Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Nursery Revealed!

I wanted the nursery to be completely finished before I posted pics, and now it is, except for one little thing, which I'll tell you about below.  Obviously, the picture above is the crib and bedding.  I love how his name looks above it!  Thanks Aunt Heddy for the letters!!

This next picture is the view from the door, when you walk into the room.  You can see the open door on the left, and the other door is an entrance to the bathroom.
The next picture is also from the door, looking into the room, just farther to the right, which you can tell since the toy chest is in both pictures.  I'm not sure why the wall color looks different in the following picture, but the pictures above show the actual wall color.  The one thing we're missing will go on that wall between the toy chest and the window, it's a needlepoint piece of Noah's Ark that John's mom made for the baby.  It won't be back from the framer for about 2 weeks and I just could not wait that long to post pictures!

That chair is a rocker/recliner that also swivels and it lays out almost flat!  It is super comfortable and will likely wind up in our living room once Fitz gets a little older.
A little out of order, but this is a close-up view on the crib bedding and some of the cute animals we got at my showers.  Thank you Stephanie for the handmade green elephant!

This is a view with me standing between the crib and the toy chest, looking at the opposite wall.  You can see the bedroom door entrance to the right, and the door on the left is the closet.  We loved this dresser and hutch and it just looks perfect on that wall.  John painted the small bookcase to the left, and thank you to Kelli for the super-cute cross on the right, by the door.

The dresser is already full of sleepers, pajamas, receiving blankets, cloth diapers and handmade blankets we received.  Fitz is spoiled already and I love it!  A major thank you to Papa and Grandmama (John's parents) for the furniture!  It totally makes the room, and we appreciate it so much! 

We hope you like the nursery, we can't wait to see our sweet baby in his room!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fitzgate 2011

I went back to the doctor today, as he is now seeing me twice each week.  First, I had another ultrasound to check Fitz's growth...which is very good!  He already weighs 8 lbs, 9 oz, and measures about 40 weeks, even though I am only 35 weeks!  My doctor asked if I could come rub his tomatoes or talk to them to get them to grow like I'm growing this baby, ha! 

Although the doctor is very pleased with his growth, he said we still would like to reach 36 weeks, just to be on the safe side with Fitz's lungs.  He said just because he's big does not necessarily mean the lungs are fully developed yet.  I'll be 36 weeks on Tuesday, so he scheduled my next appointment for Tuesday, and he said he will most likely admit me then and we will have our baby boy towards the end of next week!  He's going to do a non-stress test on the baby, and then make his final decision.

Even though we would love to have Fitz as soon as possible, we are continuing to pray for God's timing, which is perfect.  God has planned Fitz's conception and birth from the beginning, and we are continuing to trust in Him.  I must say though, I will be pretty disappointed if he sends us home Tuesday, as I will have packed my suitcase three times by then, ha!  Please keep us and Fitz in your prayers, and hopefully I'll be able to post his pictures in another week or so!

"As for God, his way is perfect."  Psalm 18:30

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

35 Weeks!

I'm 35 weeks today!  We went back to the doctor yesterday after being put on bed rest last Wednesday.  My doctor had told us to pack a bag because he may be keeping me in order to watch my blood pressure when we went to see him yesterday.  We packed as if we may be staying until Fitz was born, just in case, but I was praying I would get to come back home and stay on bed rest here.  I was also praying the bed rest was working.

First, let me tell you that last week, according to the scale, I had gained 8 lbs in one week!  My doctor said it was fluid retention, which goes hand-in-hand with my blood pressure being high, but that was still shocking to see an 8 lb gain in one week!

Anyway, back to yesterday.  My doctor has one office in the town where I grew up, (not far from where I live) and another one at the hospital where I'll deliver.  My appointment yesterday was at the hospital office, where the scale usually weighs me about 2-3 lbs less than at the other office (score!).  So, anyway, they weighed me first, and the scale said I had lost 18 lbs since last Wednesday!  Yes, I said EIGHTEEN pounds!!  Now, to be fair, I'm going to say it's probably more like 15, but still, that's about 15 lbs in 5 days.  CRAZY!

Then, they checked my blood pressure and it was still borderline, but not high anymore, like it was last week.  When the doctor came in, he was very pleased with the blood pressure and shocked at the weight!  He said the bed rest was working even better than he thought it would, and it was allowing those fluids to get down to my kidneys and out like they should, instead of me retaining them.  He said my swelling was better, along with everything else.  All together, he was very very pleased with the results, so he let us go home!

He did tell me that this did not mean I could go back to normal, but rather, it means to keep laying around doing nothing since that's working.  He said every day this week that Fitz stays inside is less time he could have to stay in the NICU for lung problems.  Since he may already have to stay in the NICU for feeding issues with the cleft lip, we do not want any other issues. 

He still expects Fitz to arrive in the next week or two, which will be 3-4 weeks early.  We go back Thursday for another ultrasound to check Fitz's growth, and another visit with the doctor, so I'll update again then.  Thank you so much for all of your prayers, God hears each and every one of them! 

"Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever."  Psalm 118:1

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Grandparent Names

There are all sorts of them...Pawpaw, Granddaddy, Nanny, Granny, Oompa, Oma, Honey, etc.  Since we told everyone we were expecting, we've been having discussions about what our parents would like to be called.  We let them pick their own names, because it really doesn't matter to us what they're called.  And I know, some of you are already saying, "They will be called whatever Fitz calls them."  Well, I agree, to an extent.  But, we have to give him something to start with.  We can not just point to one of our parents and say, "What do you want to call her?"  He would be confused!

John's parents were pretty easy.  John's mom wants to be "Grandmama" because that's what John calls his grandmother.  John's dad wants to be "Papa" because that's what John called his grandfather.  Easy as pie.  No problem at all!

My dad was pretty easy, as well.  He didn't want to be "Granddaddy" because that's what we called my mom's dad.  He settled on "Pappy".  It's a little different, but a good name for a grandfather.

My mom was not easy at all, ha!  She didn't want to be a typical grandmother name because she's young and looks really young (people often say we look like sisters).  She definitely did not want to be Granny, Nanny, Nana, or anything like that.  She has some friends who are grandmothers who go by Honey, Lola, and other cute names, and she wants one of those names.  After much discussion in person, and on Facebook (of course!), we settled on "Tootsie"!  It was her high school nickname and it fits her perfectly! 

We know Grandmama, Papa, Pappy and Tootsie may turn into other names as Fitz grows and starts talking, but we like all of these names to start out with!  And, we are so thankful that Fitz will have so many grandparents to love him, and who are excited to meet him!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ask and you shall receive!

I've told y'all before that I do a devotional each morning from the book, "Jesus Calling," by Sarah Young.  I must say again, if you do not have this book, order one from Amazon right now!  It's a great devotional that directs you right to scripture regarding its message each morning.

Yesterday morning, the message was about setting aside our own plans and subordinating them to God's master plan.  The book says not to blindly follow our habitual route, because we may miss what God has prepared for us, so we should ask God for His plan to be accomplished and set our own plans aside.  Well, I'm a planner.  Ask anyone who knows me in real life and they can tell you, I make plans.  But that message really spoke to me yesterday, especially after I read the scripture "'For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,' declares the Lord. 'As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.'" Isaiah 55:8-9.  I prayed after that, for God's plan for me to be accomplished yesterday, and God brought that scripture and prayer to my mind several times throughout the day yesterday, and I would pray it again.  God knows so much more than we ever could know!

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday afternoon and when I got there, they checked my blood pressure and it was high.  They had me lay down for about 30 minutes on my left side, and when they checked it again, instead of going down, as it should, it had gone up!  I went to the restroom, then lay back down and just prayed again for God's plan to be accomplished, not my own plan, but His.  (I also prayed for my BP to go down!)  The nurse came in and checked Fitz's heart rate after that and it was good (Praise God!).  Then my wonderful doctor came in and checked my BP and it had gone down a little, which he was happy about.  He did the rest of the exam, then sat down to talk to me.  He told me that he really thinks I have mild pre-eclampsia, and he's worried that it could spike suddenly and cause some problems.  He wants Fitz to stay inside me for as long as possible to make sure his lungs are fully developed, but he doesn't want me to get sick either. 

He then told me, no more court, and that I'm officially on "bed rest"!  He said unofficially that I can tie up whatever loose ends I need to tie up at the office, but no more court.  He also said that he will be pleased if Fitz stays inside for 2 more weeks, but the doctor thinks he will be born in no more than 3 weeks!  My c-section is scheduled for 5 more weeks, but apparently, what everyone has been saying is correct:  he will be here before then!  It's exciting but a little scary, too!  Then, the doctor asked if I was ok.  I told him, "Yes," and I meant it.

I prayed for God's plan to be accomplished, and fully believe it has been accomplished.  I've prayed for months that God would work out all the details that need to be worked out for the office when I'm off having the baby, and I know He already has them worked out.  His ways are higher than my ways, and His thoughts are higher than my thoughts.  I'm going to continue to be thankful in all circumstances (1 Thessalonians 5:18), and continue to praise God for his master plan being accomplished.  I had already checked my schedule for next week, and only had one court date scheduled, which can easily be re-scheduled.  See?  God already had it worked out before I knew what was going to happen.

I'm thankful that Fitz is healthy, that I have an excellent assistant to take care of the office while I'm at home, that I have some time to just rest before Fitz arrives, that I have a wonderful husband to do things I'm not supposed to do and who takes great care of me, and most of all, that God's plan is so much better than mine and that it is being accomplished!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We had to call THE LAW!

About our new resident, that is.  I told you about our new resident hereSince that post, I have seen our little mama bird several times, but never, ever(!) when I have my camera available and ready to use.  On the Saturday of my baby shower, I was getting a snack in the kitchen before it was time to get ready and John was outside washing the cars.  He came running into the house and yelled that there was "bird drama" going on in our yard and for me to get out there!  He seriously said, BIRD DRAMA!  I ran outside and this is what I saw:
 One poor little bird stuck in the hole of the birdhouse!  Bless its heart!  Apparently, our mama bird built her nest, laid her eggs and that day was the day for all the birds to fly.  I say that because, all around the birdhouse were several other pretty little bluebirds watching this one who could not get out of the house!  I was so worried about it being stuck, and John thought it was the mama trying to lay an egg!  He was cracking me up!  This little bird tried several times to fly out of the house, as the other birds watched, but it was obvious that he could not get out!

 This is one of the other birds (maybe the mama?) guarding the bird that could not get out.  I could not get a picture of the other birds, but they were all very concerned about the one that was stuck.

So, what do we do?  We call our neighbor and friend, Erric, who works for our local Sheriff's Department, on the swat team, ha!  We asked if he knew what to do, and he came over and went right over to the bird house to see what the problem was.  The other birds immediately started swooping down at his head!  See the bird in the top right of the picture?  That was the only picture I managed to get of the birds trying to stop him from messing with their friend, but there were probably 5 or 6 others all swooping down at him.  He finally got the little bird out so we could examine him:
He had an extremely long piece of hair wrapped around his back leg, which was stopping him from getting free to leave the nest.  Erric clipped the hair off and he flew for a minute, but we were afraid some cat would get to him, so we put him back in the birdhouse.  We have checked the house and it's now empty, except for the nest, but we can't wait to see what bird makes it her home next!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Baby Shower #2

My second baby shower was on Sunday, May 1, the day after my first one, so I had a whole weekend of showers!  I was exhausted afterwards, but it was so much fun and I really feel blessed to have so many people who wanted to come and celebrate with us!

Angie, me, Amy
This shower was given by Angie and Amy, two friends and fellow attorneys where I live and practice.  They always do such an amazing job on showers and receptions and they did not disappoint with my shower.  We had the shower at Amy's mom's house which was beautiful!  The food was great, and we all had so much fun!

Sarah, Parker, JohnHayes, and Natalie
One of the funniest parts of this shower was all the helpers who assisted me with opening my gifts!  They were so funny!  It started with Sarah wanting to open the gift she brought me, then the rest of them joined in to help.  I am so grateful for their assistance, as I was, again, overwhelmed by the generosity of our friends.

John was shocked again when I got home with all of these things for our little Fitz!  His room filled up fast and the OCD part of me is still trying to get things organized a week later.  Again, thank you so much to all of my friends and family who showered us so lovingly all weekend!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

More Baby Shower Gifts

I loved all the "piggy" banks we got at the shower!  If we can fill all these up, Fitz will be a wealthy little boy.  The Zebra "pig" is from my friend Heather and I just love it!  John says I'm obsessed with zebra print, and I told him this one might wind up being mine instead of Fitz's! 

The Doggy "pig" has this lovely verse on the side, and look how fat his belly is!  I love him, too!

The third bank is the only one that is a true "piggy bank", and it has a space on the side where you can write the baby's name and birthdate.  This is a view of his hind end, which I thought was so funny!  Look at that cute tail!

The last "piggy bank" was painted by Brianne, and you can read about it here.

We got a lot of cute gifts with Bible verses, and Fitz's monogram or initials on them.  This cross is from my friend Kelli and I think it will be perfect on Fitz's bedroom door.  And the verse is so true, we have prayed and prayed for a baby.  Fitz is truly an answer to prayer.
We got tons of monogrammed and embroidered outfits, and they are all so cute!  The two pieces on the left are sleep sacks, which friends keep telling me are so convenient for those during the night diaper changes.  The blanket and burp cloth in the middle are from my friend Shelli, and I have a funny story about them.  When I opened them, I thought that letter behind his name was a "G" for our last name.  I didn't know it was actually an "F" for Fitz until last night when a friend of mine told me!  They let me go on and on at the shower about how cute that "G" was, ha!  Obviously, they are just as cute with an "F"!

I can't wait to dress Fitz up in all of his cute outfits and use all of these things!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Baby Shower #1


John's Aunt Ellen, John's Grandmother, John's Aunt Donna and cousin Stephanie, John's Mom, Beth
Me, Mom, my Aunt Shelley, my Aunt Bonnie and my cousin-in-law Brianne
 My first baby shower was on Saturday, April 30 at our friend Margie's house.  It was a big shower and we were blessed with so many fun gifts and had such a great time with friends and family!

Ms. Pam, Margie, Lori, Amy, Me, Wanda, Melanie, Karen and Heather
 I had 8 hostesses throw this shower for me and Fitz!  These are all wonderful women and I am so blessed to have them in my life.  Ms. Pam has known me since I was little, when we first moved to Alabama and  Margie is our great friend from and I love to travel with them and always have so much fun together!  Lori and Amy went to college with me, and I'm so glad we have stayed such good friends.  Lori is expecting her 4th baby this fall (surprise!) so we may be doing a shower for her in the months to come!  Wanda has been a great friend of my mom's pretty much since we moved to Alabama in 1990 and she's always fun!  Melanie is a great friend as well, who goes to church with us and loves to travel with us, too!  Karen is another great friend of my mom's, who also loves to laugh.  Heather is one of my closest friends that I met at the job I had the summer before law school, love her!  Thank you to all of you for giving me a fabulous shower!!

As you may or may not know, we are going with a safari animal theme for Fitz's room.  The shower went right along with my theme, see?

How cute is that cake??  I loved it, and it was so good, too!

We got tons of gifts!  John was totally overwhelmed when I got home with them.  There is no way I could get pics of all of them, so I just picked a couple for this post, and I will post more later.  I got diaper bags:

And several gifts that went along with our theme!  One of my favorites was this blanket and wipe case:

John was worried before the showers that we didn't have any toys yet, but we got some cute toys, too:

This Moose was one of my favorite toys!

As I said, we got tons of stuff and there was no way I could post all the pics, but we want to say thank you to everyone who came to the shower!  We had so much fun and we appreciate each and every one of you!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fitz Update, 32 Weeks!

Brianne and I, Baby Shower #2
 I had 2 baby showers over the past weekend, but I'm still gathering photos from my friends and family before I post about them.  Let me just say though, we are so blessed to have so many people who care about us and already love our sweet Fitz!  I thought I would give you a little preview of some of my amazing gifts:

Hospital Door Hanger made by my talented cousin-in-law,  Brianne
How cute is that door hanger??  Our hospital door will stand out from all others!! I love it!

Brianne also made us a cute piggy bank to go along with our safari animal theme:

Don't worry, I have plenty more photos to come, just wanted to give you a preview. 

As for Fitz, he is doing very well!  We went to the doctor yesterday and had another Ultrasound to measure his growth.  He is measuring about 4 weeks ahead of schedule and weighs 6 lbs already!  They are predicting a 9-10 lb baby, and I love it!  (Although, I am glad I already have to have a c-section, ha!)  My doctor scheduled the c-section for June 21, but he said he could come early due to his size.  He is also a little concerned about the swelling in my feet and lower legs, so he has told me to use my off-time from work to lay down and put my feet up.  That may sound like Heaven to some of you, but I like to be going and doing!  I am going to follow his instructions though, because I want Fitz to be fully developed before he comes out.  Plus, John has already said I'm no longer allowed to grocery shop or clean the house at all, he says my job is to "sit on your nest and grow the baby."

After our appointment, we got to meet with a Neonatologist at the hospital, who will assist us with any feeding issues we may have due to the cleft lip.  It was very reassuring to be able to meet with him, and he answered lots of our questions and made us feel very comfortable.  We liked him a lot!

I'm still a little nervous about what we may be facing, but our God is a mighty God, and we are trusting in Him.  Both of us know that God formed Fitz exactly how he wanted to form him, for whatever reason, and we are trusting in Him completely.  We are continuing to pray that if it is in God's will, that he would heal Fitz's lip before he arrives, but if not, that's ok, too.  We are also praying that it is just the lip and not his palate as well, which we won't know until he gets here.  Either way, we know God will be right there beside us, guiding us and loving us all the way.  We want, above all, for God's will to be done and for Him to be glorified through this whole situation.  We are praising God that Fitz is fat and healthy and we are so excited to meet our baby boy!

"For you created my inmost being, you knit me together in my mother's womb." Psalm 139:13