Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

Happy Easter!

I don't really know if we will say the Easter Bunny came, but Fitz definitely got some fun Easter goodies this morning!  (We do Santa, but growing up, the Easter Bunny never came to see us, although we got Easter I don't know what we'll tell Fitz, but this year it didn't matter, ha)

Instead of filling his basket this year, I filled these nesting Easter eggs I found at Hobby Lobby.

The largest egg was full of Dum Dum suckers, the next largest (blue) egg had other eggs in it, the pink egg had some fun bubbles, and the smallest egg had other Easter candy (that we got at the egg hunt yesterday, ha ha!).

Fitz was excited about all of them!  He also got a Mickey Mouse movie with a Mickey-mote, and two fun books.

He liked the books as much as he liked the other stuff!

After we played for a while, we got ready for church.  Daddy had to work today, but Tootsie and Uncle Zac were at church to worship with us, and celebrate our risen Savior!
Look at these two, making the same face at me when I asked them to look at the camera!

Mrs. Margie brought her grandson, Garner, but they left after the worship service, before we had brunch.  Fitz shared his toys with him before he left.

I know I've said it before, but I LOVE our church family.  Our preacher's wife, and good friend, Mrs. Pam, bought the cutest Easter eggs for Fitz, filled with goodies specifically picked with his tastes in mind, and we had a little egg hunt after brunch, just for Fitz.

He had a great time "finding" the eggs!

He got two sweet books, candy, yogurt covered raisins, and sour apple frosted animal cookies, which looked gross, but he loved them!

 Mrs. Pam said she found these eggs at the Dollar Store, but are they not the cutest eggs ever?!?

We've had a wonderful Easter weekend, full of love and blessings, and celebrating the only living God!  Thank you, Jesus, for taking my sin on the cross and dying for all of us.  I'm also thankful that you are alive today, and that those of us who believe in you, will have everlasting life in you.  We praise your Holy, everlasting, full of peace, loving name!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Egg Hunt 2013

Time for the annual Easter Egg Hunt at our friends Kristy and Skylar's church! In case you don't remember, last year Fitz was a little young for it, and couldn't even get around by himself.  But he made up for it this year!

There was a little program first with skits, a drama presentation and a couple of songs.  Then we had lunch, where Fitz ate a hot dog for the first time, chips and dip (he loves that!), cheeseballs, sweet-tarts and a sucker.  He loved it all!

Then it was finally time for the main event!

He still didn't really understand that the point is to get as many eggs as possible, but he sure had a good time running around and pointing at all of them.

He loved picking them up, but instead of collecting them in his basket, he wanted to play with each one.

As you all know, if this boy is outside, he is HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY.

Kristy and I had to help him get all of his eggs since he was more interested in playing with one at a time, and eating his sucker.

He wound up with a pretty good haul!

Our church is very small, and the next youngest child after Fitz is 17 years old, so we are always so thankful to Kristy's church for making us feel welcome at all of their fun events for children!  We're looking forward to celebrating our Risen Savior with our church family tomorrow!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Get Fit Friday

Here we go, third week of updates in a row!  Y'all should be really proud of me!

Exercise - I did not do as well this week as I did last week, mostly because we are still on this crazy diet and I lose enough without exercising at all, but also because it has been freaking cold this week here!  I am so ready for Spring weather.  Anyway, I did go to the gym and use the elliptical machine 3 out of 5 days this week, for 30-40 minutes each time.  I figure that's more than a lot of people do anyway, so I'm okay with that.

Food - We are still on the HCG diet, and I have stuck with it all week, with the exception of last Friday night.  Remember - I told you that we planned to have a cheat night that night.  For my cheat dinner, I had an 8 oz steak with the fat trimmed off, and a salad with lettuce, cheese and bacon bits and ranch dressing.  It was delicious, and I gained a pound (which I lost again the next day), and it was totally worth it.  Since then, I have stuck strictly to the diet requirements.  I plan to cheat again on Sunday.  It's Easter, and at our church, we always have brunch following our service.  I plan to eat that day and not worry about it at all.

Weight - I've lost 4 more pounds since last Friday, for a total of 19 pounds since we started this diet!  It would have been a little more if we had not had the cheat night, but I don't care.  Four pounds is enough for a week!  We should finish this diet at the end of next week, then the real fun begins.

That's the whole update for this week.  I am proud of my progress, and hope it continues.  How did you do this week?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Today, I'm loving a few things, and not loving others.

I'm loving how much Fitz is learning these days!  He amazes me with how much he understands, how he can follow directions (sometimes), and how much he can now communicate.  We've been doing a few baby sign language signals with him, and the one he uses the most is the sign for "all done" when he is done eating.  He does it consistently when he is done with his food.  The past few days, however, he has done it when he just wants to get down from his highchair to play!  When he sees his Daddy lay down on the couch under a blanket, he tells me he is "all done" whether he really is or not!  I don't love that he didn't finish eating, but I do love that he figured out that if he says he is all done, I will put him down.  Smart little cookie!

This morning, he told me he was all done, then jumped down and ran over to his Daddy and did this:

I am NOT loving that our Supreme Court is hearing arguments this week about whether gay marriage is constitutional.  I think it is appalling that they are having to hear arguments about that topic.  I do not believe government has any place in marriage.  Government did not create marriage; God did.  God invented marriage well before the Constitution of the United States was even a thought; thousands of years prior to the Constitution being created.  And when God invented it, he invented marriage for one man and one woman.  Anything else is a sin, is not biblical, is wrong, however you look at it.  I think marriage should be left to the church; although in this time we live in, there are shockingly enough, churches who are okay with gay marriage as well.  I'm sure God is just shaking his head about it.

God did not invent marriage that way because he hates homosexuals, or thinks that they are inferior, or for any other reason than that he loves us.  He makes all of his commandments and "rules" out of his love for us.  Just imagine the heartache and disease that could be prevented if we just obeyed his commandments.  I am not saying these things because I am perfect, because I am a sinner, too.  I'm not saying these things because I hate homosexuals, because I don't.  I wouldn't hate them because they choose to sin differently than I do.  But I won't celebrate their sin either, or be in favor of making it legal.  If our Supreme Court chooses to make it legal, there will be repercussions for this country, but I have no fear or worry about that, because I am a child of God.  Forgiven by Him and loved by Him, and my destiny is in Heaven worshipping Him.

Please join me in praying for wisdom for our Supreme Court as they make their decision this week.

On a (much) lighter note, I'm also LOVING Matilda Jane clothing these days.  I have seen their stuff before for little girls and think it is adorable, but I recently discovered that they make adult clothes as well.  Look at these so cute pants I just got:

I'll post a better pic one day when I have a whole outfit on, but they have large ruffles at the bottom and they are just SO stinking cute!

So, that's what I'm loving...and also what I'm not loving this Wednesday, what about you?

Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Recap

We had a great weekend!  It started off Friday night with Fitz feeding himself yogurt...all by himself!  I know some other kids may already be proficient with using a spoon, but I usually just feed Fitz myself.  I stepped away to get something and when I came back, he was feeding himself his yogurt.  Go Fitz!

Saturday morning, I posted this pic of Fitz and got tons of comments:

He had asked for a Dum Dum sucker, and it was 7:00 a.m., so I said no.  He can certainly let us know when he's not happy about something!  But just 5 minutes later, he was happy again.  All it takes is something to distract him.

He loves to go "nye-nye" (that's how he says bye bye), so on Saturday morning, we went to Hobby Lobby just to look around.  Look what we found as soon as we walked in the door:

Fitz loves Easter eggs, and has been playing with some already this year, so he was very excited to find that HUGE egg!  It has four smaller eggs nested inside.  It was also 40% off!

After a little shopping, we went home, ate lunch and took a nap.  Fitz slept for three hours!

Sunday, we went to worship first, as usual, and Fitz was SO good!  He enjoys church, but sometimes he only wants to go outside and play with Uncle Zac instead of staying inside.  This Sunday, he stayed inside the whole time and played and ate his snack.  We went to Tootsie's house after church because we were going to a baby shower later that afternoon, and didn't want to drive all the way home and then back for the shower.  Fitz had a good time playing with Uncle Zac, then took a two hour nap.

The baby shower was for our good friends' son and daughter-in-law, and was for everyone at our church.  Fitz had a great time entertaining everyone, and finally got him a sucker:

One friend of ours brought her grandson, Garner, and Fitz got a little jealous when Tootsie held him, ha!

Garner wanted to play on the floor, so Tootsie told Fitz to sit by him...instead Fitz sat ON him?!?

Thank goodness, Garner didn't seem to mind!  That child is so funny!

We hope you had a great weekend, too!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Get Fit Friday

Look at that!  I kept up my Get Fit Friday updates two weeks in a row!  

Exercise - I did pretty good this week.  I went to the gym and did the elliptical machine for 30-40 minutes every morning except for Wednesday.  On Wednesday, I ran after lunch instead of going to the gym in the morning.  I tried out a different route, and loved doing something different than the usual walking path I normally take.  It helped my run go a lot faster, too.  The beauty of the Run Keeper app on my phone is that I can really run anywhere and it will tell me how far I've gone, as well as my pace and time.  Love it.  Here's how I did:

When I stopped it, I was walking, hence the weird current pace!

Food - We are still doing the HCG diet, so we are eating a very low calorie diet, and I've stuck to it all week.  I am so ready for some real food!  We decided to have a sort of cheat night tonight and have a steak for dinner.  John and I are both looking so forward to it!  This is how sad the HCG diet is:  I told John that I'm even looking forward to the salad with cheese and bacon bits on it, and a little dressing!  Ha!

Weight - Since we're on this ultra crazy diet, I've lost another 6 lbs since last Friday's update!  Seriously, I've lost 15 lbs in the past (almost) 2 weeks.  We're halfway done with the diet, and then the serious updates will begin with how I manage to keep it off this time.

So that's it for this week.  In case you missed it, I posted the other day that I can now zip and button the mini skirt I wore on my first date with John, when I was at my smallest weight.  I hope to update in a few more weeks that it actually looks cute again because it wasn't quite there, but at least it fits!  Tune in next week for another fitness update!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


This Wednesday, I'm loving:

1.  The fact that I tried on the denim mini skirt that I wore on my first date with John, and posted about here, and it fits.  I mean actually fits.  I didn't have to lay down on the bed or suck in really hard or anything.  It just buttoned and zipped right up.  It didn't look as cute as it did on our first date just yet, but it won't be long!!

2.  These new shoes that I got on clearance at Target for $19.99!!

3.  This sweet boy and his dancing, walking puppy.  It plays the "Tequila!" music when you push the button on his leash, and Fitz thinks it is so funny.  My friend Heather's mom bought it for him.  He will grab the leash and take it to the back door to take him outside, as if he's taking his puppy on a walk.  Too funny.

That's what I'm loving.  What about you?

Monday, March 18, 2013

Easter Pics 2013

I already shared one of Fitz's Easter pics on the blog, but here are the rest!

He loved the bunny so much, he had to give him some love:

Jen Cowsar did a great job again this year with our photos!

And just because I love a good comparison shot, here's last year on the left and this year on the right.  Whew!  A year can make such a HUGE difference!

Click here to see all of last year's Easter pics.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Future Ball Player?

The weather in our part of the world today was about as perfect as it can get!

Fitz and I were glad the weather was so pretty, because today was also our friend Skylar's first baseball game of the season!

Fitz had a great time at the ballpark.  He played in the dirt, crawled and walked all over the bleachers, got his first knee scrape, and barely cried; and loved standing at the fence and pointing to the big boys playing the game:

I have no idea if he will want to play baseball when he gets bigger or not, and either way is fine with me, but I think it would be so much fun to watch him play :)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Get Fit Friday: Confession

So, I didn't update last Friday because as I told you, my birthday was coming up, and I knew I would eat bad unhealthy for a few days (I changed that because the eating was GOOD!).  I did post about our Cow Patty Trot 5k, which was sort of a fitness post, but I decided to wait until today to start my regular Friday posts, so here we are.

First, I feel the need to make a confession.  I said in my last health/fitness post that I planned to get in shape and lose weight by running and eating right, and that is still my plan...BUT...we are going on a late anniversary trip in April, and John decided that he wanted to do the HCG diet again before we go because you lose so much weight on it, so fast.  It's much easier to do together than separately, so I told him I would do it with him.  I don't feel like it's cheating because you still have to be very careful about what you eat, and it's a very low calorie diet, not just a magic potion that makes you lose weight...although it does that, too!  At the start of the HCG diet, you "load" by eating high calorie foods for 2 days.  I pretty much loaded for 3 days since it was my birthday, and didn't officially start the diet until Tuesday.  I always gain during the "load" days, so my actual weight loss will be a little skewed.

Now that the confession is out of the way, on to exercise.  I went to the gym Monday and Tuesday mornings and ran Wednesday at lunch.  I was in court all day Thursday (until 6:30!), so I didn't exercise that day, but I went back to the gym this morning.  I feel good about my exercise this week, although I wish I had run a few more miles.  My plan is to maybe start running at night after Fitz goes to bed (at 7) since it stays light later now, instead of at lunch.  Lunch running was good when it was cold, but I can't be all sweaty going back to work, and it's only going to get warmer now that Spring is almost here.

And now for the big update.  Not counting the weight I gained from loading, I still lost 5 lbs this week!  If I add in the weight I gained from loading, I lost 9 lbs.  Don't worry, the HCG diet is only for 28 days, not forever, and the first week you always lose the most weight.  I have no idea if we'll be able to stick with it for a whole month, but I doubt it, and that's ok, too.

I'll be back next Friday with another Get Fit Friday update!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Monogrammed Birthday

I know, I know, I've talked about my birthday for a week now, but I wanted to share some of my cute birthday gifts with y'all.  I got tons of cute monogrammed stuff!

I got this super cute hat, and took it for a run this week:

If you're my friend on FB, you've already seen this awesome bracelet I got from my bestie, Heather:

Don't you love chevron print??
Speaking of chevron print...I also got this cute monogrammed pocket tee:

And last but not least, a "G" for the front door!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


This Wednesday, I'm loving...

Sweet encouragement and surprises from friends!  Sunday was my birthday, and when John left for work at 6 a.m., I heard him pause and not shut the front door behind him right away.  He said something was at the door.  With our jobs, it could have been a bomb, ha!  But it was a birthday gift!  My friend, Stephanie, whom I've mentioned on a WILW post before, left me a gift on my front steps!  She gave me these two books, a bottle of Smart Water (LOVE it), and a sweet card full of encouragement for my running endeavors.  She said the "Sole Sisters" book reminded her of me and my running girls.  How sweet is she??  I'm already reading Sole Sisters and loving it.  It is exactly what she intended for me:  encouraging.  Thank you, Stephanie!

I love birthdays, all the time, but today, I'm loving my favorite birthday gift, which was a new wedding band my sweet husband had made for me.  What makes it really special is that it was handmade using my Grandmother's diamonds.  The band on the top in the photo below is the new band, and as you can see, the jeweler did an amazing job of matching it exactly with my wedding band.  Oh, it is so meaningful, and so so blingy!!

God provided beautiful weather for my birthday, and I had a great day with this sweet boy, who I'm loving everyday:

We just got our Easter photos back this week and I am loving this one of Fitz:

He was totally fascinated by those ducks walking around and very pleased with himself when he snatched one up!  

I'll share more photos when I get them, but I had to share that today!

What are you loving?