Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in review

I've been thinking about 2012, since we're at the end of the year.  I can't believe how much Fitz has grown, and advanced since January of 2012.  We've had a wonderful year, full of firsts for Fitz.  Here are a few highlights:

In January, we got a big boy bath tub and learned to love it:

and we discovered Fitz's love of cups.

In February, Fitz learned to ride in the shopping cart, and we celebrated 4 years of marriage!

March brought a vacation for Mama and Daddy, and fun with live bunnies for Fitz!

April was a big month!  We dedicated Fitz at church, and then he had his second major surgery...this time to repair his cleft palate.

In May, Fitz perfected his crawling and got his first hair cut:

In June, Fitz turned One Year old!

July always means time for a family reunion...this was Fitz's first:

In August, we took Fitz to the beach for the first time, and discovered that we have a beach baby!  We had a blast!

September was the first time Fitz did a guest post on the blog, and got a forward facing car seat.

October brought another surgery, but this one was nothing compared to what Fitz has been through before.  This time, he got a second set of tubes for his ears...which helped him start walking really well!  And of course, October brought us an itsy bitsy spider for Halloween:

In November, Fitz did another guest post, and then did one more.  We also celebrated Thanksgiving with our family and friends.

December was really fun!  We had paradesshoppingplay datesa new cousin, and lots of fun at Christmas!

I feel so completely blessed looking back at our year, and so hopeful and excited to see what God has in store for our family in 2013.  Do you know that he can do more than we can even imagine?  Immeasurably more.  (Ephesians 3:20)  I can't wait!  Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Adventures in Mississippi

Friday afternoon, Tootsie, Uncle Zac, Fitz and I loaded up and headed out to Mississippi for our family Christmas.  We have figured out that when we go to Jackson, Mississippi, it's easier to go and spend the night, because Fitz doesn't have to ride all those hours in the car all in one day.  The get-together was scheduled for Saturday, so we headed out Friday afternoon.  We stopped in Meridian to eat dinner, and while we were there, I decided I should ask Mom exactly which way to go since she had been mostly sleeping in the back seat with Fitz.  She's a nurse and works night shift, so she had worked the night before and been up all day with Fitz...she was exhausted!  When I asked about changing "roads," she thought I meant once we got to the hotel, and said no.  What I meant was, is there another interstate I need to change to in order to get us to Jackson.  She's usually awake and just tells me which way to go.  We drove for about 20 miles, and Zac decided to ask his phone for directions to the hotel.  And that's when we discovered that I had missed the connection to the other interstate I was supposed to be on.  In the rain.  In the dark.  With Fitz tired of being in the car.  We turned around, drove back 20 miles and connected, then drove the last hour to Jackson.

We checked in to the hotel, got Fitz's pack-and-play set up, got our PJ's on, and settled in.  Fitz usually goes to bed at 7:00.  We're really lucky, because all we have to do is put him in the bed and he goes to sleep.  We put him in his bed in the hotel at 9:00, and after he cried for 20 minutes, and threw bunny out, I went and got him.  I thought maybe he might fall asleep with me and I could then put him in the pack-and-play, but he's never slept in the bed with anyone before and he thought it was time to play.  At 10:00, I tried again.  He cried for 20 minutes, looking at us in the bed, and then Tootsie got up to try to get him to sleep.  Time to play again.  He played and played and rolled around on the bed, and got so sleepy that I finally put him back in his bed at 12:00 and he was asleep within just a few minutes!  Sleep...finally!  Oh, how I feel for those people who have to deal with that all the time.  Praise Jesus, that is not how Fitz usually is!!

He got up at 5:00, and once he saw me, he thought it was time to get up!  5 hours of sleep when he usually gets 11 or 12.  Great.  We got dressed and had breakfast at Dunkin' Donuts (when we pulled up, we laughed because there were 5 police cars there, ha!).  We went to the grocery store to pick up a few more things to take to the family party, and talked to my cousin, Matthew, for directions to his new house.  He told us, from the road we were on, look for one other road to turn on and then we could follow a few more turns to his house.  So, we drove.  And drove.  And drove.  I asked Mom, "Do you think it's supposed to be this far?"  She said no, but we didn't see the turn off road, so we kept going...and going...and going...until we reached another town.  Then we knew for sure we were not going the right way!

You might ask why I didn't put the directions into my navigation system.  Well, I tried, and it couldn't find "Brandon, MS".  When we got to that town and stopped at a gas station, I looked at it again and realized MS is not in the "region" my navigation is set for.  I changed the region and got us the directions.  So, we then followed the navigation system and finally got there to see our family.  I'm glad that got us there because I was totally OVER our tour of MS at that point!

Becky, Aunt Shelley, Tessa, Nedo, Rachel, Olivia

My cousin, Matthew, and his family just moved into a new home and they were sweet enough to host Christmas this year!  

Uncle Zac and Fitz watching Mickey Mouse

We ate, played, visited, laughed and passed around sweet baby Everly.

Brianne and Everly

Jennifer and Everly

Fitz went right over to the couch
and crawled up to sit with Tessa.

Just some of the yummy food we had!

We had so much fun visiting with the family, laughing and talking about years gone by.  I love that our whole extended family still gets together, and we can't wait for next time to do it all again!

Matthew, Fitz and Uncle Zac conked out, Aunt Joan, Glenn, Tootsie and Aunt Bonnie

Thank you, Matthew, Jennifer and Addi for hosting us at your pretty new house!  Lots of people took photos, so I may be posting more when I get them, but that's all I have for now!  I was too busy eating and holding Everly to take more photos than that!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Day

"Is the fan on, Uncle Zac?"

After we opened gifts at home and played a little with Grandmama and Papa, we headed north to see Tootsie and Uncle Zac!  Fitz helped Uncle Zac open gifts, and played with his favorite toy at Tootsie's:  her red candles.  Uncle Zac got a shirt from Fitz that says, "SUPER UNCLE."
Because they look like big versions of the red block??

Daddy got some cologne and a bike rack for his truck, among other things.

Tootsie got a gallery wrap of Fitz at the beach, an ornament of Fitz's hand print, and a new Fitz photo book, and some other non-Fitz items, too.

I got a leopard print coat (so cute!), perfume and yummy smelling bath stuff.

Fitz got some talking cars and a racetrack for them to ride on, and a fun climbing toy for the backyard.  It was too big to bring in and wrap for pictures, but he will love it!

After we ate lunch, we went home so Fitz could take a good nap, and so we could be at home before the bad weather hit our area.  As I type this, it's only been thunderstorms so far.  Let's hope it stays that way!  

We had a wonderful Christmas with friends and family celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, and hope you did, too!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Morning

Best family photo we could get this year! 

A comparison shot of last year and this year, because I love them so:

Although Fitz still doesn't understand the concept of Santa, he did get very excited when he saw new toys in the living room while he was eating breakfast!

Here's a shot of the gifts when we woke up this morning:

Here's a close-up of a huge box of blocks, Fitz's full stocking and a Mickey Mouse train, on its tracks:

and a close-up of the car:


In his stocking, Fitz got a giggling ball, tennis balls (his current favorite), and Mr. Potato Head:

He loves his car!  When he saw the eyes and face on the front, he said, "Hey suga!"
Look at those dimples showing!
We tried to wrangle him for a photo op with dad, but he was too busy!

He got his puppy and took him for a ride!

Fitz had so much fun checking out all of his new toys while Mommy and Daddy shared a yummy breakfast of monkey bread and sausage cheese squares.  Mommy and Daddy got some pretty good gifts, too, and we had so much fun spending time together before heading up to see Tootsie and Zac.  Come back tomorrow for our photos there!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve


We spent Christmas Eve with Papa and Grandmama at our house this year!  We had so much fun eating and opening gifts!

Fitz got some Mickey Mouse DVD's, lots of trucks that make cool noises, balls, and one crazy gift that we'll talk about later.  He was excited about all of it...even the boxes stuff came in!

Getting in the box with his trucks.

Daddy got a gun and a 3d puzzle, and I got some money and charms for my pandora bracelet!

That crazy gift I mentioned?  It's a Furby.  Grandmama helped Fitz open it, and he touched it at first...

and even grinned at it...

but once that thing started talking its gibberish and flashing its scary eyes...Fitz was having no more of that!  Every time it started talking, he would pick it up by the ear and hand it to me, like, "Here Mama, you take this thing!"  It was so funny!  John was playing with it later that night and making it talk, and Fitz was practically running off the couch to get away from it!  Too funny.

We had a great time visiting and eating too much food, and we can't wait to do it all again next year!  Thanks for all of our gifts, Grandmama and Papa!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Fitz "singing" Fa-la-la-la-la

I posted on FB the other day that we taught Fitz how to sing "Fa-la-la-la-la" and my Aunt Nedo asked me to get it on video.  This was the best I could do!

He has also been saying a new word that I have been trying to figure out for a few days.  He says it to Fancie, his bunny, and other stuffed animals.  When we went on our little road trip Saturday, I told Mom to listen for it so she could try to figure out what he was saying.  It sounds kind of like this "ay-sha-gah".  But he says it the same way every time he says it, so I know he thinks it means something.  My mom is always "interpreting" his babbling, so I thought she might be able to figure it out.  And she did.  

I didn't realize it, but I say to Fitz, "Hey suga!" (like hey sugar) all the time.  Apparently, he understands that it is a term of endearment and says it to all things he loves!  He says it to Fancie and then hugs her, says it to bunny and kisses bunny.  He points to a framed photo of our family from when he was first born and says it to the photo.  He may not be able to say typical 18 month old words, but he gets the important ones right!  I tried to catch that on video but he was done for the morning.  I'll try again in the next few days!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Everly Jane

Remember when we went to Mississippi for my cousin-in-law, Brianne's baby shower?  Well, that sweet baby has arrived!!  While we were in MS for Grandmama's Christmas brunch, we stopped by to meet Miss Everly Jane in person and she is just totally squishy and adorable!

Fitz wasn't quite sure about Tootsie holding another baby, until he got in her lap, too.  Then, he gave her his version of a hug:

Of course, he had to join in with I held her, too!

Welcome to the world, Everly!  You are much loved already, and I can't wait for you and Fitz to be big buddies in the future!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Grandmama's Christmas

Today we went to see my sweet Grandmama in her personal care home in Mississippi.  I've mentioned before that she has Alzheimer's, and we had to place her in a home where she can be taken care of.  Today was their Christmas brunch, so me, Tootsie and Fitz went over to join her.  She may not have known who we are, but we had fun, and she loved playing with Fitz and talking to him.

My Aunt Bonnie lives the closest to Grandmama, and takes care of her the most.  A few weeks ago, she bought Grandmama a baby doll.  Grandmama has always loved babies, and she loves this one just as well.  She told someone the other day that it is the best baby she's ever had, ha!  She takes it with her all over the house.  If it makes her happy, we're all for it.

She had some brunch foods, and then dug into her gifts!  Later, she carried this bag around all morning and worried about us "spilling" it.

Fitz wasn't quite sure what to do with himself, and mostly hung out in my lap while we were there...until he saw the tennis balls on the bottom of one resident's walker.  He got mad when I told him he couldn't have them, and we had to find HIS tennis ball in his bag.

Then he and Tootsie discovered the swing outside, and he was in Heaven.  He was enjoying the swinging so much, he almost went to sleep.

I'm so glad we got to go see Grandmama for her Christmas meal...and it's ok if she didn't know who we were.  When I said hello to her, her eyes lit up and she said hey to me like she always has...except she didn't say my name.  That's ok.  It's ok if she doesn't remember everything, because I remember all sorts of things about her.  How I used to go stay with her for a week each summer, and we would watch The Price is Right, go to Walmart, and play Bingo with residents at the local nursing home.  How she used to say, "Well, my cow!" to express disbelief.  How she used to make me fried eggs and cheese toast for breakfast.  How I used to tell her the lines around her eyes looked like the lines on donuts.  How she used to ask if my drink had a bone in it when I would cough while taking a drink.  How excited I always was to see her, and how wonderful a grandmother she always was.

It doesn't upset me as much as it could that she can't remember all those things because I know it's not her fault.  She's happy, and physically healthy, and if she doesn't know who I am, that's ok.  Because I know who she is, and she'll always be my Grandmama and I'll always have those memories, no matter how much Alzheimer's changes her.  We love you, Grandmama.  Merry Christmas.