Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rick and Bubba, Rick and Bubba

Rick Burgess, Me, Mom, Bill "Bubba" Bussey

 Yesterday, my mom and I and a bunch of our friends went to the Rick and Bubba Show!  They are a local radio show who are syndicated throughout the United States.  They are based in Birmingham, Alabama and you can get tickets and sit in their "Golden Ticket Seats" during their four hour show each morning.  A group of us went last year for my birthday and had so much fun!

One thing Rick and Bubba do is baby predictions.  They ask the expectant mother a series of questions, and based on her answers, they predict what she will be having.  They say they have a 98% record of correctly predicting the sex of the baby.  We thought it would be fun to go get a baby prediction for me, so we ordered tickets in February (they go fast, you have to order quickly!), and got a group together.

Kristy, Jessica, Rick, Me, Ann, Mom, Bubba, Melanie, Pam, Margie

There were 8 of us that went, and we had so much fun!  That's Kristy on the left, who I talked about yesterday, our new friend Jessica, Ann, my mom, and then Melanie, Pam, and Margie, who all go to church with us.  We are all very outgoing, and loud, and we LOVE to laugh.  Rick and Bubba are hilarious on the radio, but they are even funnier in person because you can see their facial expressions and when you laugh, they get even more riled up!  They told us they loved us because we laughed so much, and even asked what we were doing the next day and if we could come back!

On the air, Rick said they have many requests for baby predictions, but do not have time to do all of them, but since we brought them a cake, they obliged my request.

Me and The Real Greg Burgess with our yummy cake
The Real Greg Burgess is Rick's brother, and is a relatively new person on the show.  He's been there almost three years (I think) and he is hilarious because he just tells it like he sees it, no matter if it's politically correct or not.  The cake is from Edgar's and it says "Is it a boy or a girl?"  Edgar's is one of the best bakeries around Birmingham and Rick and Bubba love their cakes, and love to eat, so we knew the cake would be a big hit!

We had no idea if they would have time to do my prediction or not, but during the break right before 9:00, they said, "Baby prediction next, come on up here!"  I had no idea I would get to sit up there with them, with headphones on and everything!  I was a little bit nervous!

Me with my headphones on getting ready to go on the air!
So there I am, ready to go on the air and get my baby prediction.  They asked their questions about me and John, cravings, what type of underwear he wears, what type of guy he is, etc.  Then...they give the prediction...and say, "Well, ma'am, looks like you are having a little girl!"  My response was, "Um, that's not what my doctor says."  Nervous laughter from me....I told them I could show them my sonogram picture and everything.  I think I may have given them some bad information, unintentionally of course, but little do they know, I have had about 1 million ultrasounds, and even a visit to the maternal fetal specialist who did an even more detailed ultrasound, and my baby is a boy!  John is now all worried about it, but we do have one more Level 2 ultrasound in a couple of weeks, so I told him we'll just get them to look really closely when they do that one!

Rick and Bubba asked us to let them know when the baby is born if they were correct or not, so stay tuned to see if we actually wind up with a Fitz!  We sure hope so, since we have so many things personalized already!

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