Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from our little giraffe!  I worked so hard on figuring out what Fitz should be for his first Halloween, and finally settled on this adorable giraffe!
The smallest size was 6-12 months, so it was a little bit too big, even for our little chunk!  He looked at us like we were crazy when we were trying to get him into this getup!  The only part he didn't like was the headpiece, because it kept getting in his face.  We only left him in in long enough to take some photos.
We had to make sure we got a picture of the cute tail!

We tried his costume on him on Saturday because we were going to a fall festival with Tootsie, where the kids were dressing up in their costumes.  We didn't want Fitz to be left out!  Once we figured out that Fitz was not too happy with his giraffe costume, we moved on to the next costume.  A friend of ours gave us the Pottery Barn Kids puppy costume as a gift, and I'm so glad I didn't exchange it because I already had the giraffe!
Check out our cute little puppy dog!   This costume fit him so much better, and he didn't seem to mind wearing it at all!  It actually kept him warm at the fall festival, so it worked out great!
This one had a cute tail, too!

I just knew Fitz was going to be so interested in seeing all the kids Trick-or-Treating, so I asked John to set up the swing near the front door so he could see everyone when I opened the door.  I got him all dressed in his puppy outfit, gave him some toys to play with and started handing out candy!

After about 10 minutes, he looked like this:

I think he enjoyed seeing the kids during those 10 minutes, ha!

We had a great first Halloween, and we hope yours was great, too!

Friday, October 28, 2011

One Month Later

It's been one whole month since the big surgery!

I agree with his shirt:  "this is what handsome looks like!"

I continue to be amazed at how quickly Fitz has healed from surgery! 

I guess you can tell from these two recent pictures, Fitz has just discovered his finger and is all about putting it in his mouth!  At least he's not sucking his thumb, right?

Anyway, the doctor said it will take a year before his lip is completely healed, but I think it looks so good!  Of course, I'm a little biased, and I thought he was the cutest thing ever before he even had surgery, but the body's ability to heal and repair itself is simply amazing.  What an awesome God who created us in that way!

Fitz is eating more than ever, and having rice cereal and apple juice!  He has not been slowed down one bit by this surgery!  He comes from a long line of healthy eaters, ha!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch

Friday afternoon, we took Fitz for his first trip to the Grand Ol' Pumpkin Patch!
We took tons of pictures of our little pumpkin.

We rode the Hayride out to the patch, and picked a pumpkin out just for Fitz.

Skylar was so sweet, showing Fitz all about the pumpkin patch...and wanted to take lots of photos with just him and Fitz.

We saw lots of pumpkins, but this was by far, cutest one in the patch.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Jumparoo and First Food, too!

Thursday, we had our follow-up appointment with the plastic surgeon, Dr. Grant.  He said everything looked great with Fitz's lip, and that it is healing just as it should!  We went ahead and scheduled the palate surgery for April, so we have that to look forward to next.

I had planned for Santa to bring Fitz an exersaucer/jumpy thing for Christmas, as I did not know he would need one before then!  We went to Target before our doctor's appointment Thursday and bought a really fun one!  
Daddy put it together for us after we got home, and Fitz loves it!  It's made so that when he jumps, it lights up and plays sounds and music.  How fun is that? Fitz is so short that even on the lowest height setting, he still can barely touch the floor, but that just means he can use this longer, ha!  He loves all the animals and activities!

Our pediatrician told us at our last appointment that we could start feeding Fitz rice cereal, but to wait until after our appointment with Dr. Grant, to make sure all was well with the lip before we started food.  Dr. Grant gave us the go-ahead, so we tried it last night for the first time.

When I put him in his highchair for the first time, he grinned and got so excited about it!  He loves to sit himself up lately (with support), so I think he thought he was a big boy sitting up in his chair!  

At first, he had no idea what to do with the cereal, but he obviously liked it because he smiled really big when I got it in his mouth!
I did not like the cereal all over his face, so I can only imagine how crazy I'll be when we start foods like sweet potatoes and carrots!  

He ate over half of the cereal I prepared, so I thought that was pretty good for his first try.  He had the rest of his bottle, and then pretty much passed out a little while later!  I didn't think he would take his whole bottle that he usually has before bed since he ate so much cereal and formula, but he drank the whole bottle and cried for more until he went to sleep at bedtime!  

I should have known a child produced by me and John would love to eat, no matter what!  I'm glad he liked the cereal, and we're excited to get to "real" baby food after he gets accustomed to the cereal!  Our boy is getting so big!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Three Weeks

I promise I'm not going to do weekly post-surgery posts forever, but I just think it is amazing to see the progress and improvements that have happened over the past three weeks!  I thought I would do weekly posts until it's been one month post-surgery.  So, as of today, it's been three weeks since surgery, and Fitz is doing great!
As you can see, he's just as happy as he ever was.  John's cousin, Stephanie, made this green elephant for Fitz, and I gave it to him to play with this morning while I was getting ready.  He loved it!  It's the perfect size for him to grab onto and play with.  Thank you, Stephanie!
That big scab finally came off of the top of his lip, at the bow, and I was so happy!  It looks so much better without that piece on there.  FYI, I did not pick at came off on its own!

Day After Surgery
One Week After Surgery

Two Weeks After Surgery

Three Weeks After Surgery

As the doctor told us, the muscles on each side of his lip would continue to push his lip down into place, and I think you can see how that is happening, if you look at each picture from week to week.  We have our follow-up appointment with the plastic surgeon tomorrow, so I'll probably have more information then, and hopefully, we can schedule the surgery for his palate as well.  

If this little boy was any cuter, I'm not sure I could handle it!  He is the sweetest baby, and I just love being his mom :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Swedish! Fall! Fun!

We had a great Saturday!  First, we went to Swedish Fest in a nearby small town, Thorsby.  Kristy, Skylar and I usually go every year to Swedish Fest and I was excited to be able to take Fitz this year to his first parade, which they always have before the Arts & Crafts portion of Swedish Fest begins.  And as an added bonus, John was in the parade with the Thorsby Fire Department, where he works!  I love that first picture with Fitz grinning, but he thought that sun was a little too bright to open his eyes, ha!
Tootsie had just left work after her overnight shift, but she usually joins us and of course, she wanted to be there for Fitz's first parade.  Grandmama and Papa came too, but they stayed in the shade during the parade.  We had so much fun watching Fitz watching the action.  He had a great time watching all the kids going after the candy.  When we were walking to our spot, Skylar (6 years old and hilarious), asked, "Does Fitz have a bag for candy?"  We had to explain that Fitz can't go after the candy yet, nor can he eat it...yet.  Funny!
He did manage to get a couple of suckers, with some help from Skylar and Tootsie!  Don't worry, he didn't get a taste of them!
Daddy was in this fire truck during the parade, but he was on the passenger side, so we didn't get his picture!  Mommy yelled loud enough to get his attention though, and he waved at Fitz from the fire truck!

After the parade, we walked through the booths and looked at all the junk stuff for sale.  We rarely find anything to buy, but we love to look!  Then, we called Daddy and met up with him so he could show us around the fire department.  He's been working there since August and we had not yet had a tour!
We got to see all the compartments on the trucks, and all the hoses and attachments.  Fitz seemed fascinated by all the shiny equipment and trucks!  He looked at everything Daddy showed us, just like he knew what John was saying.  It was so sweet!  We saw Daddy's locker and turn-out gear, and the living room, weight area and stair machine where Daddy works out.  

We are so proud of John for going after a new career.  He just recently became interested in becoming a fire fighter and he has gone after it with full speed ahead!  His next step is EMT school, which he hopes to start in January, and after that, fire school!  Go Daddy go!

After Swedish Fest, Fitz and I went to the Family Fun Day at Kristy and Skylar's church.  Their whole church family has been so sweet, praying for Fitz since I was pregnant, and everyone was so excited to meet him.  It was really fun to get to show him off to everyone, for them to see what their prayers have accomplished!

We went home after that, had a bottle and took a nap.  We had to get ready to party later!  We went to a joint wedding shower for our friends Seth (and his fiancee Jessica) and Malachi (and his fiancee Brooke).  The party had a Country Western band, and a Cowboy/Country theme.  Fitz stayed awake almost the whole time, listening to the (LOUD) music and being passed around from person to person!  He seemed to enjoy it.  

All in all, we had a great Saturday full of family, friends and fun.  We love fall!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's been two weeks...

since the big surgery!  As you can see, most of the stitches are gone.  The only part left is that scab right on the top of Fitz's lip.  It must have been the part they worked on the most, because it still has lots of stitches sticking out of it and it's just a big scab.  I want to get it off so badly, but I'm not touching it!
Daddy didn't like this picture, but it shows more detail about what they did during the surgery.  Some people have asked questions about whether they took off that extra part that used to stick out, or how they did the surgery.  Dr. Grant pulled that extra piece down, and attached each side of his lip to the middle part, which was the extra piece of his lip that used to stick up.  Does that make sense at all?  He also created a bow at the top of his lip, which is the part that is covered by that yucky scab.  In the picture above, you can see where his lip is still coming down into place.  You can only see that extra part now looking at him from this angle.  It has come down a lot in the past two weeks, and the doctor said it will continue to do so.

I think this is the first time since I started the blog that I have waited a week between posts!  My aunt even wrote me on Facebook yesterday and said she needed a Fitz fix, ha!  What have we been up to?  Last Thursday, we had Fitz's 4 month check-up!  He weighed 13 lbs, 10 oz, which means he lost almost a whole pound after surgery.  The doctor said she knows he'll catch back up, so nothing to worry about there.  He's now eating up to 7 oz at each bottle, so he'll probably catch up quickly!  I was very interested to see what the doctor would say about that flat spot he had on the right side of his head, and we got a great report!  She said if she had not checked his chart, she never would have known he had a flat spot.  Whew!  He got a shot in each leg, and an oral vaccination, and barely cried.  We don't have to go back until his 6 month check-up, and the doctor said everything looked wonderful!  Praise the Lord!

Friday, Fitz went to work with me, and was so well-behaved!  I took him to the Courthouse to see everyone there, and he seemed to enjoy it.  Then we went to Wal-Mart and found this cute Halloween shirt.  It says, "Whoooo's got treats?"  

Then, last Saturday we had a yard sale.  Our neighbors were having one, so we decided to put a few things out as well.  After Fitz had his 2nd bottle of the day, Tootsie got here and he sat with her outside.  He loved watching all the people, and sat there about 30-45 minutes just looking around.  Then, we looked at him and he was sound asleep.  He slept with Tootsie holding him for about 2 hours!  

Sunday, we went back to church for the first time since the surgery.  Everyone at church was very excited to see Fitz and how well he is doing.  He drank his bottle, then sat straight up and watched as our preacher started preaching.  He did very good for a while, then he got sleepy but didn't want to go to sleep.  I think he was afraid he might miss something!  

Yesterday, we had lots of errands to run, so after I picked up Fitz from Grandmama's, we went home and had lunch, and another bottle.  Then, we picked up Tootsie because she had to run most of our same errands!  We picked up a couple of wedding shower gifts, went to Macy's for the Clinique bonus, bought our Christmas Village tickets, went to Target, then met Uncle Zac for dinner at Olive Garden.  I know this picture is a little fuzzy, but it's the only one where both of them were looking at the camera.  See?

I love the fact that Uncle Zac is so fascinated by Fitz!  Zac thinks Fitz is the best thing ever, and it is so sweet!  Last week, he even met us at the doctor, just to see him for a minute before we went in.  How sweet is that?  Fitz was very entertaining to us after he ate.  He loved that orange shirt, and held his sleeves up and looked at them all day long!  It was so funny!  Then, he would pull out the top part and look at it, too.  Such a funny boy!

I'll try not to wait so long before I post again!  We have lots of plans this weekend which should make for great blogging!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

One Week Post Surgery

 I can not believe a whole week has already flown by since the big surgery!  Look how happy our sweet boy is!  We can finally see his full dimples again and I am so glad.  He tried to smile the day after surgery and all you could see were two little pinpoints on his swollen cheeks, but the dimples are back!

I tried to take a picture from above today so you could all see the healing that has happened in just one short week and compare it to the first picture, but Fitz was awake, and as you can see, his facial expressions are back to normal as well!  He looks like he's saying, "Whatcha doin' Mama?"  However, you can tell that his swelling is much better, and his lip in the picture on the right has more scabbing, which is a good thing because that means it's healing!  The stitches are sticking out more and more from his lip every day, like little whiskers.  I guess the stitches on the inside dissolve and the ones on the outside just come out when his lip is all healed.

Our boy is back to his regular feeding schedule, which makes this Type-A mom very  happy.  He took his bottle the day after surgery, and everyday since then, but at first he would cry when we started feeding him, not as if it hurt, but just like he was letting us know something was different and weird!  He still can not move his top lip much, but he eats that bottle up, and has stopped crying at feeding time!

I am so proud of Fitz's progress since surgery, and amazed at how well he has done!  The only paid medication he had after surgery was Motrin, and he has not been fussy at all.  He's "talking" more since surgery, and sleeping through the night.  He is one amazing little boy!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Dear Fitz (Four Months)

Dear Fitz:

You are four months old today!  You are growing more and more every single day, and continue to delight me and Daddy more and more!

This was a big month for us since you had your first surgery.  Today marks day five of your post surgery recovery and you are doing so great.  Mommy and Daddy were very nervous the day of your surgery (September 28, 2011), and were so glad that you had no idea what was coming.  Your surgery took about three hours and then you spent another hour in recovery.  When I finally got to hold you again was the best moment of the whole day!  A nurse carried you into the room and asked if I wanted to hold you.  I didn't hesitate for a second before saying, "YES!"  We spent one night in the hospital and went home around lunch time the next day.  We were so glad to be home, and so were you!

On your surgery day, you weighed 14.5 lbs.  You're eating pretty well again, but you may have lost a little bit right after surgery because you seemed like it was uncomfortable to eat and you didn't have the same hearty appetite you normally have.  It's coming back quickly though!  You wear size 2 diapers and still drink 6 bottles a day, with 5-6 ounces in each bottle.  You wear mostly 3-6 month size clothes, but 6 month size pajamas, and some 6 month size clothes.

You are such a happy boy!  You smile all the time and I just love to see those deep dimples show up when you get tickled about something.  Your regular smile is not quite back yet since you can not move your top lip because of surgery, but it made me cry the first time you tried to smile while we were still in the hospital.  I knew my sweet happy boy was doing good when I saw your cheeks go up at your eyes and saw two little pinpoints where your dimples are! It made Mama so happy to see you happy even after having major surgery.

You've started "talking" quite a bit, too.  You make noises at your animals (especially your bear from the hospital), and talk a lot more since your surgery.  We think you can hear yourself better since they cleaned all that gunk out of your ears when they put your tubes in, and you like it!  I love to hear your sweet voice!  

Everything you do makes me and Daddy smile, and if it's possible, we love you more and more all the time.  We thank God everyday for giving you to us, and I pray that you will come to know God and how much He loves you.  You are our miracle baby, and such a blessing to us both.  I love you buddy, more than you will ever know.