Friday, September 28, 2012

Cleft Lip Surgery: One Year Later

Pre-Surgery, Immediately Post-Surgery, and Today

Today marks one year since Fitz had his first surgery to repair his cleft lip.  When he had surgery on September 28, 2011, and they told us it would take a whole year for his lip to fully heal, it sounded like forever to us.  I can hardly believe it's been a whole year.

One year since our baby was put to sleep and had tubes put in his ears, was circumcised, and had surgery to repair his cleft lip, which would change the entire appearance of his face.  They took him away from us that morning at the hospital, and when they brought him back nearly four hours later, he looked like a different baby.  John and I wanted them to put the cleft back.  He didn't look like our baby anymore.  We had been warned about that, but until you experience it for yourself, there's no preparation for that.  

The day after his surgery, when Fitz tried to smile for the first time, his dimples were only tiny pinpoints in his cheeks, and it made me cry because I knew for sure my baby was in there when I saw those dimples trying to peek out.

Our plastic surgeon did an amazing, astounding job on this surgery, and we could not be more happy with the results.  Of course, we loved him before the surgery just as much as we do now.  His scars are still fading, day by day, and aren't really noticeable anymore, and we feel so blessed to have such a great doctor who performed the surgery.

Nothing makes me happier than to see this sweet boy smiling, and I'm so thankful for how far we've come since that first difficult surgery!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Look Who's Walking (Video)

Remember a few weeks ago when I told y'all about Fitz standing up on his own, and on command?  I said in that post that I hoped he would be walking before his 15 month check-up.  Well, he CAN walk, as you can see in the video, pushing his toys.  He also CAN walk by himself, but he chooses not to do so.

The day after my post about him standing, he stood up and I told him to walk to me, and he took about 3 or 4 steps and then crawled to me!  So, I got my wish.  He did walk before his 15 month check-up.  But he only does it when I tell him to stand up and walk to me, and only then if he wants to.  I think he just figures it's much quicker to get down on all fours and crawl where he wants to go.

I ordered him some shoes which squeak when he walks, and are supposed to encourage him to walk, because he'll want to hear the squeaking.  I got them on sale on the Totsy website.  They were regularly $24 and I got them for $8!  So, of course, I ordered two pairs, brown and black.  He wore them for the first time to church today, and took a few steps a couple of times, and then looked down to find that squeak, ha!

I know it won't be long, and that every baby learns at their own pace, so I'm not worried, and he's well on his way to full-fledged walking!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Doll Baby

Notice the red block in the window behind his chair!
Never far away. you know, that's usually a shopping day for me and Fitz, and today was no different.  I took quite a bit of time choosing his outfit because it's officially fall now and it's been pretty cool in the mornings lately.  I tried to put some jeans on him, but they are too big, so we settled for denim overalls.

After I dressed him, and then admired how cute he is, all I could think was, "He looks just like my Cabbage Patch doll!"

When I was a little girl, I did NOT play with Barbies at all.  Cabbage Patch Dolls were my thing.  I loved them.  Santa brought me one nearly every year and I loved them all.  I had girls, boys, one whose hair I could cut, one black doll, and one little preemie, who was my favorite.  I had clothes for him, diapers and a diaper bag, and I loved to dress him up.  One of my favorite outfits for him to wear was his denim overalls, which I thought were so cute, and now I have a real live doll baby to dress up the same way! 

I thought it was so funny that my first thought was of that old Cabbage Patch baby!

We had a great day shopping at a Consignment Sale, then Target (one of our favorites), then lunch with Tootsie at Zoe's Kitchen, and a little more shopping before heading home.

Speaking of eating at Zoe's Kitchen...when mom said she wanted to eat there, I asked if they had anything Fitz could eat.  I should have known better.  We have quite a multi-cultural eater on our hands.  He eats Mexican food every Sunday at Del Toro (cheese quesadilla, rice and beans), has had Chinese food (fried rice), loves American food (chicken nuggets, tater tots, mac and cheese, and everything in between), eats quite a bit of "Italian" (Chef Boyardee ravioli), and has even sampled Japanese food (Tempura fried carrots).  Zoe's Kitchen is a Greek restaurant, and Fitz never even looked twice before eating Tootsie's potato salad, and my white beans, as well as his own Greek version of a cheese quesadilla.  I sure hope he doesn't become a picky eater like I am because right now, he'll try anything, and usually likes anything he eats.

All in all, it was a gorgeous fall Saturday, and we hope yours was as well!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sick Baby Update

See that smile?  I didn't see it much last night or earlier today.  We went to the doctor today, as Fitz told y'all in his post yesterday, because Fitz wasn't feeling well yesterday.  He was fussy, didn't want to play, and just wasn't quite himself.

Turns out, he has an ear infection in one ear, and both tubes are out of his ears.  They were in two weeks ago when we had his 15 month check-up, but not anymore!  Next week will be one year since they were put in, so they lasted a while, and the doctors had told us that when they put the tubes in that early (he was 4 months old), they have to replace them quicker than in older children, so it wasn't totally unexpected.  We have an appointment with the ENT that put the tubes in next week, and I'm sure we'll schedule an appointment then to have a 2nd set of tubes put in.  Anything that makes this baby feel better is fine with me!

Do you wonder what Fitz is watching so intently?

That would be Wheel of Fortune.  I'm not sure how well you can see it on the TV in the picture, but it's Wheel of Fortune, and you can see Fitz over to the right, watching every turn of the wheel and every flip of a letter.

He's always looked at the TV when he hears Wheel of Fortune, but the past few nights, after his bath, he has climbed up on the couch with me and his milk and just stared at the TV the whole time it's on.  He's a genius, I'm telling ya!

This was how he looked at me when I was trying to take his picture while it was on:

I can just hear him thinking, "What, Mama??"

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fitz List

Not feeling so good...poor baby!
My mom has been really busy, and has not been posting as often as she usually does, so I told her I would do a guest post.  I hope you enjoy it!

1.  I'm not feeling real good, so Mom is taking me to the doctor tomorrow to make sure it's nothing serious.  I'm glad because I feel pitiful, and my Mom and Dad say I look pretty pitiful, too.

2.  My mom is getting ready for a really big trial, so if you want to pray for her, you can.  She would like that a lot.

3.  I know how to walk now, but shhhhh!  Don't tell my Mom and Dad.  I only do it on command for them for a few steps and then I figure it's just much easier and faster to crawl where I need to go, so that's what I do.

4.  I had a lot of fun staying with my Tootsie and my Uncle Zac while my mom went somewhere last weekend.  I don't know where she went, but it better not have been the beach, without me!

5.  My mom says we have lots of fun things planned in the weeks ahead:  the county fair, the pumpkin patch, dressing up for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then her favorite:  Christmas!

6.  I talk all the time, but Mom and Dad can't understand me yet, and sometimes, it makes me mad!  I know what they're saying, why can't they understand me when I talk??

7.  I love going outside these days.  The weather is much nicer and there's so much to look at.  I tell Mom and Dad, my babysitter, Ms. Britney, my Grandmama and Papa, and Tootsie to take me outside!  I point to the door and tell them, and they do whatever I say!

8.  My Dad has not been picking me up lately and I'm mad about it.  I want to sit with him, but Mom says he had surgery and can't pick me up for a few more days.  I hope he feels better soon!

9.  Fancie brought a new fun toy in from the back yard and Mom wouldn't even let me play with it!  She threw it back outside and while she scrubbed the carpet, she said, "No, Fitz!" and made me stay away.  I wonder why?

10.  It's almost been a whole year since my first surgery back when I was just a baby.  Now I'm a big boy and my lip is completely healed!

I guess that's enough for my first guest post.  Come back soon to see what my Mom has to say!


Monday, September 17, 2012

Girls' Weekend...and a Welcome Home Gift

This past weekend, I had a girls' weekend at the beach with one of my best friends, Heather, and my cousin-in-law that I've talked about before, Brianne.  I haven't had a girls only weekend in two years, since before I got pregnant with Fitz, and it was so much fun!

Me and Brianne

I had court Friday morning, which I took care of as fast as possible, and then we got on the road!  We took our time getting down, stopped to eat lunch on the way, and then dropped Brianne's mom off with her high school friends down the beach from where we were staying.  Friday night we were really wild and went to Walmart after dinner, ha!  We stayed up late talking and laughing, and got up rather early Saturday morning to get out on the beach.

Me and Heather

We stayed on the beach most of the day, lounging, snacking, splashing in the water, giggling and gossiping...a perfect girls day at the beach.  We got ready for dinner, then went back on the beach so Heather could take maternity photos of Brianne on the beach.  Brianne is due in December with Everly Jane, her first baby.  Heather's not a photographer, but she has an awesome camera and an artistic view, and loves to take photos.  We probably could have stayed there doing that all night and I can not wait to see the photos!!  We went to dinner and then went back to the room, exhausted from our day at the beach.

Sunday morning we got up, cleaned our condo (we have friends that let us use their place for free, just have to clean up before you leave!), picked up Brianne's mom, and headed home.  It was so relaxing and recharging to have some girl time, and we all loved it so much, but were ready to see our hubbies and babies on Sunday!

I got home, then went to pick up Fitz from Tootsie's house.  After we got home, we were all hanging around together, just chatting, when Fancie came in the room with what I can only assume was a welcome home gift:

Yes, a mouse!  We're not talking about a cat y'all, we're talking about a 15 lb Shih-tzu who has never caught or killed anything in her life!  She will be 10 years old in a few months and she has never, ever done this before.  John is still recovering from hernia surgery, so who got to pick up the mouse to get it outside?  Yep, that would be me!  I picked it up with a magazine, under John's directions, and held it as far away as possible to get it outside, then cleaned the BLOOD spot out of the carpet and Lysoled the carpet to death.

Whew, what a welcome home!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Family Fun Day!

We've had the best Saturday today!  We are enjoying John being off on weekends for a little while, and today has been a family day full of fun.

First thing this morning, we got ready and went to drop off my (HUGE) contribution to a consignment sale.  Then, we went to pick out Fitz a new car seat!  He has still been riding in his infant seat, since the seat we have goes up to 30 lbs, but now his feet touch the back seat, so we decided it was time to turn him around.  We deliberated quite a bit, and even put Fitz in the car seats in the store, and finally decided on one we all liked.

After shopping, we met up with Tootsie and Uncle Zac for lunch, and then ran into Target to pick up a few things.

When we got home, Daddy put in the new car seat and we let Fitz try it out.  He was pretty surprised to see his friend Mickey on the headrest!

He laughed and pointed at the tv, and looked at us like he was thinking, "Hey!  If y'all had told me Mickey was in here, I would have turned around a long time ago!"  One of the features I had to have in my new car was a DVD player for Fitz, and I'm so glad because the look on his face was priceless!

Now, we're just hanging out and playing while Daddy watches football.  Perfect fall Saturday with our sweet little family!

Friday, September 7, 2012

15 Month Check-up

Today, we had Fitz's 15 month check-up at the pediatrician.  Daddy had to go to the hospital for a pre-surgery appointment, so he met us at the pediatrician when he got finished.  Fitz was excited when the couch cleared so he could bounce while we waited.

Once we were in a room, we only waited a few minutes for our doctor to come in.  We LOVE our pediatrician.  She is about our age, which I love, and she's very personable.

Fitz weighs 22 lbs, 6 oz and is 30.5 inches long, which means he is still growing in the 25th percentile.  His head still measures in between the 50-75th percentile.  The doctor checked him out and pronounced Fitz "perfect".  She said he is growing exactly as he should, and everything looks absolutely perfect!

He did have to get 4 shots today, which was no fun, but necessary.  After the doctor was finished, we waited 40 minutes for the nurse to come give the shots!  Ridiculous!  Our doctor apologized, and I heard her tell one of the nurses to get us out of there, that we had been there too long waiting already.  While we waited, Fitz had a snack:

Fitz really cried more about being tired of being in that room than he did about his shots!  After his snack, he was just done.  He wanted to leave right then.  I had to walk him around out in between the examination rooms to keep him entertained, but when he would catch a glimpse of our room, he cried again, ha!  Once the nurse finally came in, I laid him on the bed, gave him his balloon and let him get his shots.  He cried with tears and all, but only for a few minutes!

I'm so thankful that God blessed us with this baby, and give Him all the glory for a healthy, perfect report from the doctor!  Happy 15 months Fitz!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Stand Up, Fitz! (Video)

Fitz is not quite walking on his own, but he loves to walk along the couch, or from couch to table, etc, as long as he has something to hold onto.

In the last week or so, though, he's been standing up on his own, and he is so very proud when he does it!  I asked him this morning to stand up, and he just did it!  I thought for sure he would never do it on command while I had the video camera on him, but he did:

I'm thinking it won't be too long before this boy is really on the move!  I'm hoping he will walk before his 15 month check up this week, and I may just get my wish!  You know I'll keep y'all posted!