Saturday, March 31, 2012

I'll do it my own way!

Normally, while we eat dinner, Fitz sits on his blanket and plays with his toys.  As I said a few days ago, he has started turning around on his blanket and scooting a little on his bottom, but he never leaves his blanket.  Yes, we sit in the living room and watch TV while we eat dinner...don't judge, ha!

Anyway, last night, I looked down to see what he was doing while we were eating, and he was gone!  No Fitz on the blanket, no Fitz in sight!

He had fallen over onto his back, and started doing his "crawl":

Who says he has to do things like everyone else?  It's almost like he was saying, "I heard you tell that doctor I'm not crawling yet, so watch this, Mom!"  Oh y'all, this baby cracks me up!

P.S. Please excuse my voice on here - is that really what I sound like??

Friday, March 30, 2012

Better late than never?

We finally had Fitz's 9 month well-check today.  Those of you who know me in real life know that I am slightly OCD.  I like to be on time, do things on time, etc.  I scheduled this appointment in January, for March 5, when Fitz would be exactly 9 months old.  His doctor's office called me to reschedule it and today was the first appointment we could get!  I was not happy, but got over it (mostly).  

So, I left work this morning, came home and got Fitz.  Tootsie was babysitting today, so she followed us when we left the house.  We live about 30 miles from Tootsie, and Fitz's doctor's office.  We got about halfway there and the interstate totally stopped.  I mean, not even budging.  After several minutes, I called the doctor's office and informed them that the interstate was stopped and that we would be there when we could.  Tootsie and I talked on the phone and debated about getting off at the next available exit to take an alternate route, and then I posted a question on Facebook to see if anyone knew what the problem was.  Apparently, the U.S. Marshall's office and the local Sheriff's Department were apprehending a wanted felon on the interstate and had to use deadly force to stop him!  They had the interstate, on the opposite side from us, completely closed.  

Right before we were going to get off the interstate, traffic suddenly started going, so we stayed on the interstate because we figured that would be quicker. We were already late, so we wanted to get there as fast as possible.  We passed the spot where they apprehended the felon and there were probably 20 police cars, some ambulances, etc.  People who were blocked were out of there cars milling around on the interstate, and cars at the end of the blockage had started going up the interstate in the wrong direction to turn around!!  Each exit before that was diverting traffic off the interstate.  It was crazy!

We wound up being about 30 minutes late to the pediatrician, but it was fine.  Fitz weighed 19 lbs, 6 oz, which was down a little from his pre-surgery appointment last week, but he was dressed when they weighed him that time, so this is pretty accurate.  He is 28 inches long.  He's in the 25th percentile for weight, and between the 25th and 50th percentile for height.  The doctor said he's growing and gaining exactly like he should be!

She checked him out and said he looks great!  She was pleased with his developmental progress as well, and wasn't shocked or concerned that he's not crawling yet.  She gave me some tricks to do to get him moving around more, so we're going to try that and I'm sure he'll be crawling before we know it.  Overall, she said everything looked great!  

We went to Tootsie's after the doctor, to feed Fitz his lunch, and decided to hang out a while because it was raining and the interstate was still closed.  Later, we went to the grocery store on our way home, where Fitz grabbed my grocery list and started to eat it.  I didn't realize he had a hunk of paper in his mouth until he nearly choked and threw up a little in the check-out line.  Fun.

We decided to chance the interstate on the way home, and although it started out slow, we made it home just fine, and in pretty much the same time as normal.  I prayed for God's timing all day, and His timing is perfect, even if it's "late" according to my time.

Monday, March 26, 2012

He's getting there...

I knew all Fitz needed was to see another baby crawling everywhere to get him to give it a try, and I was hoping he would start trying after seeing his buddy Mary Eloise booking it all over the place last week.

The past few days, he has started getting into this position where he leans over on his hands while reaching for toys that he has flung out of his way.

Here he is trying again.  I usually help him, but maybe that's why he won't crawl after something, so when he did this, I just let him keep trying.

He eventually laid down, and I just kept doing my thing, washing dishes and coming in to check on him every few minutes.

I didn't get a picture, but the next time I looked, he had rolled over onto his back.  It may not look and sound like much, but this is progress from just sitting on his blanket, playing with his toys!

I'm not worried about him because he gets where he wants to go, and I know he can do it, he just hasn't yet.  We say he crawls on his back because he'll lay on his back and scoot to where he wants to go.  He's also started bouncing on his bottom while he's sitting, to turn himself around, ha!

We were supposed to have his 9 month check up at the beginning of March but his doctor had to change it, so we don't go until this week.  I'm hoping he may crawl before then.  He's getting there!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Two of a kind?

Not so much, ha!  We went to see our friends, Denise and Mary Eloise yesterday afternoon so Fitz and ME could play.

It was so funny to me to see how different these two sweet babies are!

Fitz loves to sit and play with whatever is in his reach...

while ME does her cute little army crawl ALL OVER the place!

Fitz played with everything around him, and she went all over the room getting into everything.  I'm hoping Fitz watched her and will start doing some army crawling of his own soon!  

She came over to see what he was doing every few minutes.

Denise says ME won't sit and play at all, just like a girl, needing to be involved in everything in the room, while Fitz will sit on his quilt and play with his toys forever, not caring what else is in the room.

ME was very interested when Fitz had juice in his sippy cup!  She came right over and tried to grab that cup, and look at that look Fitz gave her!

She doesn't like juice and Fitz loves it.

She says "mama" and "dada" and Fitz just babbles.

She eats "real" food already, and Fitz only has baby food (until after his surgery).

It was so much fun hanging out with Denise and ME (and our friend Amy was there, too!), and talking about how different our babies are.  It's so nice to have a friend with a baby so close in age to Fitz (she's 3 weeks younger), to discuss all that they're doing and learning.

I love that they are so different, and we hope they are close friends as they grow up.

Pre-Surgery Appointment

Yesterday, we had Fitz's pre-surgery appointment for his cleft palate repair, at Children's Hospital.  We're always nervous about going to Children's because our first appointment in the Cleft Clinic took forever, but it's also interesting to go to a place where all of the children were born looking similar to Fitz.  It's so funny to see all the children look closely at each other, like they know that the other kids there look like them.  I love that!

He weighed 19 lbs, 12 oz, and is 27 3/4 inches long!

The plastic surgeon said that his lip is looking great, and we agree!  We are so blessed to live close to Birmingham and have Dr. Grant as our surgeon.  He does amazing work!  We saw a 3 year old little boy in the waiting room yesterday who is from another part of the state.  He was born with bilateral cleft lip, just like Fitz, but another surgeon did his lip repair.  He is now seeing our doctor to correct what the other surgeon did.  His mom could not believe how much better Fitz's lip has already healed from the surgery Dr. Grant did on him, just six months ago.  I'm so thankful we got Dr. Grant from the beginning!

The palate repair surgery is scheduled for April 11.  It will take about 2 hours and we have to stay in the hospital for 2 days following surgery.

The doctor warned us that this surgery will be harder on Fitz than the lip repair surgery.  He said it will be a rough 2 weeks after surgery.  We'll just go ahead and start praying now for an easy recovery!

Fitz had a great time at his appointment, playing with the paper on the table, see?

And for a little while, he sat in the chair in the waiting area, like a big boy:

We saw the ENT while we were there, and he said one tube is blocked, but his ear drum looks great, so they won't do anything about it right now.  If it had been a problem, they would have put in new tubes during his palate surgery.  Thank the Lord we won't have to do that.

I'm ready for this surgery to be over with and behind us, but we know God will be there with us, and will be right there in that operating room with Fitz.  He's got this!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bunny Pics!

I already said Jen did a great job taking these photos, but I think it needs to be said again!

He really wanted to get that white bunny's ear...

and eventually, he did.

Sweet little bunny just waited patiently until he was finished, and didn't try to bite him, or even move his little head!

I'm so glad Fitz turned 9 months old right around Easter, because these were perfect 9 month photos!  

I love them all.

How will I ever choose which to print??

Monday, March 19, 2012


View from the top porch at our cabin.

We left Fitz for the first time this past weekend, and headed to the Smoky Mountains of Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, Tennessee! 

Early morning fog down the mountain.  I thought it was so pretty!

Fitz stayed with Tootsie, and while I was not worried about him at all, I did miss his sweet little face a lot!

More fog.

Since we got married, John and I have loved taking short trips when he has a few days off from work.  We haven't been able to do that since I got pregnant with Fitz, and looked forward to our trip a lot!!

The first morning, we got up before the sun, and could not wait to see it rise over the mountain.  God gave us a beautiful show!

These characters were made out of bales of hay.
We saw them everyday on our way up and down the mountain to our cabin.

We had such a good time with each other, shopping, lounging in our hot tub on the deck, exploring weird little stores and people watching.

We thought they were hilarious!

We ate at yummy restaurants, and had some ice cream one afternoon while we checked out a tourist trap store, made fun of all of their "souvenirs", and wondered why people buy that stuff.

We went to Wonderworks, which is an upside down building with lots of mind bending activities and games inside.  We decided Fitz will love it when he's older, but we had fun, too.

We went to the aquarium, which was PACKED.  We still had fun watching all the animals, though.

I've always loved penguins!

At one point, I saw a mom trying to take a photo of her husband and baby, so I offered to take their picture.  I commented that it turned out well except that the baby was not looking at the camera.  She said we would have had to take several to get the baby to look and I said, "Yes, we have a 9 month old, so I understand."

She gave me a funny look, like she was thinking, "Why are you here without your baby?!?"  Haha.

Japanese Spider Crab - up to 12 foot claw span!

As I said, we missed Fitz a lot, but we feel like it is important to spend time with each other, building our marriage, too.  We have such a great time together, even when we're not doing much, and this trip made me realize, AGAIN, how blessed I am to have found my sweet husband.

It may be a while before we can do it again, but we enjoyed it so much.  Thank you, Tootsie, for taking such great care of our boy while we were gone!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Santa Parade

Yes, you read that correctly.

John and I took a little trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a few days, and before we left, John discovered that there would be a "Claus Fest" in Gatlinburg beginning March 18.  Apparently, the kick-off event is a Santa parade the day before the convention starts.

You all know how much I love Christmas, so I was very excited to hear about this event!  We walked downtown Gatlinburg today, and looked in all the junk shops, went to the aquarium, and waited for the parade to begin.

It did not disappoint!  

There were Santas of all kinds!  Santas waving big flags.

Firetruck Santas.

Golfer Santas.

Santa dogs and

Mrs. Claus(s).

Santas riding in cars...

an on power chairs!

It was so funny to hear the Santas and their Mrs. Claus's say, "Merry Christmas and Happy St. Patrick's Day!"

There were tons of people watching the parade and we had so much fun doing something so unexpected on our trip to the mountains.

We also had tons of fun "people-watching".  We sat on a bench for about an hour waiting on the parade to begin, and saw just about every type of person you can imagine.  I've always loved to people watch, and it turns out, Gatlinburg is the perfect place to do so.  We had such a fun day spending time together, and watching all those Santas!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Playing and partying...

that's what we've been doing.

Last Saturday was my birthday, and we had a blast.  We started the day with a trip to the ballpark to watch our friend Skylar's first baseball game of the season.  Fitz enjoyed watching the kids play...

he did NOT enjoy it when the crowd got a little excited and yelled loudly!

Then, we had Easter/9 month photos made, with live bunnies!

I love them!  I'll share more of them when I get them back from the photographer, but Jen Cowsar did a great job!  

Look at my little man...such a cutie pie!

Saturday evening, we went to dinner with Tootsie and Uncle Zac.  We had to wait a while for a table, and Fitz made us laugh by choosing Uncle Zac over everyone, including Mommy and Daddy.  I really love the fact that my brother loves Fitz so much, and that Fitz clearly adores his only uncle.

Sunday, we had lunch with Pappy, and found out that Fitz really likes the high chairs at the Cracker Barrel most of all.  He played with a pack of crackers and grinned at everyone around us.

Tuesday evening we had dinner with Grandmama and Papa, for Papa's birthday.  Fitz wasn't enjoying being out so much that night, but he did have fun playing with the little boy sitting in the booth behind us.  He loves other children!

I'm sorry I didn't take many photos, but believe me, the other bunny photos will make up for it!

Now, Daddy and I are on a little vacation, and I'll share those pics soon, too!  

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Daddy and Fitz

One of my most favorite things right now is watching Fitz with his Daddy.

I knew John would be a sweet, loving and caring Daddy when we met, but seeing it with my own eyes is the best thing ever.

Whether they are sitting on the couch watching TV...

or playing with blocks and cars in the floor, I love it all.

Are you with me ladies?  Doesn't it make you look at your husbands in a whole new way when you see them with your baby? 


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fun Weekend!

We have had a busy, fun weekend!

Friday night we stayed in and watched the weatherman on TV, and thanked the Lord that we were missed by the tornadoes, again.

Saturday  morning, we went to our buddy Skylar's 7th birthday party!

We tried to get a picture of him and Fitz, but Fitz was so fascinated by Skylar that he wouldn't look at the camera!  See?

We left Skylar's party, went home to eat lunch, and headed to our friend Parker's 4th birthday celebration!

We had fun at her party, too, then stopped at Target on our way home.

Sunday we went to worship, had lunch at Del Toro, and then went to Tootsie's house.  Fitz stayed with Tootsie while I went to Cottontail's Village with my friend Jessica.  (It's a big arts and crafts show)

We topped off the day by having dinner and playing with Daddy.  It was a lovely weekend!

On a serious note, please say a prayer for a new mom who just had a baby on Friday.  It is her first child, a boy, and he was born with a cleft lip and palate.  The mother did not know about the cleft before he was born, and she has been on my heart since I heard about it.  I can not imagine the shock she must be feeling.  This morning, her baby started having seizures as well.  Please join me in lifting up this new mom, the baby, and their family.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dear Fitz (Nine Months)

Dear Fitz:

You are 9 months old!  Where did the last 9 months go?  You are growing more and more everyday, and are so much fun!  See that big smile on your face?  That's what you look like almost all the time.  You are such a happy boy!


We have not been to your 9 month check-up yet, so I'm not sure how long you are, but I weighed you on our scale at home a few days ago and you weighed 20.5 lbs!  You are now eating Stage 2 foods exclusively.  A container of fruit mixed with rice cereal for breakfast, a vegetable or fruit mixed with rice cereal for lunch, and a dinner with meat mixed with rice cereal for supper.  You have a bottle at each meal, one for a morning snack and another before bed.  You drink a couple of ounces of juice almost every day, too, in your sippy cup.  You drink it all by yourself, like a big boy!  We also have tried puffs this month, and you like those, too.  It still scares me to give you those, but you do pretty well with them, even with your open palate.


You're still loving sitting up on your quilt and playing with your toys!  Sometimes you sit there for a couple of hours and just play and play.  You are still not trying to crawl at all.  You lean all the way over and grab for toys, but you don't have much interest in getting on your belly or trying to crawl.  You're still doing great in restaurant high chairs, although you watch every bite we put in our mouths, like you're wondering why you can't have any!  You learned to love sitting in the buggy this month!  You don't cry at all anymore!  You just look around at all the people going by while you ride along, and seem to enjoy it now.  I am so glad!

7 months

8 months
9  months - we had to give him a toy to play with because
he kept looking at them, instead of the camera!

I think you're going to be quite a talker.  You babble all the time!  Sometimes you get so excited that you just squeal and squeal, but you're babbling all the time.  I love to hear it, and respond to you like we're having a conversation.  I'm sure you know exactly what you're talking about, as you seem very sure of yourself.  

I love every bit of you, from your downy blonde hair to your curled up, fat little toes.  Sometimes it's still hard to believe that God blessed us with you, because you are so amazing.  You can light up my whole day with one little grin.  I thank God for you every single day, and love being your mom.  I love you!