Thursday, July 28, 2011

Out with the girls!

Last night, Fitz and I had dinner with my friends Tracey and Melodie.  They were so excited to get to meet Fitz and he was very well behaved through dinner, as usual.  He drank his bottle, then promptly went back to sleep!

I met Tracey and Melodie in January of 2002 when I was an intern with our state legislature.  I worked for two of our state senators.  Melodie is the assistant to Senator Vivian Figures, who shared an office at that time with one of the senators I worked for.  I do not know what I would have done without Melodie to keep me sane in that crazy office, because the assistant for the senator I worked for was...let's say...a different breed!  Melodie took me under her wing and showed me the ropes, and I'm so glad she did.

Tracey is the Legislative Liaison for the Alabama State Department of Education.  She came to several committee meetings that I got to be a part of with the senators I worked for, and we met that way.  Legislative Interns have floor privileges, meaning we could go out on the senate floor while the senate was in session.  When Tracey needed to communicate with a senator to give them information, I could help her out with that.  Keep in mind that this was before texting, ha!  Once I met Tracey, we bonded instantly and I pretty much stuck with her while I was "working".

I'm so glad we all kept in touch.  We get together for each of our birthdays every year and usually at Christmas as well, and always have a great time!  It is such a blessing to have wonderful girlfriends of all ages!

Another blessing happened during dinner that I would like to share with all of you.  Our waiter was looking at Fitz, (but not in a weird way) and told me how adorable he is (duh).  He told us that babies born with a cleft lip are special to him because his sister had a child with a cleft lip who also had other serious health problems.  He told us that when the child was born, his sister's husband was unable to see the unique beauty of the child and left them.  Can you believe that?!? The waiter moved in to help his sister and they lost the child at 4 months old.  He said he just wanted to share that with us, and let us know that he thought Fitz was beautiful.  I thought it was really sweet of him to share that with us!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Working Out!

Not only did Mommy go back to the gym this past week, but Fitz learned to work out as well!  Not only does he love his "tummy time" gym, but he loves this one on his back even more.  And, we have figured out that it keeps him awake if we stimulate his senses and get him playing.  Keeping him awake during the day equals sleeping more at night.  Friday night and Sunday night he only woke up once during the night for a bottle - yay!!
He likes to check out those animals...

And with a little help from Mommy and Daddy, he can grab that ring and swing that monkey around!  Such a strong boy!

He has also started trying to roll over, but of course, after I grabbed the camera, he wouldn't do that little trick anymore.  Usually when we lay him down on this little gym, he immediately rolls over to his left side and reaches for the bar with his right hand!  A genius, I'm telling ya!

Friday, July 22, 2011

This week...

1.  I worked everyday for the first time since May!

2.  Fitz played with Tootsie and Grandmama Monday thru Thursday, then came to work with me today.

3.  I went back to the gym for the first time.  Tuesday I went to Intervals class, and last night I went to Toning. 

4.  Fitz went to the courthouse this morning to see all the ladies in the clerk's office and judge's office...he was wide awake the whole time and charmed them all.

5.  Fitz sang "Happy Birthday" to Tootsie...or so she says.

6.  I was fired by a client...and it was a blessing.

7.  I figured out that the office is too quiet for Fitz, and had to turn on Pandora Radio to calm him.  It worked immediately.

8.  Fitz slept from 9:00 last night until almost 2 a.m. before he woke up for a bottle.  Love it!

9.  I was asked AGAIN when I'm due, posted it on FB and got tons of great suggestions for what to say next time it happens.  I kinda hope it happens again so I can use one of the suggestions!

10.  We had a busy week with not much blogging, but it was a good one! 

I'm glad to be getting back into somewhat of a routine.  I'm a routine person.  Getting back to the office more often and going to the gym are good for me!  And again, I'm thankful for Tootsie and Grandmama to keep Fitz so I don't worry about him while I'm at work.  I fall in love with him a little more everyday!

Friday, July 15, 2011

A Trip to the Doctor and A Good Night's Sleep

Yesterday, we had Fitz's one month check-up with the pediatrician.  Even though he's 6 weeks old today, that was just how the appointment got scheduled.  He now weighs 9 lbs, 14 oz and is gaining about an ounce a day, which the doctor said is what she wants to see, so he's doing very well!  He's in the 50th percentile for weight, which the doctor said is good, but he's on the short side right now.  The doctor said that is not an indication of future height, and he'll catch up.  His head measures between the 50th and 75th percentile, which she said is really good.

We told the doctor that Fitz spits up during the night sometimes, and she said that's normal, especially for a baby who gets extra air in, which Fitz does because of the cleft.  It worries me at night because I'm always afraid he will choke or something.  When we were at Children's, they had his crib elevated on one end, but they had told us not to do that once we got home.  Our doctor said to elevate it!  She said to elevate the whole crib, not just the mattress, for safety reasons.  She said she elevated her child's crib with medical books because they were so thick, but that we could use law books at our house, ha!

John asked how high to elevate it and she said, "Prop it like you mean it!"  This picture does not look too high, but it's pretty well elevated.  I was a little worried that Fitz would slide to the end of the crib, but he didn't, of course.

I don't know if it was the crib being elevated, or just a coincidence, but Fitz slept great last night!  He drank a bottle at 7:00 p.m., and stayed awake until about 9:15 p.m. or so.  When he fell asleep, I put him in the crib, expecting him to wake up in about an hour to eat.  He didn't wake up until 12:45 a.m.!  Even though that only gave me 3.5 hours of sleep, it was 5.5 hours since he ate!  I was shocked.  He ate his bottle and went back to sleep.  During the night he usually gets up every 3 hours on the dot, but he didn't wake up again until 4:45 a.m. the second time!  We'll see if that works again tonight, Mommy sure hopes so.

The doctor asked me about scheduling the lip surgery and coordinating tubes in his ears, as well as his circumcision.  I told her that I talked to the Pediatric Urologist, who will do the circumcision and his office said that the Plastic Surgeon's office would need to coordinate it, not me.  I was trying to handle it myself so I knew it would be done.  The pediatrician said that probably shocked them that I was being proactive!  She said sometimes she has to push mothers about when to speak up for their children, but she can tell that I know how to advocate and she is not worried about John and I at all!  Ha ha!  No ma'am, no problem at all with speaking up when I need to (and often when I don't need to!).

We had a great visit with the doctor, and I'll keep you posted on how well the elevated bed works tonight, too.  Oh yeah, and we found out that the newborn screen indicating Hypothyroidism was wrong, too.  The follow-up bloodwork came back normal. Praise God!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Big Day!

Fitz and I had so much fun yesterday!  First, we went to Wolf Camera to print out some of the billion pictures we've taken since he was born.  I printed them on the 1-hour photo machine at Wolf, so while they were processing, we headed over to Buy Buy Baby to return some gifts we received, and do a little browsing.  I put the carseat in our stroller to avoid our previous Wal-Mart dilemma, and since I knew I wouldn't be buying much and wouldn't need a shopping cart. 

We browsed every area of Buy Buy Baby, and wound up with a few necessities and a couple of play gyms for Fitz!  We got a "tummy time" gym, which you can see above, and one for him to play in on his back.  I also got a frog bath sponge to go in his bathtub and it makes all the difference in his bath...he loved it this morning!

After that, we picked up my pictures at Wolf Camera, then went to Target.  We got some cute denim shorts for Fitz to go over onesies.  He has several really cute onesies but I hate to put him in just a onesie if we're going out somewhere, so now he has some shorts to go over them.  After Target, we went to my doctor for my 6 week post-partum appointment.  Everyone there was so excited to see Fitz and it was a little bittersweet to know I won't be going back until next year for my yearly appointment.  I just love all of the nurses and my wonderful doctor so much!  My doctor gave Fitz his first little Bible, and signed his name in it...which I thought was just so sweet!  We left the doctor's office just in time to eat dinner with Tootsie and Uncle Zac.  While they were both happy to see Fitz, he slept the whole time, ha!

We got home, fed Fitz, then decided to have some tummy time on his new gym.  Fancie is usually pretty uninterested in Fitz, but she was very interested when we put him on the floor.  She got right up close to his face and checked out him and the play gym!

She sniffed all around the play gym.

And then she decided to play a little herself!  It was really funny to see her rolling all over it like we got it for her!  And just so you all know, I was sitting so close that I had to crop myself out of all these photos, so there was no way Fancie could hurt Fitz.  And, Fitz picked his head up and turned it to the other direction several times; he did not just lay there, ha ha!  We had a great day together!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Playdate for Fitz and Mommy

Yesterday, my friend Heather (Aunt Heddy), invited us over to visit with her and our friend Julie and her twins!  Look at all those babies lined up together!  Carson and Logan are exactly six weeks older than Fitz.  Julie's husband went to high school with Heather and her husband and I've met both of them through Heather.  While I was pregnant, Julie was sweet enough to bring me lots of cute maternity clothes, too!  They all live in Kentucky, so we won't get to see them very often, but when we do, the boys can play together!

We all took turns holding all the babies, including Heather's sweet son, Fletcher.  Heather's mom came over too, and you could tell she was in Heaven, holding all the babies.  She has a very calming touch with them! 

I was shocked when I held Carson at how big he is compared to Fitz!  I mean, he should be bigger since he's six weeks older, but it was a big difference from Fitz.  It was really fun to be around another mommy of newborns, and to hear her advice, and we always have fun with Aunt Heddy!  Thank you for inviting us, we can't wait to do it again!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Fitz's First Trip to Wal-Mart

A success?  Not so much.  I asked my friends Kelli and Kristy today how the carseat fits in the buggy when you take your baby to Wal-Mart.  They both told me that my carseat should fit in the top part of the buggy where children sit when they are older, and neither of them laughed at me for asking, which I really appreciate!  So, after Fitz had his lunchtime bottle today, we headed to Wal-Mart to do the grocery shopping.

When I got there, I parked across from the place where you put your buggy so I could grab one and put Fitz in it outside and just wheel him in.  I tried to put the seat in the buggy the way Kelli and Kristy told me about and it was too big, so I tried it sideways...still too big.  So then I put it in the back part of the buggy where the groceries fit, but absolutely no groceries could go in there unless I put them on top of Fitz.  Apparently, I purchased the largest carseat in the whole world because it would not safely fit anywhere in the stupid buggy!

I called John on my way back home (without groceries) to tell him basically that he was right because he had said he didn't think our carseat would fit.  He was really sweet and made some suggestions.  He said I could take Fitz to the office and let Kristy watch him while I went to Wal-Mart, or I could call his mom to come babysit.  Both perfectly good suggestions, but it made me so frustrated to think I had to get a sitter to go to the grocery store!  You mean I can't just put the baby in the car and go, like I did for 31 years before he got here??  And why won't my stupid carseat fit in the buggy?  You mean I have to wait until Fitz is big enough to sit in the buggy before I can take him to the grocery store??

I guess this was the first time since Fitz arrived that I truly realized how much my life has changed since I had a baby.  He's gone everywhere else with me just fine:  my doctor, his doctor, church, restaurants.  He usually sleeps right through it, and he was asleep at Wal-Mart, too, I just couldn't find a way to do the shopping with him.  But, I could not be more thankful for my little man.  I will get used to the changes, and am thankful to have a supportive and sweet husband to go through the changes with me!  Now I know what people were talking about when they said how much changes when you have a baby!

But, I WILL find a way to take Fitz to Wal-Mart.  My friends Kristy and Haley already suggested turning his seat sideways and fitting it on the back part of the buggy.  I will be trying that very soon.  In the meantime, I'll get used to being a mommy instead of just a very independent, on-the-go married gal, and I'll keep thanking God for our sweet boy!

By the way, I know it's been a few days since I posted.  We haven't been up to much this week, and I went to court yesterday for the first time since Fitz was born.  I was in court from 8:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m.  Whew!  Long day for my first day back, and my feet were killing me since I had not worn high-heels in several months, but it was productive and I was glad to be back among my lawyer friends!  I caught up on lots of courthouse gossip and Tootsie took good care of Fitz.  I'll try to do better about blogging next week, but I'm working three days next week, so we'll see how that goes.  Thank God for sweet grandmothers who want to babysit Fitz, too, so I can work!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day!

Check out my cute 4th of July outfit!

It even came with a cute bib that says, "Mommy's Little Firecracker" cute is that?

We celebrated our independence by going to John's parents' house for ribs, baked potatoes, salad and homemade cheesecake!  John's family is so excited about Fitz, so they invited everyone over to ooh and ahh over him while we celebrated the holiday.  The pic above is John's sweet little grandmother holding her great-grandson, if you didn't know who that handsome fella is!

You can see a theme developing with these pictures...the whole family wanted to hold Fitz and just look at his sweet face.  This is John's Aunt Ellen enjoying our boy.  He was so good all day, just eating and sleeping while he was passed around the family.

Fitz is blessed to have so many family members who could not be more excited about his arrival!  Aunt Donna had to have her turn holding and looking as well!

We enjoyed our day eating and visiting with the family, and are thankful for all of the soldiers who risked and/or gave their lives so that we could be free to celebrate today.  John posted this poem on Facebook today, and it is so true:

It is the soldier that salutes the flag,
that serves beneath the flag,
whose coffin is draped by the flag,
that allows the protester to burn the flag.
Freedom is not free.
God bless America.

Thank you John, and all of the other troops out there who have served and are currently serving to protect our freedom.  God has truly blessed America and it is my hope that all of America will realize it and turn back to Him soon.  Thank you Lord that I am an American citizen, and for all of your blessings.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dear Fitz (One Month)

Dear Fitz,

How can it be that you are already one month old?  It seems like only a few days ago that we were packing our bags to go to the hospital to greet you, and now you've been here a whole month.  A whole month since our lives were changed forever and blessed more than we could have imagined.

When we left the hospital after two weeks, they had your goal at drinking 60 cc's every 3 hours, which is 2 ounces.  Now, we put almost 3 ounces in every bottle and you drink most of it at every feeding!  You are still eating every three hours, but now that you are above your birth weight, we are able to relax a little and if you are sleeping, we don't wake you to eat.

You weigh 9 lbs, and are 20.5 inches long.  You can only wear a few newborn clothes, such as pajamas, and in other things, you wear 0-3 months, or 3 month clothes.  You sleep very well at night and only wake up to eat.  You wake up about every 3.5 hours, and that's ok with us, as long as you're eating.  Although, if you decide to sleep longer sometime soon, that will be fine, too!

You love to be held, and we can't help but spoil you and oblige.  Lately, your favorite thing is to lay on your belly on our chests while we are laying on the couch.  You snuggle right up and go to sleep.  I love the way you feel bundled up on my chest.  It may possibly be the best feeling in the whole world.

At night, we give you a bath upstairs in your bathroom, and you love it.  You look at us with your big blue eyes and don't seem to mind it at all, until we get you out and then, you scream until we have you bundled up in your towel.  Then, you snuggle right up and are ready for your bottle.  We feed you and then I rock you and read a story to you until you fall asleep.  I love how you watch me with your inquisitive eyes while I read and feed you.  I hope you always look at me just like that.

You have blondish-reddish hair that is as soft as it can be.  None of your hair has fallen out since you were born, and has only grown more.  Daddy loves to brush it into a mohawk or brush it so it stands straight up.  I'm pretty sure it will turn all the way blonde eventually, as Daddy and I both had blonde hair when we were babies.

You have changed our lives in more ways than I can count, but most of all we are blessed to be your parents.  We feel honored that God chose to give you to us and we can not wait to see what the future holds for you.  We love you, Fitz, and are so thankful for you every single day.


Friday, July 1, 2011

No Sweat!

Today we had another opportunity to praise our God and to be thankful for his blessings and his plan for our Fitz!  Last week, our pediatrician called and said that two of Fitz's newborn screenings came back abnormal, one for hypothyroidism and one for Cystic Fibrosis.  I will admit, when she first called, I was totally flipped out and upset.  I called John at work, crying, then called my mom.  After my initial freak out moment, I prayed and turned it all over to God.  I asked him to please take the worry away, and for his will to be done, for his plan for Fitz to be accomplished.

It may be hard to believe, but after my initial freak out, God really took the worry away.  I didn't focus on it the whole time, and when I did think about it, I gave it to God.  He took it from me and carried that burden for me.

We went to the pediatrician last Friday and she took some blood to do another test on the thyroid problem, and told us that the majority of the time the initial newborn screening in premature babies, is wrong.  She said she found out that 90% of the time, the Cystic Fibrosis (CF) test is wrong, and that Fitz most likely did NOT have CF.  That relieved a lot of my fears.

So, how do we know if he has it or not?  We had to go back to Children's Hospital today for him to have a "Sweat Test" which determines whether he has CF or not.  They hooked up these electrodes to each of his arms for 5 minutes, then wrapped them with gauze, plastic wrap, a diaper and then the yellow tape you can see in the picture.  We had to wait 30 minutes for the gauze to collect his sweat, so of course, I had to get a picture of his poor little arms in those big wraps!

After the 30 minute wait, they collected the gauze and sent it to the lab.  They measure the salt in his sweat, because people with CF have very salty sweat.  We waited another hour or so, and got the results.  Fitz DOES NOT have CF!  Praise the Lord!  We were so relieved and so thankful! 

Apparently, Fitz is a carrier for CF, which means either I'm a carrier, or John is, or we both are.  Fitz has one gene mutation in his DNA which indicates CF.  If he had 2, he would have it.  Our next step is genetic testing on me and John, because, if we are both carriers, there is a greater chance for any future children we may have to actually have CF, instead of just being a carrier.  It's great that we now know that Fitz is a carrier because in his future, he will need to know that information before he has children.  The doctor said most states automatically do the DNA testing now, so hopefully his future wife will know if she's a carrier or not as well.  If only one parent is a carrier, the risk for a child actually having CF is much lower than if both parents are carriers.

We are so thankful that God gave us another opportunity to trust in him, and that His plan was not for Fitz to have CF.  However,  if the plan had been for Fitz to have it, we would still be praising His Holy name because we know that he would be right there with us, as he is now, and will forever be.  Thank you Father for your love and blessings!

P.S. We still do not have the results of the blood work about the possible thyroid problem, but we are not worrying about it either.  We will continue to pray for God's will and will hope in Him that the thyroid is not a problem either.  However, if it is, God will be right there with us for that situation as well.  I will keep you all posted on that!