Friday, May 31, 2013

Get Fit Friday!

Welcome to this week's edition of GFF!  I didn't document everything I ate this week, partly because Monday was Memorial Day, and I wanted to eat Blueberry Pie without reporting it to you...although I just did, ha!  Anyway, I ate some Blueberry Pie this week, and some gourmet cookies (which were delicious), but I hope to get back to better eating next week, more like last week than this week.  So here we go.

Eating - as I said, I did eat some desserts this week, but otherwise, I did pretty well.  We finally got a new grill, and have been grilling more this week, steaks, hamburgers, etc.  I'm excited to be able to grill this summer because it's pretty healthy to grill a protein, and just add a vegetable to the side, even something easy like salad.  I also plan to eat more fruits this summer, when the lovely peaches from my area are in season!  I didn't do terribly bad this week, but I plan to improve next week.

I did still drink at least 100 oz of water every day, and exchanged some of my diet cokes for Crystal Light Lemonade.  I love that stuff!  I still didn't snack this week like I should because I was in court all week, again!  Busy busy busy.

Exercise - I apologize if you follow me on FB or Instagram, because if so, you've already seen all of these photos, but I posted the photo above on Memorial Day after my run.  I've always had fairly muscular legs, but I can tell all this running is making them even more toned!  I ran 6 miles this week!  After my run tomorrow (a 5k), that will be 9 miles for the week!!  In May, I have run 19 miles!  My goal for June will be 30 miles.  Let's see if I can do it.

I ran approximately 2 miles on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and I did 35 minutes of Intervals on the Elliptical machine on Wednesday and this morning.  I wanted to run this morning, but since we have a 5k in the morning, I thought it would be better to do low impact today.  I'm proud of my exercise this week, but I plan to increase my daily mileage next week, and do 30 miles in June!

Weight - oh the dreaded weight section!  I did weigh myself this morning, and was pleasantly surprised to see that I weigh exactly what I weighed last week!  Yes, I would rather the number go down, but I didn't expect it to this week since I ate some goodies for a few days.  So, it was a welcome surprise to see that I didn't gain either.  I'm totally happy with that.  

Come back tomorrow for pictures and updates from Color Me Rad 5k!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Video Selfie

So, earlier tonight, Fitz was telling us all about something on the ceiling in our living room.  He said the same thing, in the same tone, over and over, while grinning and pointing to the ceiling.  He did it so many times that I had to grab my phone and catch it on video.  By the time I got my phone, he stopped and came to sit with me, so I tried to get him to do it again, but he was too distracted by that adorable boy in the phone...see?

Eventually, he started playing again, and I got his little speech on video briefly before he wanted to look at the phone again...

I know these may not look like much, but they cracked me up and I just had to post them!  Have a great night!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Pool Boy

Fitz already told y'all about our Saturday, but we had more fun on Sunday and Monday, too!  After church on Sunday, we all went outside and played in Fitz's new baby pool I got him for the backyard.

Every time we go into the backyard, Fitz grabs the water hose and leads whichever one of us is with him, over to the potted plants to water them.  What he really wants is to stick his hand out to be sprayed while we water the plants.

Since he likes the hose so much, I (correctly) figured he would love his own pool.  He wanted his Daddy to spray him with the hose while he played in it, too.  And I'm not sure why, but he kept putting his face down into the water, ha!

And of course, we had to take a little break and drive the car for a while since we were outside.

Daddy had to work on Memorial Day, so we went to our friend Heather's house to swim and play!  I put his new flip flops on him before we left and he thought they were so funny.

Fitz mostly played on the stairs of the pool, where he could control himself a little more, but he had so much fun out there!

We stayed in the pool for about 3 hours...just long enough for him to get really sleepy, in time for nap time.

When he started looking like this...

we loaded up our stuff and headed back home.  I put him in his bed when we got home and he didn't even move, just went right to sleep.

What a fun weekend of pools, family and friends!  Happy Memorial Day, and thank you to all the veterans out there, especially our sweet Daddy!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Saturday...according to Fitz

Yesterday, Mommy and I had so much fun!  I was excited because we got to snuggle on the couch after breakfast, and watch Mickey Mouse, instead of getting ready right away!  We watched Mickey for a while, then I told Mommy, "bye bye," so she would know I was ready to go somewhere.  She knew just what I wanted, so we went upstairs and got ready!

I could not believe it when Mommy put my clothes on and Mickey was on my shirt!  I talked all about it and told Mommy how neat that was!

We got in the car and went on the big road that means we are going somewhere really fun!  We went to a fun store and bought bouncy balls and other fun stuff for my birthday party.  I don't know what we are doing, but it sounds like fun.  I heard my mom talking about cars, cupcakes, Oreos, and girls.  What could be more fun than that?!?

We went to another store where Mommy bought a big dump truck toy, and then went to one of those windows where you drive up and they give you food.  Mommy went to a good one this time, and I ate cinnamon twists all the way home, and a taco when we got home.  

Then, I took a nap, and had a snack when I woke up.  We played outside for a few minutes, then went to the park, then to Walmart!  Mommy bought me a little green chair to go outside, and I love it!  She went inside to get something and I stood up in my chair and watched her through the window.  She just laughed and shook her head when she saw me!

Daddy had to work through supper, so we had pizza and breadsticks for dinner.  We watched Mickey while we ate, then played outside again.  I love for my Mom and Dad to take this long green thing out there and spray me with water from it!  I think it is so funny!  I like it so much that I asked Mommy to water her flowers three times yesterday so she would get it out and spray me.

We ended the day with a book, and a bath, then I went to sleep with bunny.  It was a great day, but I did miss Daddy!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Get Fit Friday: The Whole Story

I know I didn't post a GFF post last Friday, but it was NOT because I was because we headed to the beach that day and I forgot my iPad!  I was plotting my GFF post in my head and planning to do it that night at the beach after Fitz went to bed, but I walked right out the door and left my iPad and laptop at home.  All I had was my phone, and it's too difficult to post to the blog from my phone, so I just waited until this week.

At this point, I don't remember how I did last week with eating and exercising, but I know that we ate fried shrimp, french fries and donuts at the beach...and loved every bite.  Last year when we went to the beach, we were doing that stupid HCG diet and could not eat anything good at all, so we were looking forward to The Shrimp Basket this year, and donuts for breakfast.  We were not disappointed.

Speaking of the HCG diet, I've decided that I will NEVER do it again.  The first time I did it, I didn't gain the weight back, but the two rounds I've done since then?  As soon as I started eating real food again, I started gaining it back.  Over it.  Not doing it again.  Anyway, back to this week.

Eating - This week, starting Monday, I kept track of everything I ate, and I think that really helped me.  Knowing that I was going to report to you what I ate made me make good choices all week long.  So, here goes...

Monday:  Breakfast - coffee, Special K breakfast sandwich, slice of cheese
                   Lunch - apple, 3 slices lunch meat, cheese, Greek yogurt
                   Dinner - peanut butter and crackers, 60 calorie Mango fruit pop

Tuesday:  Breakfast - coffee, Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich, Greek yogurt
                     Lunch - Salad Bowl (300 cal), crackers, Fiber One Brownie
                     Dinner - Egg Beaters, Microwave bacon, Mango pop

Wednesday:  Breakfast - Jimmy Dean sandwich, Greek yogurt, coffee
                           Lunch - McDonald's Grilled chicken sandwich, fries
                           Dinner - Grilled chicken salad with bleu cheese dressing

Thursday:  Breakfast - JD sandwich, Greek yogurt, coffee
                       Lunch - Salad Bowl, crackers, Fiber One brownie
                       Dinner - Baked chicken, slice of cheese

Friday:  Breakfast - JD sandwich, Greek yogurt, coffee
                 Lunch - Chicken Quesadilla, chips and salsa
                 Dinner - Fried chicken, mac and cheese, cheesecake (IT'S FRIDAY)

I mostly drink Diet Coke with meals, but I also drank at least 100 ounces of water every day this week (that's normal for me).  As you can see, we like to eat whatever we want on Friday nights, but I plan to continue to do well the rest of the weekend.  I realize that what I ate for dinner Monday night was ridiculous, but I wasn't very hungry.  I also realize that I should snack a little to keep my metabolism up during the day, but I had such a crazy busy week that I didn't have time to snack during the day.  I had court every day this week, except today, when I had appointments all day long.  So, I will try to do a snack in the morning next week, but other than that, I'm pleased with how well I ate this week!

Exercise - I am SO happy with my exercise this week!  On Monday, I did 40 minutes on the elliptical, set on Level 2 Intervals.  Tuesday, I did 30 minutes of Level 2 Intervals in the morning, then ran 2 miles that night.  Wednesday, I did 30 minutes of Level 2 Intervals that morning.  Thursday, I totally mixed it up and ran outside that morning instead of going to the gym.  I'm glad it is finally light early enough for me to run outside in the morning!  I ran 2 miles.  This morning, I ran 2 miles again before work.

I do better with running in the morning, as I've mentioned before, and I like to run a new route every time so I have new things to look at while I run.  I snapped the top picture above as I started out on my run this morning, and the bottom pic is a screen shot of the RunKeeper app, which tracks my route, time and pace.  I've started going to different neighborhoods on every run, and I LOVE it.  I ran 6 miles this week.  In 1 month, I will do a 10k and run 6 miles at one time.  I must step it up before then, and start doing longer runs, but I am very happy with what I did this week!

Weight - Ok, y'all know I'm scared to weigh myself.  Is it just me?  Anyway, I weighed last Friday because I planned to do a GFF post, and then ate all that stuff at the beach, did better during this week and weighed again today.  I lost 1 pound since last Friday, and could not be happier!  It makes me feel so much better when I eat well and exercise, and actually see progress on the scale!  Woohoo!

I definitely feel like I made progress this week and plan to keep it up for sure next week!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


This Wednesday, I'm loving...

these new Under Armour running socks I got at the UA outlet at the beach:

I love that the pack has 6 NEON colored pairs of socks, and they hug your feet, but also feel like you don't have socks on, when you run.  I wish you could see how NEON they really are but it doesn't show up well in this pic.

I also LOVE Fitz's 2 year old pics that I just got back from the photographer today:

Kamin always does a great job with Fitz, and these are no exception!

He's wearing Polo from head to toe.  Don't you just love little boy clothes??

And I really like this one that she snapped of both of us:

Those are my loves this week.  What about you?

Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Beach Getaway

This weekend, we took a quick little trip down to Gulf Shores.  We love the beach, and our sweet friends who let us stay in their condo!

I had court Friday morning, and as soon as I finished, we hit the road!  After stopping for lunch, we were on our way.  We got there just in time to grab a few groceries, unload the car and have an early dinner.  Despite the 3.5 hour drive, Fitz did not take a nap, and he was done with Friday early!  We went back to the condo, and were in our jammies by about 6:00!

After a great night's sleep, we were ready for the beach by about 8:00 Saturday morning!

We played in the sand and in our little pool...

We relaxed and had some snacks...

Fitz thought it was really fun to feed the birds and hear them squawk for more!

He loves to feel a breeze so much that it lulled him right to sleep.

But when he woke up, he was ready to play some more!

We tried to take some cute beach pics like we did last year, but he was not having it this time!

Speaking of last year, y'all know I love a comparison shot, so here he is on the beach last year and this year:
And here we are together, last year on the top, this year on the bottom:

We had fun with on our little mini-beach trip with our boy, and we think it will be even more fun when he's a little older and can really play out there in the sand!  He was a little unsure of the water this time, but he did love being outside!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cleft Clinic Checkup

Today, we had our 6 month checkup at the cleft clinic.  We had an early appointment, which turned out great even though we had to leave our house super early this morning!  Fitz did not care to sit in the waiting room coloring for any length of time, other than long enough for me to snap that first picture. After that, Tootsie pulled him in the wagon while I listened for our name to be called.

As usual, they checked his ears first, to see if his tubes are clear.  The Audiologist said it looks like they could be occluded, so they called in some drops to see if that will clear them up.  

Then, we saw the speech pathologist.  She is a little concerned that Fitz is not making "b" and "p" sounds yet, and wants us to work on that.  She said starting preschool in the fall will help with his speech, and she will check him again in 6 months.  If there is no improvement, he will start working with speech therapists and pathologists at that time.  

Last, we saw the plastic surgeon.  He said Fitz looks great!  He said the palate looks really good with no gaps and great muscle movement!  All around good news!

After we left, we took Fitz to the park to play a while.

He had a great time swinging and sliding, as he always does!

He played with Tootsie and Uncle Zac after lunch while I went to the dentist, and then we did a little shopping before we headed home.  It was a long day, but also fun, and of course, we always love hearing from Dr. Grant that Fitz is healing well and looking good (we obviously agree!)!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Today, I'm loving Nordstrom Rack and Heddy B!

I've talked about my friend Heather (aka Heddy) before on the blog, but I don't think I've ever explained how we met and became such good friends.  We met the summer before I started law school when we both worked for a firm that handled real estate closings.  She was the closing secretary and I was hired to be the receptionist for the summer.  She says when she heard me talking during my interview, she told our boss that I would not fit in there because I talked "all proper".

I got the job, and we clicked pretty quickly and became friends.  I started law school in Birmingham, and she lived in Chilton County, (where we both live now) a faraway place I had never really given much thought to.  We stayed in touch through law school, and got together a few times during those three years.  When I graduated, I got a job in Chilton County!  It was totally a God thing for me to already have a friend here, because she was the only person I knew in the whole area.  We became much closer after I moved here, and now I can't imagine my life without her!  She is always supportive, cracks me up, loves to shop, and the best hostess I know to guests in her home.  Love me some Heddy!

So, Heddy has a Nordstrom credit card, and a new Nordstrom Rack is opening this week in Birmingham.  Since she is a cardholder, she was invited to a pre-opening sale at the store this week before it opened to the public, and she brought me along as her guest!

We walked in and waitresses handed us tiny bottles of champagne!

We visited every section of the store, trying on different things and taking photos as we went:

We loaded up our shopping cart all along the way, and finally got enough things to head to the fitting room, where we stayed for about an hour!

It was so much fun!  Waiters and waitresses walked around the whole time passing out appetizers and tiny desserts on little fancy!

They had tons of high-end brand name clothes and accessories at really great prices!  I can't wait to shop there more, and I am so thankful that I got to go to the preview sale!  We found lots of goodies and loaded up:

So today, I'm loving this new store, and my best friend, Heather!

What are you loving?

Monday, May 13, 2013

Zoo 5k

Saturday morning, we had our May 5k, the Birmingham Zoo Run for Painted Dogs!  I have been really looking forward to this run, because I like to have something interesting to look at while I run, and what's better than a bunch of animals?  I was not disappointed!

All week, the forecast called for rain on Saturday, and I had planned to bring Fitz and push him while I ran, so I was really hoping it would not rain.  My friend Denise was planning to bring Mary Eloise, too, so the babies could play after the run, and rain would just not do.  Our sweet husbands decided during the week that they would come and take care of the kids so we could really run, and it turned out to be so much fun, and it did not rain a drop!

A few of our regular runners had other plans this time, and we missed them, but we also had a couple of friends who have never run with us before, and that was a lot of fun!

Jessy and I

Amanda, Me, Denise

 The run started in the zoo parking lot, and went around the back entrance to the zoo, then through the zoo, outside again, and then ended inside the zoo.  During our first loop through the zoo, we passed the giraffe enclosure, and the giraffes started running along side us!  It was so neat to see those HUGE animals running with us!

It was fun to see the other animals, too, but not so much fun to smell them while we ran, ha!

It was really cool to have a cheering section right before crossed the finish line!  John, Fitz, Jason, Mary Eloise, and Amanda's husband Jason were all right there waiting for us, waving and cheering and I loved that!  John took this photo of me right before I crossed the finish line:

My goal was to beat my last time of 34 minutes (not counting the Autism race, where I finished in 29 minutes, which I now know was not a full 3.1 miles!), and I did it!  Here's the text I got after I crossed the finish line:

I was SO excited!  I hope I can continue to beat my time and improve at every race, as I have done so far!

Fitz quickly took my post-race gatorade for himself, and was proud of himself for carrying around his big boy cup and drinking all of it:

Fitz and Mary Eloise were really sweet and had fun playing together after the race.

I love how John and Fitz both had on Polo shirts with cargo shorts.  I snapped this sweet picture of my two men after the run:

We spotted a few animals on our way out.

Fitz really wanted to grab this peacock!

It was a really fun day for Mother's Day weekend, and we all had a blast at the zoo!  I think it may be my favorite run of the year so far!