Sunday, February 27, 2011

My First Post!

I love reading blogs. Every morning when I get to the office, I start the day by checking my e-mail, then Facebook, then my all my favorite blogs. I started this blog because I'm pregnant (Praise the Lord!) and I also have an interesting job with funny stories to tell. I have no idea how often I will blog, or what shape this blog will take once it gets rolling, but I'm excited to get started!

One of my very favorite blogs is by my friend Kristin. We met our freshman year in college and she was my first roommate. She is VERY creative and can make just about anything, which you will see if you check out her blog. I read her blog about her adorable daughters everyday, but I was a little intimidated to start a blog because her blog is so darn cute! Thankfully, she helped me lay out my blog, and didn't she do a great job?!?

Anyway, I'm almost 23 weeks along in my pregnancy, and I'm having a boy! Reese Fitzpatrick Garrett ("Fitz") will arrive sometime in mid-June and my husband and I could not be more excited! I had not taken any maternity photos to show my progress, until this past week. My assistant/friend/right hand, Kristy, took the picture above at 22 weeks and 2 days. All I ever said before I finally got pregnant was that I wanted to look pregnant....I think I got my wish!

I think that's probably enough for my first post, but I'll be back soon!