Friday, April 29, 2011

37 Things...

Memorial Day Party 2010
that I love about my sweet and amazing husband, John, in honor of his 37th birthday!

1.  He is genuinely the sweetest guy I've ever met.
2.  He's very generous.
3.  He is sweet and thoughtful to his parents.
4.  He's a Christian.
5.  He loves me so much, even all big and pregnant.
6.  He adores Fancie :)

7.  He's laid back most of the time, until he needs to be assertive.
8.  He wanted to punch a doctor in the jaw...just because he made me cry.
9.  He is so excited about our baby!
10.  He painted Fitz's room, and was so excited to do it.
11.  He worries about me, tells me to drive carefully all the time.
12.  He just recently got a phone with a QWERTY keyboard and learned to text.
13.  His first text was to me:  "I just sent my 1st text...OMG"
14.  He makes me laugh.
15.  He knows tons of random facts.
16.  He was in the Army and was deployed five times, serving our country.
17.  He is scared to ride roller coasters (and other rides) even though he jumped out of helicopters in the Army.

John on the Ferris Wheel at the State Fair, smiling but scared. 
He kept saying, "Don't rock this thing!"
 18.  He does not like to hunt, and he does not like NASCAR!
19.  He surprises me with a card, or flowers, or a cake sometimes, just because.
20.  He cleans the house...voluntarily.
21.  He likes the house to be picked up and neat...just like I do!
22.  He is the perfect other half for me, and totally complements my personality (see #7 above).
23.  He has a lot more common sense than I do.
24.  The way he says, "But baby, you're a lawyer." and just shakes his head when I have a blonde (or pregnant) moment.
25.  He cooks dinner sometimes, without complaining.
26.  He has really cute dimples!

Heather's Surprise Birthday Dinner, February 2010
I love that look on his face, showing those dimples!
27.  He's athletic.
28.  He loves my family.
29.  He went through fertility treatments with me, and all the embarrassing stuff that goes with it.
30.  He loves to shop for me on holidays and find that perfect gift.
31.  He gets so excited about the gift that I usually get it before the holiday!
32.  He tells me he loves me all the time, and how glad he is that we're married.
33.  When we met, and I saw his apartment for the first time, it matched mine...a guy with good taste!
34.  He calls me "mama" and it started long before we were pregnant because we were making fun of people who call each other that.
35.  He does all the yardwork.
36.  He fixes things around the house.
37.  He is supportive of everything I do.

One to grow on:
38.  He is the best husband I could have ever imagined, and I thank God everyday for putting us together.  I can not imagine my life without him.

Happy Birthday John! 
Ali, Fitz and Fancie

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Much Anticipated Baby Gift

 I am so excited to share this special gift with everyone!  John's mom told us several weeks ago that his Aunt Donna was going to re-paint John's old toy chest for us to use in Fitz's room.  I was looking forward to it, but I really had no idea that this is what it would look like!  I was picturing in my mind a toy box, about three or four feet long, with a lid that opened...just a typical toy box.  Boy was I wrong!

Aunt Donna looked up the bedding we have picked out for Fitz's room, and painted the toy chest to match the bedding!  She is a talented artist, which we already knew, but I was still amazed at how great this turned out!  I was also so excited to see that it has the three shelves on top which we can use for books and other knick-knacks in Fitz's room.  Aunt Donna also changed out the hinge so that it stays up when lifted, to make it safer for Fitz.  See?

I just love how all of the animals turned out!  Here's a side view:

What makes this gift really special is the fact that John's grandfather built it for John in 1975!  Apparently, his grandfather was quite a talented carpenter, as I have another piece built by him in my office.  Aunt Donna added a label on the back on the toy chest telling its history.  I love that it was built in 1975 for John, and re-painted by John's aunt for Fitz in 2011.  I'm sure Fitz will treaure it as much as we already do.  Thank you so much Aunt Donna for this super special gift!

I thought this was really cute, too:  at some point, as a small child, John wrote his name inside the toy chest.  Aunt Donna left it there so we could see it, and eventually Fitz could see that it really was his daddy's toy chest.  Love it!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Fitz Update!

1.  Look at these super cute Thank You cards that I ordered from my good friend Kristin!  She is so talented and she designed these just for me!  Check out her regular blog by clicking her name above, then clicking on "design" at the top, or check out her design blog here.  Just tell her what you want and be amazed at what she can create.

2.  I had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday, and everything is still looking really good.  I only gained 1 pound this time and was so relieved, because last time, I had gained quite a bit more than that!  On Wednesday, I was 30 weeks, 1 day, but my belly measured 33 weeks!  Fitz has been measuring about 1 week ahead the whole time I've been pregnant, but this time he was three weeks ahead.  My doctor loves it and says it's good since I will have a scheduled C-Section.  I go back to the doctor on May 3 and he will do another sonogram to check Fitz's growth...then we can set his birth date!  So exciting!!

3.  Obviously, Fitz is growing well, as I have had to adjust my steering wheel because my belly now touches it when it goes to the position it is set to.  Pretty soon the situation will be that I either can not reach the pedals, or I can not reach the steering wheel.  I love it!

4.  I had a meeting a little while ago and I was walking down the hall and a lady I do not know yelled out, "Girl, when you gonna have that baby??"  I went back to talk to her, and when I told her I was due in June, she asked, "Is it twins?!?"  I was cracking up, I just love my pregnant belly!

5.  My baby showers are next week and I can not wait to share all the pictures with y'all!  I have one on Saturday and one on Sunday next weekend.  What better way to spend the weekend?

Monday, April 18, 2011


Since my doctor said I could only go to the beach one weekend, and my sweet husband let me go with my mom instead of with him, we decided to still do a "mini babymoon".  I told him we could not go far, so we headed to our capital city just south of where we live, on Friday afternoon. 

We stayed at The Renaissance Hotel, which was very nice.  John wanted to check in early so we could take a nap in the room, and get our money's worth, ha!  While he took a nap, I had a pre-natal massage at the hotel's spa.  It was very relaxing, and I loved every minute of it!  That night we went out to dinner near the hotel.  We did not want to venture out too far because there were tornados and thunderstorms all around our area that evening!

The next morning we ate breakfast, then headed to the Montgomery Zoo.  It was so much fun!  When we bought our tickets, the cashier said, "Just two adults?"  Um, yes, just us!  I think we were the only couple without kids (other than Fitz, but I guess she wasn't counting him!), but we had so much fun anyway.

We saw ugly creatures:

And also, cute baby creatures:

But our favorite animals of the day, were the giraffes!  They were just so pretty to look at!  See?

They had a platform made out into the giraffes' living area, where you could go out and feed them.  John was so excited about it, I didn't think I would be able to drag him away!

We had planned to go to another part of town and do some more walking, but I figured the zoo was enough for me, since I'm not really supposed to do a lot of walking.  So instead, we went in search a of a store that I had seen a commercial for that morning in the hotel.  It was called The Velvet Pumpkin, and it just looked so cute.  It did not disappoint!  It's a little gift shop with unique gifts and little doo-dahs everywhere.  I was looking for a gift for someone else, but instead I bought this for me:

It's a candle.  I thought it was just the cutest thing.  I knew it would look perfect on our coffee table, and I was right!  It smells really good, too, and makes the whole house smell fresh and pretty!  John says he doesn't see what the big deal is, but I had to have it.

After we left there, I was pretty tired, so we headed home.  It was so much fun to get a little big out of town with John and spend some time together before Fitz arrives, and we can not wait to take him to the zoo one day, too!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rick and Bubba, Rick and Bubba

Rick Burgess, Me, Mom, Bill "Bubba" Bussey

 Yesterday, my mom and I and a bunch of our friends went to the Rick and Bubba Show!  They are a local radio show who are syndicated throughout the United States.  They are based in Birmingham, Alabama and you can get tickets and sit in their "Golden Ticket Seats" during their four hour show each morning.  A group of us went last year for my birthday and had so much fun!

One thing Rick and Bubba do is baby predictions.  They ask the expectant mother a series of questions, and based on her answers, they predict what she will be having.  They say they have a 98% record of correctly predicting the sex of the baby.  We thought it would be fun to go get a baby prediction for me, so we ordered tickets in February (they go fast, you have to order quickly!), and got a group together.

Kristy, Jessica, Rick, Me, Ann, Mom, Bubba, Melanie, Pam, Margie

There were 8 of us that went, and we had so much fun!  That's Kristy on the left, who I talked about yesterday, our new friend Jessica, Ann, my mom, and then Melanie, Pam, and Margie, who all go to church with us.  We are all very outgoing, and loud, and we LOVE to laugh.  Rick and Bubba are hilarious on the radio, but they are even funnier in person because you can see their facial expressions and when you laugh, they get even more riled up!  They told us they loved us because we laughed so much, and even asked what we were doing the next day and if we could come back!

On the air, Rick said they have many requests for baby predictions, but do not have time to do all of them, but since we brought them a cake, they obliged my request.

Me and The Real Greg Burgess with our yummy cake
The Real Greg Burgess is Rick's brother, and is a relatively new person on the show.  He's been there almost three years (I think) and he is hilarious because he just tells it like he sees it, no matter if it's politically correct or not.  The cake is from Edgar's and it says "Is it a boy or a girl?"  Edgar's is one of the best bakeries around Birmingham and Rick and Bubba love their cakes, and love to eat, so we knew the cake would be a big hit!

We had no idea if they would have time to do my prediction or not, but during the break right before 9:00, they said, "Baby prediction next, come on up here!"  I had no idea I would get to sit up there with them, with headphones on and everything!  I was a little bit nervous!

Me with my headphones on getting ready to go on the air!
So there I am, ready to go on the air and get my baby prediction.  They asked their questions about me and John, cravings, what type of underwear he wears, what type of guy he is, etc.  Then...they give the prediction...and say, "Well, ma'am, looks like you are having a little girl!"  My response was, "Um, that's not what my doctor says."  Nervous laughter from me....I told them I could show them my sonogram picture and everything.  I think I may have given them some bad information, unintentionally of course, but little do they know, I have had about 1 million ultrasounds, and even a visit to the maternal fetal specialist who did an even more detailed ultrasound, and my baby is a boy!  John is now all worried about it, but we do have one more Level 2 ultrasound in a couple of weeks, so I told him we'll just get them to look really closely when they do that one!

Rick and Bubba asked us to let them know when the baby is born if they were correct or not, so stay tuned to see if we actually wind up with a Fitz!  We sure hope so, since we have so many things personalized already!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sweet Little Boys

People talk about how sweet little girls are, made of sugar and spice, and all.  But in my world, little boys can be so sweet!  I can not wait to meet my own sweet boy, but for now, I'm blessed to have friends who share their sweet boys with me.

The picture above is of my little buddy, Skylar.  I've talked about his mom before, my friend Kristy.  She's also my paralegal/secretary/right hand at the office.  Skylar rides the bus to the office everyday and we love it when he gets off the bus and tells us all about his day.  He thinks I'm a friend around his age, and is the sweetest little thing.  He is pretty interested in this whole baby situation, and told me the other day, "I see your baby sticking out!"  I guess he means I'm getting big, ha!  Kristy told me today that when Skylar was praying last night, he prayed, "Please don't let Ali fall and hurt her belly while that baby is in there!"  How sweet is that?  That he thought of me while praying, and that he connected the fact that me falling could hurt the baby?  Precious.

Another friend of mine was telling me yesterday about her little boy, who was also born with a cleft lip.  I believe he also had a cleft palate, and she was telling me the name of the surgeon they use, and just giving me general information (which was greatly appreciated!).  She e-mailed me earlier and said that she was looking at old pictures and taking some out to show me.  Her little boy saw her and asked why she was getting the pictures out.  She told him that I'm having a little boy and that he may be just like he was when he was born.  Her son said that he wanted to go with her to show me the pictures, so he could tell me and my little boy not to be scared, that all that happens is he goes to sleep and smells grape.  She said when he got old enough, the doctor started letting him pick the flavor of the gas used to put him under, and he always picks grape.  She says that's all he remembers about the surgery.  I thought that was too sweet, that he was concerned about the baby being scared.  My friend had to explain that the baby is still in my tummy, but I'm so glad she passed that on to me!  I love it.

Like I said above, I can not wait to meet my own sweet little boy!  If he's anything like his daddy, and I pray that he is, he will be the sweetest boy in the world.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hello Third Trimester, I thought you would never arrive!

28 weeks, 2 days

I have finally made it to my third trimester!  Woohoo!  I think the second trimester is the longest one, and it felt like the third would never get here.  I went to the doctor yesterday and he said everything still looks great!  It is so reassuring and precious to hear that whoosh-whoosh of Fitz's little heart beating!  His heart rate was 148 and going strong and steady.

My doctor also said I could go on one beach trip, either this weekend or next.  I had asked him about going both weekends, as I had been invited to crash my mom's girls' weekend this weekend, and John and I already planned a "babymoon" for next weekend since he has a few days off.  The doctor said he is perfectly fine with one trip, but not two weekends in a row.  I told John I would just go with him and we could have our last beach trip before we become a family of three, but he really isn't as into "laying out" as I am, and being the sweet husband that he is, said that I should just go on the girls' trip with my mom.  He said, "I'm going to be off work and we'll be together anyway here at home.  I would be inside the room most of the time anyway.  Plus, we'll save money."  My mom's trip is at our dear friends' condo and is free, whereas we had to pay for our trip.  So, after getting assured several times that he was really ok with not going to the beach, I agreed to go with my mom and her friends.  Isn't he a sweet husband?

Of course, the whole time I've been pregnant, I have thought about what the baby will be like once he gets here.  But lately, I think all the time about him!  What will he look like?  Will he look like me or John or a combo?  Will he have John's cute dimples?  Will he be bald or have a head full of hair?  Will he have my personality or John's?  I just can't wait to find out!  Only a little less than 11 weeks to go!  (I'll have a scheduled c-section, unless he arrives early, so I have 11 weeks to go, not 12)  I hope he stays inside as long as possible, but we are all so excited to meet Mr. Fitz!

New Resident

We have a new resident at our address.  No, Fitz has not arrived early.  We have a pretty little blue bird who has taken up residence in our birdhouse!  I would love to be able to show you a picture of the bird, but that would require me to basically hang out next to the birdhouse all day long, waiting for him to appear.  I have seen him going into the house twice, usually in the morning.  I like to imagine that he has a nest in there, and is possible bringing food back to some little baby birds in the morning.  However, that's probably because I have baby on the brain!

I bought this birdhouse at the Canton Flea Market in October 2009, just because I thought it would be pretty in our yard.  I really didn't intend on it being an actual bird's house, but I love the fact that a blue bird found it and decided to make it his home.  Maybe one day I'll catch him going home when I have my camera in hand, but for now, just imagine him hanging out in there!

If you live around the south and have never attended the Canton Flea Market, you are really missing out.  It's a little misleading to call it a flea market, because it's really a huge arts and crafts show set up in downtown Canton, Mississippi.  They have it twice a year, in May and October, and the whole town basically shuts down to put on the flea market.  It's the second Thursday in May and October, one day only, and it's a major least it is in my family!  All of my aunts, cousins and cousins-in-law try to attend every chance we get.  My mom has been attending it since before I was born, and now I love it, too!  All of the homes around the downtown area sell parking spaces in their yards, and usually cook and sell food for lunch.  They also let you use their nice, clean, air-conditioned bathrooms...for a small fee, of course.  My mom has been parking in the same family's yard for over 30 years!  It's a very classic, old southern town.  You should check it out if you ever get the chance.

Monday, April 4, 2011

It Must Be True...

What they say about "pregnancy brain" and "mommy brain," that is.  In my "What to Expect" book, on all the websites about pregnancy and babies, and all of my friends with children have told me already...that when you're pregnant, you can become absent-minded.  I thought to myself, well, I'm pretty organized, a bit OCD, that probably won't happen to me.  Apparently, I was wrong.

1.  In February, I did not pay our satellite/cable bill.  Now, some of you may say, well, it's easy to forget to pay a bill.  No, not for me it's not!  I have a list of our bills which is right next to my computer at work.  It's divided into the bills we pay with our first paychecks of the month, and the bills we pay with our second paychecks, and then it's made into a chart, so I can check off when I pay each bill each month.  So you see, it's not easy for me to forget, it's right there in front of my face, and checked off if I've paid it. 

So, back to February, I checked off "Directv" on my list, as if I paid it.  In March, when I got our new bill, it was bright red and said "PAST DUE" on it, and it was double what our normal bill is!  I was so confused about it.  I told John I must have at least written it in the checkbook and just not scheduled it online, or maybe I went online to pay it but something was wrong with their system...something!  However, once I checked my records and appeared that I just didn't pay it.  Chalk it up to my first experience with pregnancy brain!

2.  One day in March, (not long after I discovered the above mistake) I called John at work, even though I knew he was off that day and was at home.  When the lady answered and I asked for him, she said, "Ali, he's off today."  I was so embarrassed!  I said, "Oh, I knew that, I'm crazy!  Sorry!"  And hung up as quickly as I could.

3.  On that same day in March, when I made that phone call, I was on my way to the courthouse for a bridal shower for one of the girls in the clerk's office.  I was only going to be able to stay a few minutes so I was just going to run in, speak to everyone and leave my gift.  Well, I went upstairs where the shower was supposed to be...and no one was there.  The room was not decorated for a shower and everyone in the clerk's office was going about their normal business.  I acted like I just went there to check my mailbox and spotted a sign-up sheet for food for the shower on the counter.  I casually glanced at it and saw that it was the next week!  Oops!  Pregnancy brain rears its ugly head!

(Later that day, I did talk to John and told him about calling him at work and going to the shower on the wrong day.  He said, "I think you need to go home and lay down."  I told him that was not possible, that I had a DUI trial that afternoon in a nearby county.  His response?  "I feel sorry for your client!")

4.  Multiple times each day, I start on one task and then get distracted by a phone call, or an e-mail, or something and can not recall what I'm doing.  This may be normal for some people, but as I said above, I'm very organized and efficient and the only explanation is pregnancy brain.

I'm sure I'll be able to update this list, but for now, I'll just say, what "they" say about pregnancy brain appears to be true in my case.  I only hope the other thing "they" say isn't true...that it only gets worse after the baby arrives.  However, if it does, I'll have more to blog about.