Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Blog Makeover!

How do you like the new, updated, refreshed blog?!?  I love it so much!  My talented, creative former college roommate, Kristin, did my makeover, and isn't is so much better?

I started the blog when I was pregnant, thus the name, The Garrett's are Growing, and the former header photos, which were an ultrasound picture and a wedding picture.  I guess I should have known at the time that we would not be growing forever, but let's just blame that on pregnancy brain!  Anyway, now that Fitz is almost TWO(!), I figured it was time for a change!  First change: the name!  We are NOT growing anymore, unless God has other plans, so I had to come up with something else.  I settled on "He's Given Us Fitz!"  I was pretty proud of myself for that name.

We also updated the background, and I love how much brighter it is!  Much more ME than the previous background.  Next up, header photos.  I want people to see our current family, not one from two years ago, and I love all of these photos.  I updated my profile picture, and cleaned up my reading lists on the side, to take out some blogs that don't post as often.  I am more than happy with the results!

If you want to update your blog, check Kristin out!  She has great creativity, and can put your vision into reality perfectly.  If you don't blog, she also does gorgeous invitations, note cards, Christmas cards, and any other printing need you may have!  I highly recommend her, not only because she is my friend, but also because she is just that GOOD.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Posing, Pouncing, Partying

That's what we did on Saturday!  The forecast called for rain, but it stayed away and we had a fun day!  We started our day by getting Fitz's 2 year old pictures taken...it is hard to believe it's time for that, but he will be 2 in a month!

After pictures, we met up with Tootsie in a small city near us for the Strawberry Festival.  Our friends from church were there, and we had fun visiting with them and checking out the booths selling things like jam, crafts, and clothes.  Then, we found the kids' zone and petted some ponies before we found the bouncy houses.  Fitz got excited and wanted to jump and pounce!

Tootsie had never seen Fitz jump in one of these things and it made her nervous!  A couple of bigger kids got in to jump and started wrestling with each other.  And then one of them tried to wrestle with Fitz, and I thought Tootsie was going to come unglued!  She said, "Get off of him!"  When the kid did not respond right away, she said, "If you don't get off of him, I'm going to come in there and make you!"  I was on the other side of the bounce house, so I let her handle it, but we got out soon after that, ha!

We ate lunch with Tootsie, and then headed to Fitz's friend Sadie's birthday party.  Sadie goes to the same babysitter as Fitz, and he adores her!  He had a blast on the playground at her party, then got excited when she opened her gift from us:

He also met a new younger lady, and had fun checking her out, too!

We had a really fun day, and Fitz was exhausted on our way home.

When we got home, he took about an hour nap, and would have slept longer, but I woke him up because it was a late nap, and I didn't want him to not be able to go to sleep at bedtime!  He had so much fun playing with his friends and bouncing in the bounce house, so I know he will LOVE the birthday party we are planning for him!

Friday, April 26, 2013


That's what I've been this week regarding exercising and eating well...a slacker.  I did not run at all this week.  At all.  I did not eat well at all this week.  AT.  ALL.  I'm confessing to you now that I did not weigh myself this morning because I am scared that it will say I gained 20 lbs.  No, I didn't eat THAT badly, but I gain so easily that it scares me to see.

Sunday was my secretary's birthday, so I brought her cake and goodies to work on Monday.  I had to eat it with her, otherwise, that would have been rude.  Right?  That evening, I had to clean my house after Fitz went to bed, so there was no evening run.  I did do 40 minutes of Intervals on the elliptical machine that morning.

Tuesday, I got my hair done that morning, and had to work hard on a divorce trial at work all day, then had a Thirty One Party at my house Tuesday night, for which I made Symphony Bar Brownies, Crescent Cream Cheese Sausage Squares, Chips and Dip, Cupcakes and Buffalo Chicken Dip.  The buffalo dip was from the Hungry Girl website, but everything else was fatty and delicious.  Obviously, there was no running that night, but I did my 40 minutes of elliptical intervals again that morning at the gym.

Wednesday morning I did not make it to the gym because I wanted to be in the office super early to prepare for a divorce trial that I had that day.  I like to be super organized and have my file all tabbed up, and some questions (with different colors of ink) written out and ready to go for trial.  I took Fitz to the babysitter's house early (bless her!) and got to the office early.  For lunch, I took my secretary to eat for Administrative Professional's Day (she's the best one!), so I didn't eat the salad I would have eaten at home, but we didn't eat too badly either.  I didn't run that night because I was drained.  I get a rush of adrenaline when I'm in a big trial, but once it's over, I'm exhausted.

Thursday morning I did my 40 minutes of elliptical intervals and then had to be back at court early.  I didn't eat terribly bad, but I didn't run either.  I just didn't do it.

This morning I did 30 minutes of elliptical intervals, and now I'm at work.  Monday is John's birthday, so I'm sure we will have some cake next week, but other than that, I plan to do MUCH better and NOT be a slacker next week.  I will run at least 3 days next week.  Now that I have committed to it, I better do it!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Bees and Innocence

Every spring, we have HUGE bumble bees in our backyard, right near the door. They have been here since I moved in, and come back every year.  See how big?

Anyway, Fitz does not know to be scared of them, and finds them fascinating!  He especially likes it when they dart at each other, or hover right above his head, looking at him!  I tried to catch it on video:

He got bored with them pretty quickly and went back to sliding, but I just think it is so funny that he likes them so much.

See those huge pots?  They may not look like much right now, but they will this summer!  For my birthday, my mom got me these giant hibiscus plants.  We saw them on the home shopping channel one day, and they were about 5 feet tall!  I can not wait to see if mine bloom like that!  I will keep y'all posted.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Get Fit Friday

I'm back with my weekly updates on getting fit!  Last Friday, I was in Las Vegas enjoying completely non-healthy food, and I loved every minute of it.  It was worth doing that crazy diet we did to look relatively cute in all of our photos, though, and I plan to resume healthy eating now that we are back in the real world. Vegas is NOT the real world!

Eating - this week, I have eaten pretty well.  No fatty takeout, except a small amount of cheese dip on my girls' night.  I have been very conscious of food this week, and hope to do even better next week!

Exercise - I have done very well exercising this week!  I went to the gym every morning (except today) and did intervals on the elliptical machine for 35-40 minutes each time.  I also ran Monday night and Thursday night after Fitz went to bed!  I was just trying that out this week, and it works, timing-wise, but I think I run better earlier in the day.  I'm not going to stop though.  I wish daylight came before Fitz woke up, but it doesn't and I'm not looking to make excuses!  I will just keep trying!

Weight - I knew I gained weight while we were on our trip, and I had a number in mind that I hoped I had not gone over.  I weighed this morning and I was right on that number!  That means I gained about 5 pounds since I stopped the diet.  Not terribly bad for the amount of calories we consumed last week.  It is SO easy for me to gain weight, and I have to just get it through my thick head that every bite matters in my body.  I can not slack off all the time and still lose, or not gain.  I just can't.

I feel good about this week and hope to do even better next week!  I will keep y'all posted!  Thank you for keeping me accountable.  I did not feel like running last night, but I knew it would look better on this post if I said I ran two nights this week instead of just one, so I did it anyway.  THAT is why I do these posts!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Today, I'm loving girlfriends.

Last night, I went to dinner with my friends Jenny and Ashley from high school.  We try to get together every other month or so and keep up with each other, and our dinners are such a blessing to me.  We took this photo last night...

I'll get a photo of all three of us next time, this is me and Jenny.

which made me think of all the photos we took in the good old days when we were in high school.  Of course, I had to dig up a few.  Jenny and Ashley were cheerleaders, and I was the mascot, so I did everything with the cheerleaders.  We had so much fun together!  Here we are at the football banquet one year:

Me, Jenny, Ashley

And here we are at graduation:

Me, Ashley, Jenny

There's just something special about spending time with people you grew up with.  Girlfriends who knew you when you were in those awkward years.  Girlfriends who were with you for major events in your life.  Childhood friends, all grown up.  It's crazy to talk about how different our lives are now, and different things we are doing.  It's fun to talk about different people from high school and what they're doing.  Ashley's not on FB, so we have to fill her in!

I'm blessed to have different groups of girlfriends, of all ages, and all different times in my life, so today, I'm loving girlfriends.

What about you?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Just Fitz

I figured since my last few posts were all about our trip, that I would dedicate this one to just Fitz!

Sunday afternoon, we went to our friend Graham's birthday party.  It was supposed to be at a park, but it was chilly and rainy all day Sunday, so they had the party at his Dad's fire station instead.  They had plenty of big balls to play with, so that was fine with Fitz.  Graham's mommy, Haley (one of my running buddies), fixed Fitz his own special goody bag with lots of suckers, which was fine with Fitz, too!

He has a sucker in each hand!
 We played in our own garage once we got back home.

We missed Fitz a lot while we were gone, but it was so nice to get away together and just spend time together.  I think it's really important to nourish your marriage and make time for each other, because that is the foundation of your family.  We plan to make it up to Fitz by taking him to the beach next month, though!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Vegas Vacation: Part II

Friday morning in Vegas, we started out by having the breakfast buffet at our hotel.  It was just as good as the lunch buffet we had on Wednesday and we were absolutely stuffed!  Afterwards, we headed down to check out the Miracle Mile shops at Planet Hollywood.  The picture below is inside PH, where they have a thunderstorm every half hour.  INSIDE the shops.

It was so neat and sounded real!

We walked and shopped, walked and shopped, and gambled a little on our way.

We kept walking down the Strip after we left PH, and John was ecstatic to see Allen from The Hangover!  We just had to stop and get a photo with him.  He is John's favorite person from the movie, ha.

We visited M&M's World, where there are 4 levels of M&M goodies, and I had my photo taken with Miss Brown.

I am a people watcher, and Vegas is THE perfect place to watch some crazy people!  Like this guy:

One of the places we really liked was New York, New York, as I mentioned already, but here's a pic of it:

Friday afternoon, we checked out The Venetian, with its river that flows INSIDE the shops and casino.  We didn't take a gondola ride, but we enjoyed watching the people who did.

Later that afternoon, we drove down to Fremont Street to check out old school Vegas.  It looks like it is straight out of the 1970's with no updates at all!

While we were in that part of town, we had to check out the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop from the TV show, Pawn Stars.  We watch it all the time, and it was really cool to see it in person.  None of the stars were there, but we did get to go inside and take some photos.  It is much smaller than it looks on TV!

We finished out the night by gambling (just a little), and walking the Strip gawking at the crazy sights.

This was probably the best vacation we have ever taken!  We walked many miles.  We ate way too much food.  We saw normal people, and crazy looking people.  John commented that once the sun goes down in Vegas, the girls' dresses and skirts shrink up.  We saw couples walking down the strip pushing their babies (!) while drinking beer.  We paid too much for nearly everything we did and ate.  We saw the Hoover Dam, and learned all about it.  We drove around in our convertible with the top down, and never got lost.  We charmed strangers with our accents.  We finally saw some Elvis impersonators, and some hookers.  We shook our heads over and over at the people on the street passing out invitations to strip clubs.  We had beautiful weather, with hardly a cloud in the sky.  We talked and laughed and spent quality time together.  It was worth every single penny.

I feel so blessed to have a husband who makes me laugh, and who I can have fun with.  We had so much fun laughing together and talking about everything we saw.  We had fun not having to talk at all, but communicating with looks when talking wasn't possible.  We are so thankful to Tootsie and Uncle Zac for taking care of Fitz while we were gone, and we can not wait for our next adventure!  If you've ever wanted to go to Vegas, book your trip and go now!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Vegas Vacation: Part I

We left VERY early Wednesday morning for our 5 year anniversary trip.  Our destination?  Las Vegas, Nevada!  It is somewhere both John and I have wanted to visit, and we had the best time ever.  We booked our vacation through Southwest Vacations, and I would highly recommend it both for price, and ease.  We had no problems at all with any reservation we made, and everything went so smoothly!  Our flight to Las Vegas had one stop in Houston, and then we arrived in Vegas at about 10:45 a.m. local time.  We picked up our Mustang convertible rental car, and set out to find the Aria, which was where we stayed. This was what greeted us in the lobby:

Our fabulous room was on the 52nd floor, with this daytime view:

and this nighttime view:

The Aria is one of the newer hotels and everything was so nice and modern!  Everything in the room was controlled by an iPad type device on the nightstand:  lights, tv, curtains, everything.  There was a keypad by the front door, where you could press a button for service, or one to indicate privacy, and it would illuminate on the outside of the door.  There was also a keypad on each side of the bed to use the bedside lamp, overhead reading lamp, and one that said "goodnight".  If you pressed it, it would turn the tv off and close the curtains automatically.  It was so cool!

After we checked out the room, we headed downstairs and had our first Vegas buffet.  It was spectacular and we were so stuffed that we didn't eat dinner until about 10:00 that night!  After lunch, we set out to see some sights.  One of our first stops was Caesar's Palace, where we checked out the Forum Shops, and all of the beautiful statues, like this one:

Later that evening, we went to the Bellagio, which was not far from our hotel, and we were absolutely fascinated with their Conservatory.  It was so pretty and unexpected!  We were walking through to get to the famous water/light show outside, but were caught up in the lobby.  Here's a few of the things we saw:

And we thought the water/light show was breathtaking!  Seeing this on TV does NOT do it justice.  It was amazing!

Thursday morning, we left fairly early (by Vegas standards) to find the Hoover Dam.  First, we stopped at the famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign to take a few pictures.

Next, we stopped at The Coffee Cup Cafe, which we saw on the Food Network show, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.  The omelets and pancakes were awesome and we highly recommend it!  The Cafe is in Boulder City, and made a perfect stop on our way to Hoover Dam.

We paid to take the Dam tour, and found it very interesting!  They take groups of about 20 people at a time for the in-depth tour, and we all had a great time making dam jokes and learning about the history of the dam.  There are 4 vents in the dam, and on the tour, you get to go up to one of them and look out.  Here we are IN the Hoover Dam:

Looking down from the top of the dam:

I posted on Facebook that I thought we looked pretty dam cute (ha!):

We went back to the hotel and took a little rest after we went to the dam, then we had dinner at the Bellagio, and walked down the Vegas Strip to the MGM hotel, where we had tickets to a show later that night.  We saw the Cirque show, Ka, which was a little odd, but still entertaining!

After the show, we walked across the street to New York, New York, and went exploring more.  It was really cool, and looked a lot like the real New York City on the inside.  You could almost forget that you were inside, instead of outside.  It had little sidewalk cafes, and skyscrapers, all inside surrounding the casino.

We got back to our hotel pretty late that night (very late for us!), and went to bed so we could get up and explore more the next day!  That's enough for one post, but come back tomorrow to hear about the rest of our trip!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


First up for this Wednesday, I'm loving:

these super cute sandals I found at Target for $3.76!!

this new wallpaper for my phone, from the CocoPPa app:

as always, I love this boy and his adventurous, exploring spirit the most:

I'm also loving the fact that when y'all read this, I will be on an airplane with my sweet husband!

I will not be doing a fitness post Friday, but I will be back with that next Friday, and I'm sure I will update before then with pictures from our trip!

What are you loving?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Autism 5k

Paula, Haley, Me, Pam, Heather

Time for another race!  This one was unlike any other we have done so far, for many reasons.  First, our group was smaller than normal.  Some of our friends had other commitments and were unable to participate.  

Second, the race was on gravel trails!  We are usually running on pavement, so it was kind of cool to run on a different substance, and very pretty on the trail, through the woods.

Now for the bad differences...this race was very unorganized, which is difficult for a Type A like myself.  At the starting line, there was no one to tell us which direction we were supposed to run!  And no countdown or starting gunshot, people just started running?!?  Then, there were no signs along the path to tell us which direction to go, so if you did not keep up with a crowd, it was easy to get lost.  We also had to cross back over where we started and loop back around to finish, which made you think you were finished early, only to learn that you had farther to go, ha!

Of course, we had accessories to go along with the event!

We had fun because we were all running together, but if I had to guess, I would say we won't be doing this race again, but I am glad we were able to support a great cause!