with bunny.  I wonder what my Mommy did while I took a nap?

After I woke up, I had a snack and played with my toys.  I found a new dump truck that is so much fun to push around the living room.  Usually, I take bunny for a ride, but this time, I got in it myself!  Mommy must have thought that was funny because she ran to get her phone and took my picture.  I clapped to show her how proud I was...and then that truck dumped me right out in the floor!  Maybe that's why it's called a dump truck?

Daddy got home from work, and I played with him while Mommy made supper.  He took me flying and watched me drive my dump truck around!  We ate supper, and then watched my other favorite show, Wheel of Fortune!  After that, it was time for my bath.  I love bath time!  Did you know I can lay down in the tub?  I just figured that out, and it is so funny to lay down and put my face in the water!  Mommy doesn't like it when I put my face down there though, she says, "Fitz, no no!"  And I just laugh and laugh.

After bath time, it's bed time.  My mommy always turns my turtle on so stars shine all over my ceiling.  Daddy did something with the turtle on Saturday, and opened up his belly.  I don't know what he did, but my stars were brighter than ever that night!  It was so pretty!  I love stars on anything!

It was a very good day.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Early Intervention

I don't think I've shared about Early Intervention yet, but it's a program done by the state that helps children with developmental delays.  It is free to families who need the assistance.  Our pediatrician told us that we needed to call them and have Fitz evaluated after his 18 month check-up, because he is not saying as many words as the charts say he should be saying.  We called them, had him evaluated, and he did not qualify because he was not delayed enough.

So, after his 2 year old check-up, the pediatrician again said we should have him evaluated by EI because of his speech.  I called the same lady again, got it set up, and she and another lady came and did two different evaluations on him, on different days.  I think it's probably good that they came at different times, because they got a full picture of Fitz and his personality.  The first lady came on a Friday afternoon, after I picked him up from Ms. Britney's house, and the other lady came first thing Monday morning, when he was fresh and ready for the day!

It was VERY interesting to me to see how they evaluated him...which was mostly by play interaction and asking him to do certain things, to see if he understood and could follow directions.  It was also interesting to me to see what they thought about things that he does, which are just normal things to me.  For example, they asked if he could whisper.  Well, John plays with him a lot, whispering to him and getting him to whisper back, so I said yes.  Apparently, that's a really good thing for a child his age to be able to do.  Who knew?  He understood pronouns (yours vs. mine, his, hers) and verbs (which one is sleeping? eating?), and showed them that he knows some of his colors, too.  One of the ladies actually told me she was doing more tests than necessary just to see where he topped out because he could do everything they asked him to do.

However, he didn't talk very much for them, other than his normal babbling that he does a lot.  He said "Mama" and "outside" but not much else.  Their tests can take into account what I tell them he can say, since he is a 2 year old and they don't always perform on command, ha!

Anyway, the woman called me back this morning to tell me that although he does need some speech assistance, he scored so high on everything else, that he does not qualify for EI...AGAIN.  She said our home was not the typical home that they see when they evaluate children for EI, because our home is geared towards educating Fitz.  I had no idea what she meant, until she told me that some homes do not have any toys for their children, and some have plenty of toys but no organization at all.  She said our home is well organized and had plenty of educational toys for him, and that it's obvious that our family interacts with him extensively and on a regular basis.  I thought we were just being parents, but I should have realized that not all parenting is the same!

She said he exceeded his age level on several categories, and meets the standard criteria for receptive language, he just doesn't communicate it all back to us.  She gave me some numbers and information for some extra articulation support, and told me the next steps we need to take to make sure he stays on track with his age development, so I will contact those people next.  The local school board takes over when he turns 3, so she told me to contact them and make a parent referral prior to his 3rd birthday, to get that started.

Letters from his pre-school teacher!!

To be honest, I'm not all that worried about his speech.  He meets every developmental milestone in his own time, and I know the speech will click into place when he's ready.  I think pre-school will help (he starts in September), and I will call these other places to see what they suggest, but we'll just keep doing what we are doing at home, and it will all work out fine!  

Anyone have other suggestions?  Or places we may need to contact for help?

Friday, August 9, 2013

Painful Running

It's getting harder and harder to run with this pain in my left foot...but I still ran 8 miles this week!  I planned to run this morning, but I felt like my foot needed one more rest day before I ran again, so hopefully I can do a good run in the morning.

I started out with a good 3 mile run last Saturday morning...

ran 3 more Monday morning...

and finished up this week with 2 miles on Wednesday.

I know I could have run today, and maybe I should have, but my foot hurts so badly for a couple of days after I run, that I just couldn't do it.  I'm going to run tomorrow for sure, though.

I made an appointment to see a doctor about my foot, but my appointment is not until the end of the month.  I'm nervous that he is going to want to do a steroid the bottom of my foot...ouch.  But, I want to run, so whatever he has to do to make it feel better, it will be worth it!

I haven't weighed myself in two weeks, but I weighed today and I've lost 3 lbs, so I was happy about that, too!

Have a great weekend!