Tuesday, December 31, 2013


The annual yearly review!
In January, we played outside and ...
 Mommy discovered that she can run!
February brought learning about animal sounds and a quick road trip to Mississippi.
March started out with a fun play date...
more running, and some cute Easter photos!
In April, John and I went to VEGAS and had the best trip we've ever taken together!!
May included a quick beach trip, as well as more fun at the pool!
May was also the month we lost our sweet Grandama.  We know she's having the time of her life in Heaven, but we sure do miss her here on Earth.
June included a birthday for Fitz, a fun girly trip for Mama, and peach festivities for the whole family!
July always means the family reunion and other family fun, too!
In August, Fitz did a couple of posts, and we had his preschool orientation!
In September, we talked about changes and passed the two year mark since Fitz's first surgery! 
October was tons of fun with the County Fair, the Pumpkin Patch, and Boo at the Zoo! 
November meant a quick getaway for Daddy and Mama, as well as family photos, and relaxation.
December brought lots of Christmas fun!  Starting with a ride on the North Pole Express:
 Playtime with Da-da...
 and fun Christmas traditions.
Our year included family, fun, laughter, love and tragedy, but through it all, we've stuck together and leaned on each other, and become a closer family because of it.
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Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas in Dixie

Friday afternoon, we loaded up and set off for Jackson, MS, for our last Christmas of the year, which is with my mom's family.  We decided to go over Friday instead of Saturday morning, so we could get there before the crowd Saturday to get Fitz settled in better.  It was a good plan and it worked!  He was already settled in, and found a car to play with, before the rest of the family arrived.  It was a pink Barbie VW...but to Fitz, it was just a car!
I don't think you're supposed to ride this one, but no one told Fitz that.

 We got to hang out with sweet baby Everly, and her sweet mama, too!
 Uncle Zac helped Fitz open his presents (notice the car is not out of reach)...
Aunt Shelley won the prize for Fitz's favorite MS present:

He LOVES them!!
Fitz and Everly played a little bit, although mostly he was just checking her out!
We played a fun game for the first time.  Everyone sits in a circle, and you roll dice to try to get doubles.  Whoever rolls doubles gets a turn to try to open a wrapped gift with oven mitts on! 

How about those tiny dice?!?
Here's Uncle Zac on his turn!
 The person who gets into the gift is so excited, only to realize that there is another box under the first one!  There are several boxes, all getting smaller, until the last box has money in it!  It was such a funny game!

We left mid-afternoon to head back home.  Four hours.  In the rain.  All the way.  With a toddler.

He was really good though, and Tootsie provided entertainment in the back seat all the way home.  We are blessed to have such a fun family to share Christmas with, and we know it, too!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Day recap

This was the view from our living room after Santa left his haul on Christmas Eve night!
 Fitz got the Jeep, of course, as well as a Mickey Mouse microphone that plays songs from the show, a Fisher Price record player (just like I had when I was his age!), an Elf for next year, golf clubs, a baseball tee set, a dinosaur with scars just like his own, and a stocking full of candy and other toys!
 I got up super early and took a shower, so I would be presentable when the family arrived.  We did Christmas at our house this year, for Mom, Uncle Zac and Papa.  It was our first Christmas without John's mom, and we wanted us all to be together to celebrate. 
Anyway, I started making breakfast after I got ready...

We had monkey bread and sausage/cream cheese crescent squares.
John came down and we both ate breakfast, and kept waiting for Fitz to wake up!  Fancie got tired of waiting and had to take the Jeep for a spin herself!
 Papa got there before Fitz woke up, so he got to see him as soon as he saw the Jeep!  He promptly put Bunny in to take him for a ride!

 I wasn't sure he would understand, but as soon as we showed him the gas pedal, he was on it!
We quickly bundled him up and let him take it outside for a good ride:
When we got back in, Fitz opened his gifts from Papa.
 He loves this remote control dinosaur...just look at that face!

 Daddy likes it, too!
 When Uncle Zac arrived, we went outside to show him the Jeep, and were totally surprised to see Santa, still making some deliveries!  Fitz wasn't so sure about him up close, but he did give him "5".

 Once Tootsie arrived, we opened more gifts, and then ate some more!
 I  made a Key Lime cake for the first time, and if I must say so myself, it was delicious!
 We celebrated and played and played...
 until we just couldn't go anymore!  Tootsie and Fitz took a 2 hour nap on the couch!!

 We had a wonderful day, full of family, food and fun, celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  We know Grandmama had the most fun ever, celebrating for the first time in Heaven, but we sure missed her here on Earth.  We hope your day was as special as ours was!