Monday, August 27, 2012

Fitz's First Beach Trip: The Sand

Fitz was not only fascinated by the water, but by the sand, too.  When we first got onto the beach, we set him down in it and he immediately started crawling around and grabbing for it.

He even stood up and thought about walking around in it:

After a snack on the beach chair...

and a nap on Tootsie...

he was ready for more fun in the sand!

He didn't mind at all when he got sand all over him, and he only tried to taste it once or twice.  He played with shovels and sand buckets, and mashed it with his hands, grinning and giggling the whole time.

Of course, on our way to dinner Saturday night, we had to stop and take some pictures in front of the sand oats:

I thought Fitz might not want me to just plop him down in the sand after he had a bath and was all clean and dressed, but obviously it was no problem at all!

He just leaned back, opened his mouth and enjoyed the breeze!

It was a nearly perfect weekend, with beautiful weather, good food, family and friends.  If our Daddy had been with us, we could have called it perfect.  

As much as my mom and I love the beach, I should have known Fitz would love it, too!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fitz's First Beach Trip: The Water

This weekend, Tootsie and I took Fitz on his first beach trip!  We rolled into Gulf Shores about lunch time on Friday, ate at one of our faves, The Shrimp Basket, bought a few groceries, and headed to the pool.  We dressed Fitz in his cutest swim suit, hat, sunglasses and a puddle jumper float we borrowed from our friend Skylar.

We got in the pool and realized the float was way too big for Fitz, and he didn't like it much, so we took it off and just held him instead.  He liked that much better, and had a ton of fun splashing around with Tootsie:

and wearing her sunglasses:

Saturday morning, we got on the beach around 9:00 a.m.  That's how my mom and I normally do the beach!  We get there early and plan to stay all day.  We weren't quite sure how Fitz would handle that, but he LOVED the beach!

We sat him down in the surf and let the waves wash up to his feet, and he was mesmerized!  He just kept grinning and watching the water!

We bought him an inflatable baby pool and filled it with water for him to play in on the beach.  My mom's friend, Michelle, joined us at the beach, and she was nice enough to blow up the pool for us!  We positioned it under the shade of an umbrella, filled it with toys and let him go at it.  He fussed at first when we took him away from the ocean, but once he saw his own little pool, he was as happy as he could be!

He ate his lunch on the beach, as if he does it all the time.  He took three naps in the warm breeze and woke up happy each time.  He drank his milk and then some juice, and had a few snacks.

The weather was perfect, in spite of the fact that Hurricane Isaac is on its way. It was warm, but not hot, with a nice breeze all day.  We didn't even sweat, and stayed on the beach until 4:00 p.m.!  

Fitz laughed, played and grinned all day long.  I'm so glad we have an easygoing, beach loving baby on our hands!  

Come back tomorrow to read all about Fitz's First Beach Trip: The Sand!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I can do it myself!

When I was a young child, one of my favorite books was a Sesame Street book called, "I Can Do It Myself!"  Those of you who know me IRL, know that I'm very independent, and pretty much always have been.  

Apparently, Fitz has a little bit of that in him as well, although part of it may just be his age.  He has started wanting to "help" me feed him.  He will grab at the spoon and try to do it himself.  Sometimes he even gets a little food in there, when he holds the spoon the right way.

But mostly, he holds it upside down and bangs it on the plate...

Or gets food on the wrong end and eats it that way...

Or he just holds the spoon and picks up the food with his hands...

This makes me a little antsy...not because I'm one of those moms who is sad because he's growing up and doesn't need me to do as much for him, but because I don't like him to be gross and messy!  Ew!  I know he has to learn, but am I supposed to just let him make a big ol' mess like that at every meal until he gets the hang of it?  Yuck....

Saturday, August 18, 2012

And so it begins...

People say boys are different than girls, even as babies, they way they act, things they do, etc.  I can remember when my brother was little (I'm 5 1/2 years older than he is) and he would draw on his bedroom walls with markers, and do other things that I would never think of doing.

Do you wonder why Fitz is only wearing a diaper while he plays?  Or why he's grabbing that lamp shade?  Well, the lamp shade thing is just one of his favorite things to do.  he likes to stand on the end of the couch and grab the lamp shade.  The diaper on the other a different story.

While we were eating dinner tonight, I got up to get something from the kitchen, and left a small container of ketchup on the end table.  When I got back, I saw this:

You know I had to grab the camera
before I started cleaning, right?

I thought I had pushed it back far enough where Mr. Smarty Pants could not reach it, but I could not have been more wrong.  I know you can't see much in this pic, but he is sitting in a pile of ketchup, and has it on his hands, face, feet and legs!  He had grabbed that container, poured some out and was eating it as fast as he could!  I was only gone a second, y'all!

While I grabbed him to clean him up, John got to work cleaning the carpet!  All I could really do was undress him and wipe him down, and since it was nearly bath time for him anyway, I just let him run around with only a diaper on.  It didn't phase him a bit, or slow him down at all.

I know this is only the first of many carpet spills, and funny incidents which are to come with this funny boy!  I wouldn't have it any other way!

And one more naked pic, just because it's funny:

On a more serious note, today is a memorable day for our family, which you can read about here if you so desire, or if you are new to the blog, and just want to know more about our history.  We continue to praise God for His plan for our lives, and He continues to bless us daily.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


My sweet cousin, Brianne, came to visit us this weekend.  She's pregnant and due December 21, with Miss Everly Jane.  We had planned to shop at the outlets near where we live, but then we heard about an expo called "Babypalooza", so we went there instead.  It was mostly informational, but we got lots of good freebies, and registered to win lots of prizes, so it was fun!

When you entered the building, you had to go through a VERY crowded hallway lined with tables, and Fitz was not happy because when he's in his stroller, he thinks he should be MOVING.  However, once we got a little further, the area opened up into a huge gym area, with lots more space, and we found a ring pop for Fitz, so he was much happier!  He propped his foot up on the front of his stroller, kicked back and enjoyed himself.

Brianne, Heather, Fitz

Afterwards, my dear friend, Heather (aka Aunt Heddy), met us for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory!  Yum!  We ate way too much food, stayed a while, and had so much fun with each other!

Fitz is generally well-behaved in restaurants, but his Tootsie taught him to sip a little Diet Coke out of the end of her straw, and if he sees a coke anywhere in the vicinity, he wants to sit with that person and drink it!  I had to get a picture of Tootsie giving him a little sip.  He didn't want to sit with the rest of us drinking boring old water, he wanted the Diet Coke!  A boy after my own heart.

It was a fun day, doing something different, and hopefully we'll win some prizes for Miss Everly!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

What have we been doing?

I haven't blogged much in the month of August...but not for any particular reason.  I had a really busy week this past week at work, and I was in court almost every day, sometimes different courts on the same day, with meetings scheduled in between.  I love it when I'm busy though!

Fitz has really been enjoying exploring getting in and out of his chair...

He does really well getting INTO the chair...not so well getting out of the chair. He will drop Bunny and then grunt and reach for him, wanting us to pick it up for him.  He goes out head first and can't quite catch himself all the way yet.  We've tried to teach him how to go feet first, but he doesn't get it just yet, ha!

He also discovered that he can stand in the chair and look out the window, and play with the blinds, which means I had to dust those blinds!

So, really, we haven't been doing much, just hanging out, working and playing.  I'll try to do better about blogging the rest of the month!

P.S.  How cute are those pajamas??  They were hand-me-downs and I love them so much that I want to wash them every day so he can wear them every night!  LOVE!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday with Fitz

Fitz and I had a great Saturday!

After Daddy left for work, we played a while, then took a nap until snack time.  Then we got ready and went to a birthday party down the street from Tootsie's house.

The birthday boy turned 2, and Fitz was the youngest child there, so while the other kids bounced in the bounce house, he chased the balls all over the driveway.  I thought the concrete might hurt his knees, but he didn't let it bother him.

He was in a great mood because he slept all the way there in the car, and smiled at everyone at the party.  He entertained himself the whole time, and never fussed about the heat.  One girl even asked if he was that happy all the time.  I'm so blessed to be able to say that he really is!

He chased all sorts of balls...

and balloons...even under chairs.

It was pretty hot outside at the party, so we left after about 45 minutes and joined all the masses who were enjoying tax free back-to-school shopping this weekend.  I tried to buy some jeans for us at Old Navy but the line was longer than the lines I've recently seen at Chick-Fil-A, and while Fitz loves to stroll, he does not love to SIT in the stroller if it's not moving, so we skipped making any purchases there.  We went to our Saturday favorite, Target, and then headed home to play some more.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The obsession continues...

You may remember a few months ago, when I talked about how much Fitz loved Red Solo cups.

He has now discovered how to open the kitchen cabinets, but he never gets anything out.  He loves to just open and close the doors.  

That is, until he found my "party" cabinet where I keep paper plates, napkins, cups and party supplies.

He reached his little hand right in and grabbed a clear plastic cup...

then, he grabbed 2 cups...

and then the rest of the cups:

He puts them one into the other, stacks them all up together, and pulls them apart.  He acts like he's drinking out of them.  He leaves them all over the house, and even plays with his red block with them.

I took pictures of these cups, but he loves ALL cups.  His Grandmama gives him a red plastic cup to play with at her house and he takes it all over the house with him.  At church, when we take the Lord's Supper, he cries for his own communion cups.  He doesn't want the grape juice, he wants the cups!  We had to start keeping a few in his diaper bag to pull out when they pass the Lord's Supper around.  We went to see our family in Jackson, MS this past weekend, and he played with a plastic cup at my Aunt Shelley's the whole time.

He is so funny with what he loves to play with!  Even as I type this, he is standing at the love seat with his red block in one hand and a cup in the other, banging them on the couch.